Hall of Shame in Oregon and USA:                                                          Predators of the Constitution of the USA.                                                                                                             Corrupted media junta named reelected and new elected US Senators and Representatives successful.  What a dirty lie, again. Successful in what and for what? What these elected representatives contributed to this society? Helped to create millions jobs? Oh, NO! Most of them as US Senators moRon Wyden, an idiot Merkley, US Repres. Bonamici, Blumenauer, Defazio, Schrider and etc are occupying the People's offices. These "successful" elected officials are successful as a traitors: accepting money in elections, in secrecy give tax credits to donors, paying the media mafia big money and got promoted by this media junta, and got elected, violating the Constitution of the USA and selling We the People. All of them are useless, occupaying the public offices and no any benefits to this country.                                                    And it is true: Obama and Congress (US Senators and Representatives) approval is 10-17%. "Success"?  Huge unemployment, huge debt, illegal immigration, heavy traffic and etc. So, why the media junta promotes morons in US Congress? Money. The media mafia is not interested to help this nation, but only to make money for itself. In 2012 Election candidates spent $6 Billions dollars. And, why these morons are running for offices again? Therefore they are morons: they have no selfesteem, no any selfpride. And do NOT blame the media junta and these morons as Wyden, Merkley and etc who created huge national debt and want be reelected: blame the people who voted for these idiots and who didn't vote at all. And aslo blame the Chair of the Oregon Democratic Party Frank Dixon for supporting these morons because Dixon violates the Platform of Democratic Party, which stands up against debt. Dixon must resign.                         The media junta in the USA under leadership of AP (Associated Press) devided this country on Republicans and Democrats, creates racism and hate between white and black.                                           And I'm a True Pioneer in fighting against the media junta. The media mafia so afraid that I will be elected because it will lose many millions dollars because I will fight against money in elections, against selling this country. Media talks too much about Merkley, but says no one word about me, even does not mention my name Pavel Goberman that I'm an official Candidate for US Senator.                                        The media in the USA We the People enemy, much worse than Islamic Jihadis and al-Qaida because the organize media junta sells this country and destroys our democracy                                                             The Constitution of the USA is a Supreme Law of this nation, a foundation, on base of which this country exist, a chair with tree legs, brances for support this foundation: Article. I. (The Legislative Power - Congress); Article. II. (The Executive Power - President); and Article. III. (The Judicial Power - Supreme Court). All these tree branches of the US government must be independed on each other, separate powers for check and balance. The Legislature and President are elected, so must be and Supreme Court be elected. But is not, but appointed by the President and US Senate. Why? Appointed US Judges lose their independence and are a toys in hands of the President and US Senators, started be threirs pupets and are paying back theirs bosses by covering up theirs crimes and dismissing all lawsuits against US Senators and the President. So, one leg / one branch of this foundation is broken and all this foundation / this country soon or later will fall down: something not good will happen with this nation. And no one in this country of 330-million, but me, former Immigrant with imperfect English, is talking about it and fighting for to protect and defend the Constitution of the USA. I'm unknown National Hero.           

       On 09/17/13 and on 09/19/13 I filed with US District Court Lawsuits against State Judge J. Wipper, Commissioner of BOLI B. Avakian, Mayor of Beaverton City D. Doyle and US Senator J. Merkley for violating, ignoring, criminal contempting our laws, the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and not supporting the Constitution of the USA, with demand, on base of Article. II. Section 4, to remove all of them from Office.

US District Court Judge Ancer L. Haggerty abuses the power of Office, does judicial misconduct, violates, ignores, criminal contempts our laws, the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and not not supports the Constitution of the USA. On base of Article. II. Section 4 he must be removed from Office.

   Many politicians and others government employees like to take theirs pictutes with US Flag background, showing theirs "patriotism". But the proper picture must be taken behind the prison's bars for violations of our laws.                                                                                                                         

 My civil and human rights were violated by Beaverton City Municipal Judge Mercer, Mayor D. Doyle and TRI-MET. My many Complaints to the FBI's Special Agent in Charge Fowler and the Oregon US Attorney Amanda Marshall were intentionally ignored, and they do just opposite: started support who violate our laws and do a plot and conspiracy against me, looks like because of my critic of useless and corrupted politicians. 

 I filed with Washington County Circuit Court a lawsuit against Mayor Doyle with demand a court trial by jury, but Judge Janelle Factora Wipper dinied trial by jury and ordered Hearing. Defendant Mayor Doyle failed to appear before judge, but she ordered judgment against me. What a judicial garbage in government, protection and cover up crimes of government employees. And who will punish this trash of this so rotten judicial system?                                                                                                                          If person rapes other person - he will be punished. If some judge ignores, violates, criminal contemps and "rapes" the Constitution of the USA - this judge splited in face of all of us, We the People, 320 millions. And for me it is so surprize: how this judge has no any respect to our laws? And not afraid be punished because the State Bar will protect this judge. The Oregon State Bar (OSBar) is domestic terrorist organization, which covers up and protects it's members: municipal, state and federal judges.

  These government employees gave an Oath of Office and must represent We the People and uphold, support and defend the Constitution of the USA - but they are acting in not good faith, have no any morality, do not perfom theirs job and obligations, abusing the power of office, violating our laws and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees. They put a curse on themselves and this country. So many people died and are dying now not for it. And it is too bad: this curse is working: 9/11, Oklahoma City, "Cole", many our soldiers died, national disasters and etc.                                               The tree with rotten roots falls down as it happened with the former USSR with Communist system. My feeling is that something bad also will happen with the USA with these rotten political, election and judicial systems for hurting me.                                                                                                                                          It is much, much better and enjoyable to help, to do good for the people than to hurt them.                          What We the People could expect from corrupted, dishonest politicians if the Oregon US Attorney A. Marshall and the FBI's Special Agent in Charge Fowler themselves violating our laws by refusing to investigate crimes of government employees?                                                                                                 On base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 Marshall and Fowler must be fired.                                        President Obama and US Attorney General E. Holder are responsible for theirs crimes.                                                    

During last 15 and half years I can't get justice for illegal termination by TR-MET.  The government of the USA deprived justice for me. It is a violation of the Constitution of the USA. "Cursed is the man / country who / which withholds justice from the person", Bible.          The government of the USA (which owes me at least $900,000 for crimes against me: illegal termination by TRI-MET 14 years ago; $200,000 for retaliation: illegal arrest a few years ago) and $100,000 for illegal Judgements, extortion of money from me and does not allow me to drive by so named "Judge" J. Mercer, who does not know the elements of our laws, rapes the Constitution of the USA and and must get at least two years prison term) , including President Obama, Senior Idiot in US Senate moRon Wyden and others Hypocratesis the evil government of not convicted yet criminals, created and supported by corrupted media mafia / junta: a public enemy, a cancer of our society.

The EEOC, moRon Wyden and Merkley refused to investigate violations of my civil and human rights. What a garbage is in US government. I'm survivor of WWII: survived German airplains who shot us on the road, survived starvation and etc. So, I have a lot of motivations to fight back, to retaliate by taking the law in own hands. But ... . Oh, no, the God (if there is one) will NOT "bless America" till the justice will serve for me. All of them and this country somehow will be punished as it happened with former German Fascist Army, which killed my parents, and former USSR, which also hurt me.

The List of names of members of the Oregon and US Legislatures (Houses and Senates), including President Obama, and some judges who are violating our laws, do Official Misconduct, that is a crime, a felony, violating, not supporting and criminal contempting the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and must get at least 2 years prison. And on base of our Constitution, Amendment XIV, Section 3 - all of them do not qualify to hold any public office and must resign or be fired by We the People.                                                                                                                                            Also shame on the the Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party Allen Alley and Chairwoman of the Washington County Republican Party Rachel Lucas (a toy in hands of Alley) for violation of Rules, Platform and Bylaws of Republican Party, for discrimination against, for a bias, a plot,  retaliation and conspiracy (that are felonies) with the media junta against me for my demand to take money out of election process.                In former USSR political prisoner went on hunger strike because of very bad food and very hard work, but the KGB said that this prisoner went on diet. Here in the USA I filed a lawsuit against not convicted yet criminal Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown and Mayor of Beaverton Doyle for violation of our laws, but "Honorable" Senior US District Court Judge Ancer L. Haggerty (Oregon) and Michael H. Simon dismissed my cases saying that I harass Brown and Doyle. Where I'm? "God", what a judicial garbage in US District Court of Oregon, take Chief Federal Judge Ann Aiken, US Judges Ancer Haggerty and Michael Simon from the Earth to yourself. Here will be clean air.                    President Obama and US Senators Wyden and Merkley appointed and responsible for crimes of US District Court Judges Aiken, Haggerty and Simon.

Also Democratic Party and the media junta / mafia are contributing to failure of our economy. Especially media, which about 50% of it reports are constant lie for own huge monetary benefits. For example now the price of fuel is raising? Why? Think deeply: the oil companies are paying the media big money to advertise that the so named "Experts" (taken from the air and from oil companies) predicted that price of fuel will raise. And gas stations are raising price of gas. Who have big profit? Correct - the media junta and oil companies. And, media created a hate against Americans abroad, and also creates a hate between Americans inside: devided country on black and white.                                                                                                                                                The Oregon State Bar (OSBar) is domestic illegal terrorist organization: destroys our "democracy", illegally extorts money from lawyers, ignores my many Complaints against many state and federal "judges", not convicted yet criminals, who must be in prison for violations of our laws, covers up crimes of many "judges" as J. Mercer, who rapes the Constitution of the USA, and many, many more, gave them licenses to practice law in Oregon and they continue to violate our federal laws as retaliation, do judicial tyranny, judicial misconduct and etc.

My Character, a story from my life: Preparing my home for a winter, I sealed double windows of one room. After about 10 days I noticed a fly flying there. I thought: "Oh, I'm sorry that it happened, I didn't see you, you did nothing bad to me, didn't hurt me. Even I have no too much respect to fly compare with bee, but anyway - you do not deserve to die here suffering, you must live and fly". I unsealed outside window and let this fly a freedom to fly. And I felt about myself very good: saved one life. But I can't do the same to some people as Governor Kitzhaber (he supports crime of TRI-MET) and others (see bellow) who hurt me and my family. I do NOT care about them. They hurt people, this state and nation. 
--"For the wages of sin is death" - Proverb or Bible. 

I never insult someone for nothing, and have no right to do it, but I have no any respect for any elected government employees who gave an Oath of Office, but ignores, violates, criminal contempts and does not support the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees. They can't hols any office (Amendment XIV, Section 3) and must get at least 2 years prison term. So, many elected government employees are not convicted yet criminals. 
--And I'm fighting back (The tree never hits a car but in selfdefense only. Proverb): use not polite language for this kind of low level people as an idiot, parasite and etc. Because they created this so rotten election, political and judicial systems and I have no any respect to them. 

Oregon, this state is as a beautiful "apple", but we have here city, county, state,  federal elected officials, Democratic / Republican Parties and the media, including the OPB, who are as worms, penetrated this beautiful "apple" and make this  "apple" rotten inside, making this state an evil state(evil   government).                                                  Governor Kitzhaber does not perfom his job and obligatios. Mayor of Beaverton Denny Doyle covers up violation of our laws and the Constitution of the USA by Minizipal Court Judge J. Mercer, what a moron: he does not know the elements of the Constitution of the USA,  and Chief of Police Spalding.                                                                Do not blame them for this, blame yourself - you elected this political garbage (or didn't vote and they were elected). I file with Washington County Circuit Court a lawsuit against Mayor Doyle.                                

Here is a Dirty / Evil Nest - Traitors of our Constitution, Parasites of our society, who should be in prison for violation of our Constitution: 

The media is the worst public enemy of We the People, an organize domestic terrorist organization, a cancer of our society in Oregon and the USA: it worse than Al Qaeda: it destroys our democracy, on base of "funds raising" creates political prostitution, brainwashes and manipulates masses, for big money makes presidents as "Talking Machine" Obama and politicians, supports who is paying more as Merkley, Wyden, Bonamici and etc and for own huge monetary benefits promotes buying elections. It is not for interests of our country.  Again, do not blame them only, blame who voted for them.                                                                                                          And take a look what the media junta / mafia, bought by Presidential Candidates in the Primary 2012 Election is doing with country: why the media junta made the State of Iowa and others to be in the charge of all nation to choose a President? And how We the People, but me, allow the media to do it? The media mafia leads this country to the next national disaster in scale much bigger than 9/11: not 3,000 Americans could die, but a few millions. Then We the People will wake up? Prevent it! Wake up right now! Be in charge of elections: stop selling this country by the media junta - take money out of elections. 

    Both Presidential Candidates Obama, Romney and others spent on the media six Billions dollars talking how good they are in creating jobs. But, invest this big money in creating infrastructing jobs - it will be the best beneficial advertisement.                                                                            For many years before Christmas the media, all TV stations constant are promoting "New Toys Magic Gifts Drive" on base as it said for benefits, to help poor kids. Is the media ads are for free? Oh, NO! The toys makers as ToysRus and sellers are paying the media big money for these ads and making on these ads many billions dollars on these very expensive toys.        Why the media does not promote to help veterans who lost many parts of body and families who lost children in wars? The answer is very simple: veterans and families do not pay media.                                                    Instead of to help this country in creating more jobs by helping to educate the people about candidates running for the public offices, the media in the USA constant promotes Prince Williams and Princess Kate. Most American people have no any interest in them.

 People of Oregon: some of them are dying for our country in war zones, but some people "are dying" to buy for $180-500 NIKE's "Air Jordan XI" basketball shoes. What is the mental attitude of this kind of people brainwashed by the media? These kind of people do not care about war and election. I bought athletic shoes for $7.                                                                                                     

The media in the USA for big money makes president, and also dictates other counties as Egypt to fire President Mubarak, creates violence, chaos, demonstrations, that creates a hate against the USA, a danger to our national security. And President Obama also dictated President Mubarak to leave office. The media and President Obama, hands out, get out from Egypt's country business or it from friend could become an enemy of the USA. 

 Oregon Legislature (Senate and House): corrupted, narrow minded Oregon Senators and Representatives, who elected by buying elections, have no any idea how to balance budget, how to create jobs and make money flow into Oregon pocket, abused the power of office, started rob the people of Oregon by old way: made a law to increase vehicle regisration and fee for smoke inspection and update Stickers, whch cost now $107.00.                                                        

  The State of Oregon is in big debt. In September 2011, 17 Members of Oregon Legislature: D. Richardson, D. Hunt, M. Wingard and etc are going to visit China. Where money for airfare trip came from? "Left over" from paxpayers funding. It means taxpayers are paying lawmakers too much. And instead of to pay back to taxpayers, reduce deficit, these suckers use it for own pleasure. Hotels and food will be paid by Chinese government. So, China buys Oregon lawmakers, and it is not surprise that jobs are moving to China too. Do not vote for this trash.

Corrupted by auto insurance companies the Oregon Legislature, also in many other states, made a law: requirement to buy auto insurance. And the people are paying, and paying big money, year after year, for many years and are making insurance companies very rich.                               But this law is unconstitutional. It is a violation of the People Freedom of Speech. This law is a Street Robbery. This law is a money extortion from people, that is a federal crime.                   And not too many people know that they may to have a self-insurance, and do not pay money / bond on base of ORS 806.130(1)(a)(b)Either(A)(B)(C), but must give a Statement Financial Responsibility, and Department of Transportation may issue you a Certificate of self-insure.     And corrupted Oregon Legislature illegally, unconstitutionally legalized the Oregon State Bar (OSB), a gang, an organiza mafia of lawyers, which extort money from lawyers.                  

Oregon Supreme Court Justices: Chief Tomas Balmer, Virginia L. Linder and the Oregon Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum do not perform their job and obligations, do not know how to run business, covering up and protecting judicial misconduct, cruelty and rape the Constitution of the USA by the Beaverton City Minucipal Court J. Mercer. These Justices and Rosenblum are violating our law: USC T 5, Section 2302, do an official misconduct, that is a felony, do not obey the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, do not support and do not defend the Constitution of the USA, and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 they may not hold any public office. 

 In the past I tried to escape the Democratic Party and found a Working Families Party. Okay I thought, from age of 14teen I started work, and joined it. And asked to nominate me to run for US Representative 1st Congressional District (against useless and corrupted D. Wu), because no one better than me could help our nation to create a few millions jobs, in a few months to balance national budget, and more important: to save lives or our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but .... I was not nominated. Why? Co-Chairs Barbara Dudley and Jeff Anderson and Ted Fertik did this so named "nomination" process in secrecy from me, didn't allow me be there during vote. And nominated no one. Why? It the work of unions. They know that I, but not Wu could be elected, so, they want to keep corrupted Wu in office. It is a conspiracy and scam. How about lives of our young guys in war zones? Who cares, but not unions and all these so named leaders of WFP. What a garbage of our society. The blood of our troopers is on them. I quit this party.

Many businesses, as auto insurance companies GEICO, Progressive, Hartford, AARP, Amica, MetLife and etc are advertising on TV and are promising big saving, but it is a dirty lie. It is a common sense: to advertise cost money and the customers are paying for it. But the media does not care if advertisers are lying. So, if you want to save big money - ignore advertisements, ignore TV stations which allowed to lie, and shop around using phone book and an Internet, as I did, and found auto insurance company for only $166 for 6 months. I saved from $200 to $600.                           

  Also, Credit Companies TransUnion, Equifax, Experian and others are misleading, harassing people, trying to extort money, making the people criminals by giving wrong Credit Scores. These companies are collecting names of people, date of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and are selling these information to businesses. And they do this fraud, scam and thieves on behalf and by the Government of the USA, using it's web page www.USA.gov. These companies are have no any legal authority to make the People criminals without courts, and have no any legal right to judge people. So, ignore them, do not pay, and if they made you quilty - sue them.    Grange Insurance company ( www.grange.com ), is spending a huge amount of easy money on advertising casino with promise to create a thousands jobs and many millions dollars for State of Oregon. It is a lie. Vote NO! on Measure 82 and 83.                       

What common President Obama has with Home Shopping Network (HSN), a constant talking TV show? Correct, talk, constant talk. This "Talking Machine", a "Cuckoo" more than three years occupying the People's office, but no any progress. Nation has many problems, people need jobs and "Yes, We Can, Yes, We Need Change", "Yes, We Need More Time"  and etc. And all time talks how good he is for nation. "Empty vessel produces too much noise". And do not blame Obama only, blame the Democratic Party and yourself too for elected him.                                                                                            The HSN offers something to customers, but President Obama accomplished NOTHING. His "Health Care"? No one may dictate the people to buy health insurance. Why he offered nation his help and ran for high office if he does NOT know what and how to do it? And does not listen to me. I'm so sorry for Obama and for misleading this nation: this country gets what it voted for.                

And now, when price of fuel goes up again, that makes the oil companies and the government make big profits from it, they use the media for to switch the anger: "Last year the price of fuel was over $4.00", informed the media. President Obama says that could do nothing. Really?  Where they are US Senators Wyden, Merkley and Representative Bonamici?
--In General, 2008 Election, with my 50 years labor experience, I ran against Commissioner of BOLI Avakian, who has nothing to do with labor - he is a lawyer, but appointed by moron Governor Kulongoski for this position. But many unions in Oregon, for own monetary benefits bought Avakian for many thousands dollars and endorsed him. Here are names: Oregon AFL-CIO; Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council; Associated General Contactors, Oregon Chapter; Oregon Farm Bureau Federation; Sierra Club; Oregon League of Conservative Voters; Oregon State Fire Fighters Council; Oregon Nurses Association; Oregon Educational Association; SEIU Local 503, OPEU; Oregon AFSCME Council 75.  
--In Oregon are more than 26,000 so named non-profit organizations. Most of them are "not-for-profit", as unions, the Oregon Law Center, the Oregon Health Authorityon 501(c) tax exempt, got from federal government / taxpayers many millions dollars as Grants, do not pay taxes, are paying themselves huge salaries, lazy, overpayed, produce nothing, no any responsibility, live as Communist and sucking this country. Use this money for own and candidates' benefits. Because of this our nation loses huge revenue. 
--And very important: most members of these unions are government employees and must obey and support The Code of Ethics For Government Employees, which says: "Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and country above loyalty to a person, party or government department ". So, they are violating our laws by promoting Merkley, Wyden and others. The IRS must suspend, revoke theirs non-profit status and they must pay taxes. 

Washington County Democrats Central Committee, (so named leaders former Chair Lupita Maurer, Field Organizer Ron Morgan, members of the Oregon DNC Jenny Greenleaf and Wayne Kinney, Karen and Stephen Packer, Kari Chisholm from Blue Oregon - a toys in hands of politicians) and Democratic Party of Oregon (Chair Meredith Wood Smith, Frank Dixon and others toys) did everything to block my election because I blame Democratic Party for bribery in government, they intentionally didn't invite me on forums of Candidates, 
--These "rulers, dictators" themselves, under pressure and leadership of elected members of Oregon Senate and House Democrats, ignoring the Members of Democratic Party of Oregon, do not give them an opportunity to talk, making new policies and rules. It is a rape of Rules, Platform and ByLaws of Democratic Party. 

The Members of Democratic Party Oregon (DPO) must clean up this party and fire this garbage. 

US Senators Wyden and Jeff Merkley, former Governor Kulongoski, former Speaker of the House Jeff Merkley - who destroyed Oregon economy, Jeff Barker, Chuck Riley, Mark Hass, Bruce Starr, Ginny Burdick, Tobias Read, Kate Brown, Vicki Walker, Rick Metsger, Sam Adams, Nick Fish, Ben Westlund (died), Greg Macpherson, Mitch Greenlick and etc. They are not honest, liars, covered up crimes of Dan Gardner and now support the crime of new Commissioner of BOLI Brad Avakian, and almost all members of Legislature (Senate and House) gave an Oath of Office and said a Pledge of Allegiance and .... forgot about it. They do NOT support the Constitutions of Oregon and the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees. It is a crime. 

The government of Oregon does not perform its duties and obligations and is a government, a gang of political prostitutes, a gang of not convicted yet criminals, a Devil, the Beast 666 and Satan at work: something very bad will happen in Oregon. It is too bad that so many people died and are dying now for this garbage. 
And the Democratic and Republican Parties, the media and unions are responsible for it! They helped them be elected and reelected.  I'm so sorry for the People of Oregon for elected not honest government. 

 "For the wages of sin: Liar, Thief, Crook, Evil and Satan is punishment and suffering - illnesses, diseases (including cancers), cripple and death" (my Prophesy). 
My curse of Kulongoski for my illegal termination by TRI-MET is working: Governor Kulongoski, a dirty pig, hurt me and my family (daughter, granddaughter, sister, brother and etc) very bad: I can't see them and can't help them. This moron is 67 only and crippled. I'm 74, excellent health, a lot of energy: do 20 body bend ups by 135 degree angle, do 55 push ups, 9 pull ups, during swimming use a butterfly strokes, and my PSA test on Prostate Cancer is 0.6 ng. Why some hurts others for nothing? It is self-punishment! 

Governor Kulongoski did bribery in election, get suport of unions be elected and as elected governor, he appointed union bosses Chip Terhune as his Cheif of Staff and Tim Nesbitt, who was a President of the Oregon AFL-CIO, as a Deputy Chief of Staff. It is a pay back by prostitute Kulongoski to unions mafia. Kulongoski bought election.  And the result: Oregon has 10.8 percent unemployment. The Oregonians get what they voted for. Same and Kitzhaber.               The FBI must investigate corruption of Kitzhaber . 

Russian Proverbs: "Hawks will not pick out hawk's eye", "When money talks, then truth stays silent", "Beware of the goat from its front side, , of the horse from its back, and the evil man - from any side", "Fight fire with fire", "Tell me who is your friend and I will tell you who you are". 
--American Proverbs: "Those who lie down with dogs, gets up with fleas", "Man has responsibility, not power", "Bad the crow, bad the egg", "A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense", "Praise makes bad man worse", "The receiver is as bad as the thief", "Don't put rober to work in bank". 

On 08/08/07 I filed a Complaint and spoke before Portland City Council against the Oregonian newspaper with demand to revoke / suspend its Business License for lie, not honest articles and violations of the Code of Ethics for the Media. 
--In 2008 I asked the City Council of Portland to suspend the Business License for KGW TV Ch 8 for violation of the Constitution of the USA: USC T 47, Section 315, but city council did nothing. It is a crime: USC T 5 Section 2302. What a garbage! And Sam Adams elected as Mayor. No! He does NOT support the Constitution of the USA and can't hold any office. But the people of Oregon do not know about it and he was elected as mayor and he will bring a curse on Portland. 

On 07/16/07 I filed a lawsuit with Washington County Circut Court against Director B. Goldberg, Oregon Dept. of Health and Human Services for violation of our Constitution, for obstruction of justice, for constant lie and for violation of my civil and human rights. 

 Every elected politician gave an "Oath of Office" and sweared to support and defend, be a guard of our Constitution and us, THE PEOPLE, and faithfully discharge the duties of the office, etc, but do NOT do it. It was a sound only. Many of them said: "Help Me God!". So, the God helped them to lose faith, morality and integrity? 

Many members of the Oregon Legislature (Senators and Representatives) are abusing the power of office, violating the public trust, using this office as own family business for profit: hiring relatives, but not on merit principles. They elected to serve the People, but not own families. It is a corruption, it is a crime.               

  Oregon State Representatives Sal Esquivel, Mary Nolan, Jefferson Smith and many, many more do not perfom theirs jobs and obligations, and have no any accountability, no any punishment.

--And the Code of Ethics for Government Employees says: Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to person, party or Government department. Uphold the provisions of Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the USA and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion. Public office is the public trust, etc. It is on paper and Internet only. 
--Superintendent of Public Instructions S. Castillo occupys this position illegally: she "elected" in the Primary 2002, when only 46% registered voters voted. Legal election is a General Election. 

Most politicians during sessions, meetings are giving the Pledge of Allegiance, praying the God, and .... hurting people, doing crimes: violating laws. In real life many elected and non elected officials are abusing own power, ignoring, do not respect our laws, violating, contempting, raping our Constitutions, laws, and go away without any punishment. And the Department of Justice is covering up, protecting these crimes. It is a spit in the face of us, THE PEOPLE. So many our people are hurt, died and are dying now for this country, for our democracy and freedom not for it. 

Here is more a Hall of Shame in Oregon, USA, the List of not convicted yet felons, criminals who do not uphold the the provisions of our Constitution, not faithfully discharge own duties and obligations, traitors of our Constitution: 

The media: Associated Press (AP), the Oregonian, KATU TV Ch 2 (ABC), KGW TV Ch 8 (NBC), Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) TV Ch 10, CW TV Ch 32 (Host Nick Fish, not convicted yet criminal) and others. The media for own huge monetary benefits promotes bribery, corruption and political prostitution, destroys our democracy. My opponents in the Primary Jeff Merkley and Steve Novic sold themselves to special interests as unions, banks and etc, bought the media and the media talked about them, invited on debates them, and intentionally, in retaliation against me, and with conspiracy of Democratic Party of Oregon and the media - did not invite me. It is a federal crime (USC T 47, Section 315). Because of the media so many our troopers died in Iraq. The media is a cancer of our society, a public enemy, a parazite of this society. Boycott the media! 

 The PBS, including the OPB are of federal / taxpayers funding (more than $500 Mil. a year). And these organizations have same good program, and the People like the OPB and PBS, trusting them, supporting them and do not know the dark site, the evil site of these organizations: conspiracy and cooperation with big media in election process - do not pay back to taxpayers: do not inform the People, the voters about candidates running for President and US Senate, do not broadcast forums / debates of candidates, and because of big money in elections, candidates with money, but without brains get elected, that creates a danger to our natonal security.

 Selling the People and country to political prostitutes, the media, especially the PBS, including the OPB, destoys our economy, creates a danger to our national security because an idiots get elected. Therefore the PBS / OPB are the worst domestic enemy of this nation and us, the People. 

Portland State University, University of Portland, Pacific University, University of Oregon, Lewis and Clark College are teaching some religion programs and are on federal, taxpayers funding, but with conspiracy of the media (because I didn't pay the media) refused to invite me on debate of candidates running for US Senate. Where is a Faith, Morality and Integrity of this religion institutions? None! What they are teaching students? They are teaching how to lie and sell our country. They are teaching students how to lie. 

University of Oregon (UO), Oregon State University (OSU), Western Oregon University (WOU), Pacific University (PU), Portland State University (PSU), Reed Community College, Portland Community College, Chemeketta Community College, Linn-Benton Community College, City Club of Portland and Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) / Radio Service KOPB 91.5 violated the Constitution of the USA: USC T 47, Section 315, Equal Time / Rule Law. And all of them are on federal / taxpayers funding and support. What a robbery of us, the People. Stop funding these organizations.                                         

 All professors of Political Science Departments of all US universities and colledges must be fired for lie and do not say the truth to the students that when President of the USA and US Senate are appointing US Judges and Attorneys, is not separation of power, not chech and balance, but ignorance, violation and rape of the Constitution of the USA.

-- Sam Adams. Commissioner of Portland City, and now is Mayor of Portland. He does not support the Constitution of the USA and can't hold any office. He is a very poor manager. 

--Oregon League of Minority Voters. What a scam. This so named nonprofit organization created on taxpayers expensive by the media and lawyers as Nick Fish (now City Commissioner), not convicted yet criminal, and used by the media and special interests for own, but not the People, interests. 

Illegally terminating me TRI-MET violated US Constitution, Amendment XIV, Section 1 (terminated without the protection of the laws). The US Judge Panner dismissed TRI-MET's "Final Report" as a fraud, but did misconduct: continue court even TRI-MET has no case against me. Why I was terminated? I demand retrial by the Jury. My Complaints to Governor Kulongoski, US Senators Smith and Wyden, US Congressmen Wu and Blumenauer - left without answer. It is covering up, protecting the crimes of TRI-MET. They did crime: T 5 USC Section 2302, and they should be in prison for it. What political garbage.

Kulongoski, Wyden, Merkley, Wu and many more have many years political "experience", but have no business experience, they have a very low IQ and the result: bad the Oregon and national economy. But they promised to improve economy, health care .... . 

-Attorney Roger K. Harris is NOT honest: I hired him and paid $9,200.00 For this amount of money he filed a Complaint against TRI-MET and ..... cooperated with TRI-MET. I asked him for to demand from TRI-MET a Final Report, on base of which I was terminated, and which was without signatures of "Independed" Investigators, hired and paid by TRI-MET, with signatures of investigators, but he refused to do it. It is not honest way to do business, it is a conspiracy with TRI-MET against me, it is a crime, not honest way to do "business". 

 Former Secretary of State Bradbury. In the General 2002 Elections I was an official Write-In Candidate for State House Distr. 28, but he refused to print my name in the Voters' Pamphlet. It is a crime. He refused to give me an permission to recount the returned Voters' Ballots (there were about 3,000 returned Ballots are missing). It is crime, it is not a democracy, it is not a Freedom of Speech. And he should be in prison for it. 

Our state has a very high unemployment, very bad academic achievements in schools, high taxes. Why it happen? Because state gets what it voted for: R. Wyden, G. Smith, Blumenauer, R. Deckert, J. Barker, M. Hass, S. Castillo, D. Gardner, T. Kulongoski, Jeff Merkley and others idiots. They have no any ability, no any experience to run a business, and as a former members of the Oregon Legislature, destroyed our economy. They are the unions puppets, received from unions many millions dollars and support. So, the unions are responsible for our bad economy, schools failure. Where is the pride, partiotism, loyalty of unions to our country? SHAME! It is an insult of working class! 

 The Dirty, Evil Nest in the Oregon and US Legislature. They do not perform theirs jobs and obligations, they are violating the an Oath of Office, they do not support the Constitution of the USA and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3, they can't hold any office, must resign or must be fired: 

US Senators R. Wyden and Merkley, former US Congressmen Wu, Blumenauer, Governor Kulongoski, Kitzhaber, former Secretary of State Bradbury, former Attorney General H. Myers, new AG Kroger, Chief Justice W. Carson Jr, former Commissioner of BOLI D. Gardner, new Commissioner Avakian, US Judges Hug, Hogan, Schroeder, R. Jones, O. Panner, A. Aiken, D. Ashmanskas, J. Stewart, A. Haggerty. US Attorney K. Bauman and US Judge M. Mosman, former FBI Special Agent In Charge Jordan and US Attorney Karin Immergut, and new FBI's Special Agent In Charge A. Balizan. 

 Members of the Oregon Legislature: Senate President P. Courtney, former Senate President Pro Margaret Carter, former Senate Republican Leader B. Clarno, Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli, former Senate Majority Leader K. Brown, former Speaker of the House Karen Minnis and former Senator John Minnis (Governor Kulongoski appointed this garbage as Director of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training), Senator Avel Gordly (and this political garbage is going to teach at PSU. Shame!), T. Knopp, former House Speaker Jeff Merkley, House Majority Leader D. Hunt, House Minority Leader Bruce Hanna, Speaker Pro Tempore Diane Rosenbaum, Jeff Barker, State Senator Mark Hass (media garbage) and Representative Chuck Riley. Former Senator R. Deckert, former Senator Vicki Walker, Senators: J. Kruse, R. Metsger, Avel Gordly, Rod Monroe, Frank Morse, Jason Atkinson, Brad Avakian and Senator Ben Westlund. Courtney 17 years and Hannon 27 years in the Oregon Legislature. What is going on? Communist system? Again? Same as was in the former USSR. There was no term limit too. Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein also had no term limit. Here the PEOPLE of Oregon voted for the term limit, but these rulers are saying that it is unconstitutional. They are destroying our economy, must resign, but have no self-esteem. 

 Members of the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee: P. Courtney, J. Minnis (former member), G. Burdick, T. Ferrioli, C. Ringo, V. Walker, C. Starr. 

Members of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means (some of them are former members): Ben Westlund, K. Schrader, S. Harper, M. Carter, R. Devlin, J. Dukes, G. George, A. Gordly, K. Messerle, F. Morse, J. Winters. 

 Members of the House Judiciary Committee: Max Williams (former member, covered up crime Governor Kulongoski and got promition for it: appointed as Director of Oregon prisons. Great! Not convicted yet criminal in charge of prisons). R. Ackerman, G. Anderson, J. Barker, B. Jenson, J. Krummel, G. Macpherson, F. Prozanski, L. Shetterly. 

Members of the House Joint Committee on Ways and Means: R. Miller, A. Bates, T. Butler, G. Hansen, B. Johnson, W. Krieger, S. Morgan, R. Patridge, G. Smith, T. Smith. --Members of the House on Audit and Human Services Committee: B. Westlund (was member), S. March, S. Morgan, A. Bates, J. Kruse, J. Merkley, R. Miller. 

Members of the House Committee on Workplace Harassment: S. Morgan, C. Tomei, B. Jenson, S. March. People of Oregon: what you voted for? 

Oregon Legislative Counsel: G. Chaimov. 
--Members of the Oregon Law Commission: Repr. L. Shetterly, D. Kenagy - Director the Willamette University College of Law, Senator K. Brown, H. Myers - Attorney General, W. Carson Jr - Chief Justice, Professor S. Hansberger - Lewis and Clark College, Professor B. Vail - N W School of Law, Professor H. Linde - Willam. University College of Law, Dean S. Symeonides - Willam. Univ. College of Law, Professor D. Vetri -Univ. of Oregon School of Law, Oregon BAR Association.

--State Judges: Presiding Judge Thomas Kohl, Marco Hernandez, McElligott, G. Nachtigal. 
--Commission On Judicial Fitness And Disability, Standard And Practices Commission, Oregon Bureau Of Investigators are useless, fake agencies, covering up, protecting crimes of state employees. 
--Metro Council President David Bragton, Councilor Karl Hosticka. 

 Members of the Washington County Board of Commissioners: Tom Brian (Chair), Dick Schouten, Roy Rogers and Andy Duyck. 
--Members of Multomanh County Board of Commissioners: Lonnie Roberts, Maria Rojo de Steffey and Lisa Naito. 
--Sheriff Washington County Rob Gordon: moron, tyrant, without court is making people criminals. Idiot, a garbage of our society, who must defend, but not violate our laws. 
--Formers Mayor of City Beaverton Rob Drake and former Mayor of Portland Tom Potter: tyrants, abusing power, violating our laws: making the people criminals without court. Portland City Commissioner Randy Lenard abused power: without warning gave an order to remove tapes off spots before Grant Floral Parade. What a bullshit: this moron hurt so many Oregonians. 

Former Mayor of Beaverton Drake and Comissioners of Washington and Multnomah Counties in secret from the public appointed Mark Hass as State Senator. He violated state laws and is not convicted yet criminal. 

Organizations, agencies which are violating, ignoring, raping, contempting our Constitution: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Oregon Bureau Of Labor and Industries (BOLI)- Commissioer Brad Avakian, Oregon Department of Justice - former Attorney General H. Myers, TRI-MET, Willamette Industries, Oregon Employment Department and Department of Transportation, PGE, NW Natural, Washington County, Multnomah County. Oregon Board of Investigators and State Bar gave Business License to Private Investigator thief Tom McCallum (stole from me $450) and City of Portland which gave Business License to thief Michael Dean (Sushuma) Thornburgh, 3000 "V" Str., Vancouver, WA 98663, (360)737-0226. He stole from me $3,000.

--They are violating the Oregon Constitution: ORS 171.555 Investigate, ORS 240.990 Penalties, and the USA Constitution: "T 5 USC Sect. 2302" Prohibited Personnel Practices, "T 18 USC Sect. 201" Bribery, "T 18 USC Sect. 241" Conspiracy against rights, "T 18 USC Sect. 245" Federally protected activities, "T 18 USC Sect. 246" Deprivation of relief benefits. They are working not for the interests of our state, nation, PEOPLE, but for own interests and for an interests of the donors, contributors.

--Violations of these laws are crimes, and according to the US Constitution the punishment may be a fine, or prison term for up to 15 years, or both.

--The Republican, Democratic Parties and others, who are recommending, endorsing and nominating candidates, politicians for public offices to be elected, hired by THE PEOPLE, must have a full moral, social and legal responsibility for theirs Nominees and elected public servants job performances, before us, THE PEOPLE. Raising salaries to a lazy, overpay top state government eployees, Kulongoski and Democratic Party showed it real face: it does not stand for working people and the poor. 

We MUST stop political prostitution, selling our Country. Washington County State Court dismissed my cases against former State Repres. Witt and against Secretary of State Bradbury without any jury trails as I demanded. It is a crime. On 03/27/03 I filed a lawsuit against Governor of Oregon Kulongoski: "Criminal Contempt Of Constitution", for not upholding the provisions of our Constitution, for ignorance, rape, for criminal contempt of the State and US Constitutions, but Washington County Circuit Court (OR)  refused to hear my case by the Jury Trial, as I demanded, lied and dismissed my case, stole my money. State Court does crime. 

 Former Chair of 1st Congressional District of Washington County Democratic Party Cathy Stanton is a dictator and violated the Platform and ByLaws of the Democratic Party and did everything to block my election, refused to organize a debate of Candidates for US House, blocked my e-mails. This woman is a bitch, a devil and hurting the Democratic Party and all nation. And she is a Councilor of City of Beaverton. 

The Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) and the Public Broadcast Service (PBS) all times are begging for donations, but are lying, misleading, abusing the PEOPLE's trust, brain washing its members and the PEOPLE of Oregon and nation about how much money they have, how much money they are receiving from federal government / taxpayers ($500 million each year), what are the salaries of the former General Manager Maynard Orme and new General Manager Steve Bass (about $170K). And the PEOPLE (some gave $220 Million), organizations and the governments are giving. And our nation has $16 Trillion deficit. Where is the patriotism, loyalty to this contry? But the PBS does not care, and is "milking" taxpayers. The PBS is making a big money through membership, donations, contributions and by selling books, videos, tickets and etc, but is refusing to inform the public about income. 

The PBS programs are promoting the products as Aspirin and vitamins made by the drug manufacturing companies. Why? For money? And the OPB refused to give to me an access to the Public File. It is a violation of the rules of the FCC. Mr Orme is not honest. He bought the members of the Board of Directors, giving them gifts. How low these members are. On 12/02/03, on 03/09/04 and on 12/04/07 were meetings of the Board of Directors of the OPB, open to the public, but I was not allowed to talk for a few minutes before the Board? Why? Where is my Freedom of Speech? It is a violation of our Constitution, it is a violation of our civil rights. It is not respect, ignorance of the public, it is a spit in the face of the PEOPLE. Also the OPB is refusing to inform, to educate its members and the public about Oregon Candidates running for US Senate, that may reduce corruption of Candidates. New Manager Steve Bass has low faith, ignored, refused to talk to the PEOPLE. 

  Dirung elections the PBS must broadcast Debates of all Candidates for President, but it intentionall does not do it. And OPB must broadcast all candidates running in Oregon for US Congress, but OPB intentionally, with conspiracy of corrupted media does not do it. 

US government / taxpayers and the People of Oregon and USA are funding the PBS and the OPB, but they are hiring not Americans, but from England, United Kindom and etc. It is a discrimination against own people. 

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Oregon was a very patriotic organization, and for purpose of to inform and educate the voters about candidates, on April 5th, 2008 organised a Debate of Candidates Running for US Senate in Agate Beach, Newport and asked the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) to broadcast this debate, but the OPB refused to do it. But taxpayers paid for it. I'm asking the PEOPLE of Oregon, organizations and government do not contribute to the OPB till this "public" company will stop lying, will respect the PEOPLE and will broadcast debates / forums of Candidates running for US Congress.                                                 My feeling is that the LWV of Oregon intentionally does not organize Debate / Forum or Mock Election of Candidates in the Primary 2010, that is a cooperation with the media mafia.

 The OPB is wasting members' and taxpayers' money: at 6 am runs programs as Power Yoga, Yoga and Sit And Be Fit - 30 min workouts in which the public does not participate. 
--What is difference between artificial recorded laughter during some shows, fake, fabricated and recordered phone rigns sounds during "money drives" by the Oregon Public Broadcast and misleading, fabricated by the media "Polls" during election campaigns? NOTHING! Same lie, dirty lie! 
--PBS, including the OPB makes a huge amount of money selling books, videos, DVD and etc as "Stay Rich Retirement Plan" and many, many more. 

The Oregon Business Association promotes who is ignoring, violating, raping our Constitution, own Oath of Office, Pledge to the Flag and Code of Ethics: US Senators Wyden, former Sen. G. Smith, Governor Kulongoski and many members of Oregon Legislature as former State Senator R. Deckert, who should be in prizon for these crimes. But he hired by this low profile organization. For how much this prostitutes stole from the People of Oregon? Which his protection many companies paid $10.00 taxes only. Deckert has no good faith and no morality. I don't want to be a part of this gang.  The FBI must investigate it. Chairman of the Constitution Party of Oregon Bob Exstrom and Co-Director of the Oregon Pacific Green Party Timothy Oliver and others as Jeff Cropp, Hope Marston, George Hutchinston, Christina Lugo, Charles Newlin, Seth Wooley, Mike Van Handel, Lory Burton and Blair Bobier are dishonest, did a dirty political deal and conspiracy behind closing doors with Libertarian and Progressive Parties in endorsement Steven Reunolds for US Representative 1st Congressional District.

 I was a member of City Club of Portland. The City Club of Portland and it's former President Linehan promoted Mr Tim Nesbitt- Former President Oregon AFL-CIO, who is buying, corrupting politicians, creating political prostitution. Unions helped elect and reelected not convicted yet criminal, moron Governor Kulongaski, and he promoted Tim Nesbitt, appointed him as a Deputy Chief of Staff. What the People of Oregon could expect from this government? It is not in good faith. It is an evidence of bribery Kulongoski: pay back for help of unions in be elected. And this garbage gave an Oath of Office. And City Club of Portland promoted Kulongoski and refused in past and not to invite me on debate / forum candidates running for US Congress. And now again, Wade Fickler and Don Williams, President of City Club refused to invite me on Debate of Candidates for US Senate on 04/04/08. Also the Jewish Federation of Portland, Jewish Fascist, refused to invite me on debate

And in the Special Primary, November 8, 2011 Election, The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland again did a retaliation against me: invited Rob Cornilles on Forum of Candidates, but intentionally did conspiracy with the big media: did'n invite me.

It is a violation of the Constitution of the USA: USC T 47, Section 315, Equal Time Rule / Law. I'm honest person and don't want to be a member of this club and quit it. I'm asking the People to boycott the City Club of Portland. Shame on City of Portland. 

 And the media: the Oregonoan constantly continue to lie and continue to make politicians who paid it, named Cornilles a "leading candidate". Leading candidate? There was a forum of candidates, and the people shaked my hand for what I sdand up, but not Cornilles hand.          The Beaverton and Hillsboro Chambers of Commerce also didn't invite me on forum. Boycott these Chambers and the media. How low they are.

 Shame on Stoel Rives, Pacific Power, Neil Kelly, West Coast Bank, AARP, Barran Liebman LLP and the OPB for supporting and funding the City Club of Portland, corrupted, not honest organization which criminal contemting the Constitution of the USA. 

 Oregon so named "Family Council" is a religion organization, but creates hate between people, lies, has no faith - dictating people what to do, violates Ten Commandments. What a garbage acts on base of religion. 

 Oregon Department of Human Services and Transportation Department did discrimination against me in hiring, abused power, violated the Constitution of the USA, violated my civil and human rights and rights of other families and children. 

Mr. James McElhinny, Director of THPRD and Mr. Menke - General Manager of Tualatin Hills Park Receation District (THPRD) are supporting, covering up tyranny, dictatorship and discrimination by Linda Jo Enger - Supervisor of Elsie Stuhr Senior Center, who has a huge salary and she also often is traveling during working time and on taxpayers expenses.

 The Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD), President of the Board is Richard Burke, increased rate for water and gave to Genenal Manager Greg DiLoreto salary $183,935 plus many benefits. For what? Burke is a very poor manager: he destroyed the Oregon Liberterian Party and now is wasting taxpayers money. This idiot get elected because most people do not vote. So, do not blame someone for higher water rate. 

Huge salaries in Oregon: Joe Robertson - President of OHSU (which is on federal / taxpayers funding) is $1,071,985; Peter Rapp of OHSU - $666,624. Peggy Fowler - CEO of Portland General Electric is $1,535,686. Bill Wyatt - Executive Director of Port of Portland is $303,705 And many more as:                                                              

Mark Ganz, CEO of BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon - $383K,        Andrew McCulloch of Kaiser Permanete NorthWest - $692K,        Robert Goode of ODS Health Plan / ODS Dental - $668K,               Jack Friedman, CEO of Providence - $484K,                                   Majd Fowzi El-Azma, CEO and President of LifeWise - $361K,     Chris Eblerson, CEO of HealthNet - $249K,                                      Kenneth Provencher, President of PacificSource - $372K,  

Portland Metro paid Oregon Zoo Director $123K to $179K salary.

For what they are paid too much? Now we see where taxpayers dollars goes and why many have no health insurance, why government has no money and laid off teachers, police officers and etc.                                                                                                             And I can't understand: for what these greedy people need so much money? They do not care about nation but themsleves. They are living in the Communism System.                                 

  Chancellor of the State Board of Higher Education, of the Oregon University System George Pernsteiner raised salaries of state university "leaders": President of the University of Oregon Dave Frohnmayer to $444,960; President of the Oregon State University Ed Ray to $425,700 a year; Wim Wiewel, President of the PSU to $350,000; Dixie Lung to 192,000; John Minahan to $190,020; Mary Cullinan to $185,460.                                                                               

Why they have huge salaries? What good they did for state? Nothing! They are occupying places only. And also gave them housing allowances, plus $900 per month for car allowance. Where am I? These presidents are saying nothing that they do NOT deserve these huge salaries, they are living in Communism system. But they do not care about that nation is in big debt and students are paying too much for education. These parasites are sucking taxpayers as much as they can. What a garbage of our society. And this board wants more money from taxpayers. Mr. Pernsteiner wasted not own, but taxpayers money. Who gave him the permit to do it? The taxpayers must be in charge. Theirs salaries must be no more than $85,000. 

  Oregon State Bar (OSB) is a gang of Lawyers, an organize mafia extorts money from lawyers, a terrorist organization which destroying our democracy by refusing to investigate crimes of judges. Employees of OSB Sylvia Stevens, General Counsel; Karen Garst, Executive Director; Jeff Sapiro, Disciplinary Counsel; Amy Alpern - Chair of State Professional Responsibility Board and Alper Menashe, Prisident of the Board of Governors of the OSB themselves are violating the Constitution of the USA: refusing to investigate federal crime of US Attorney Karin Immergut, Presiding Judge Thomas W. Kohl of Washington County Circuit Court (this moron does not our laws and rapes our Constitution) and Judge Nancy Hochman, covering up, protecting theirs crimes. They and many others in state in US District Court do Unlawfull Practice Law and are not qualify to be a judges. They are  not loyal to our Constitution and country. It is immoral, it is obstruction of justice, it is a judicial prostitution and lynching the Constitution of the USA. it is a crime. 

 On October 24, 2007 I filed a complaint with Oregon State Bar (OSB) against Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court Paul J. De Muniz for not perfoming his duties and obligations, for ignorance, for not support and criminal contempt the Constitution with demand to suspend / revoke his certificate.                                                                 I also filed Complaint agaist Presiding Judge Kohl with demand to suspend his Certificate / License for unlawful practice law in Oregon anf for judicial misconduct, but no any action.

 I spoke before Tigard City Council with demand to suspend Business License from the Oregon State Bar.

Portland Saturday Market - not honest: robbing new vendors.

 Brian Druker, M.D. from OHSU: refused cooperate in my scientific research. This doctor has some mental or physical disability, or both. --Do not use service of Psychic Counselor Anna Miller (Crystal), the Tarot card "Reader": she will take your money and will ask for much more. 

  Portland Rescue Mission (PRM): people are donating cars and etc, but this organization is selling used old cars with 198,500 miles on, in not good condition for $1,200.00. And not for less, pushing families spend on needed car and spend much less on food, that creates hunger. What percent of selling really goes to "Drive Away Hunger", on homeless and etc? Where money goes to? What salaries of management, CEOs of this nonprofit organization? Looks like same as others CEOs - many thousands dollars. And former Miss Oregon Harman for own monetary interests promotes this organization.                                   GoodWill stores accepting free donations, but selling goods so expensive, robbing poor people. One mother bought a small bike for daughter and paid $40. What a street robbery, greedness. Boycott GoodWill: do not donate.

 The media: The Oregonian newspaper, former Publisher Fred A. Stickel; Steve Clark, Publisher of Beaverton Valley Times and President of the Pamplin Media Group, KATU TV Ch 2, KGW TV Ch 8, Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) Ch 10, CW TV Ch 32 and etc cover-up crimes of TRI-MET, BOLI (Brad AvKIn), Governor Kitzhaber and former Governor Kulongoski, the members of Oregon and US Legislatures. This media has no faith, no integrity and are violating our constitution and the Code of Ethics for the Media. 

The Waggener Edstrom Worldwide PR of Portland (Melissa Waggener Zorkin and Pam Edstrom) gets a huge amount of money from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Race for the Cure and promotes it. Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is in business of making money by abusing the women's trust, many years after years, and no any progress in prevention or cure of breast cancer. But women have mastectomies, women and men are dying from breast and prostate cancers. But when I asked cooperation in my scientific research - this so trusted by women organization refused. Now I see that this money making organization is helping a few women with mammograms, but is NOT interested to find prevention or cure of cancers because if women will be healthy - it will be out of business. It is immoral, but it is a reality. It is a Race for the Money, but not for the Cure. 

I have an experience to rescue ships as New Carissa on Oregon coast, and offered state and the media my help, but former Governor Kitzhaber: this idiot with medical diploma, ignored my help to save ship New Carissa and destroyed it. The curse of New Carissa is on this dummy and on Oregon. And now this moron made a career to talk only about health care. 

  Oregon Public Commission on the Oregon Legislature is a baloney commission. Public Commission? No! The members are appointed by the Oregon Legislature and are members of the Oregon Legislature (as not convicted yet criminal Senator Avel Gordly), media (Mark Garber and Tim Hibbitts), Judges, from US government (Kerry Tymchuk) and etc. 

Washington County Legal Aid (503)648-7163 is a scam of the OSBar, does nothing to help people and helps the OSBar to make money on taxpayers expenses. The OSBar hijacked and violates, does not support the Constitution of the USA.

 Senior Citizen Advisory Committee City of Beaverton is running not by seniors, but the city employees and member of City Council. Where is the voice of seniors? 

Former Mayor of Portland, Oregon Potter is a very poor money and staff manager: I offered to city employees my 3-min workout and other fitness program and promised to save up to 50% on medical spending, but no answer. Well, Vera Katz also didn't answer me.

The Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) is on the federal and state fundings, consumes a lot of taxpayers and donors money, has staff of 110 and 55 Attorneys, but useless. Does not perform it's duties and obligations. Has no any responsibility and no accountability. Most requests for legal help, even for legal advice are ignored and is a joke, a spit in the faces of taxpayers and pushed people to contact the Oregon State Bar, which is charging victim $35.00 for a few minutes "consultation". What a rip off of victim. Why taxpayers are paying for it? Stop rob taxpayers. Stop useless socialist system. 

On 05/09/07 I filed three Complaints with the Oregon DPSST against Washington County Sheriff Rob Gordon to revoke a Certificate, against City of Beaverton Chief of Police David Bishop to revoke Certificate and against Private Investigator Tim McCallum to revoke Business License. They are violating our laws and do not support the Constitution. But, the Director of this Commission is John Minnis, not convicted yet criminal and for sure he does not do investigation of crimes. It is a support of criminals, it is a crime.

 Mary-Beth Baptista, former prosecutor and Director of Portland's "Independent" Police Review Division - does not perform her duties and obligations and must resign. 

 I will tell you how dirty politic in the USA is working: the Chair of the Senatorial Democratic Committee idiot Charles Schumer (NY) recruited Jeff Merkley (who does not support our Constitution, not convicted yet criminal and who can't hold any office) to run for US Senate. Democratic Party, unions and etc gave him many million dollars. Steve Novick supported by the media junta and organize mafia of lawyers and judges as the Oregon State Bar. So, Democratic Party, Schumer intentionally promote Merkley and eliminate me from debates: gave an order Jewish Federation of Portland (JFP) and the Jewish Community Center (JCC) do not invite me on April 14, 2008 debate, and these Portland's Jewish Nazi kicked me out from it's property. They did federal crime: USC T 47 Section 315 - Equal Time Rule / Law.                                 This political system is so rotten.                                                  
--The God will punish JFP and JCC for me, an orphan of WWII: "Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the orphan". Bible. 

The Constitution of the USA, Amendment XIV, Section 3 says that no one shall be US Senator or hold any office who does not support Constitution. As we see the government of Oregon is a government of many not convicted yet criminals, and the media and unions are responsible for it. This government is bringing a curse on this state. Something bad will happen here. 

 I was a member of the AARP for 10 years, but Director of the Oregon AARP Jerry Cohen is a very poor manager: we never had meeting of state membership and for purpose of to inform and educate seniors about Candidates running for US Senate, he in conspiracy with Senators Wyden and Smith, refused to organize a debate / forum of candidate running for US Congress.                    AARP gets about $85 million each year from federal government / taxpayers, but does not say about it.

Churches and other religion organizations are talking about against abortion, talking about honesty, faith, morality and integrity. But when the media promotes sex, promotes women who more open theirs naked breasts, and promotes bribery and corruption of politicians, only me is speaking against it, but the churches and other religion organizations as 700 Club of CBN (Christian Broadcast Network, Pat Robertson) are saying nothing against the media. Do not say the truth is a lie. 
--I see this organization exist for to make money by asking for donations, selling books and by use this program for to sell advertisement. 

Islam / Muslim and Jewish religions do not promote sex before mariage but virginity. 

 Thom Hartmann - the Host of Air America Radio 620 AM, violated Code of Ethics for Media: intentionally says no one word about me, as an official Candidate for US Senator. 

 Washington County District Attorney Hermann is not honest, does not support the Constitution and is not convicted yet criminal. 

Administrative Law Judges Jennifer Rackstraw and Daina Upite, Chief AL Judge T. Ewing. 

 Director of the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) Dr. Bruce Goldberg: his employees are doing fabrications and forgeries of signatures of Administrative Law Judges. It is a felony and an idiot Goldberg allowed them to do it.                                                          Goldberg does discrimination in hiring, does not support, criminal contempts the Constitution of the USA, is not convicted yet criminal and must resign or be fired. 

 Administrator of the Oregon Department Human Service Fariborz Rakseresht and Jim Edge, Gail R. Shibley, Food Inspector, covers up violation of law by Reser's Food. Reser's salads are so fat and made from Genetically Modified Organizms and maybe good for animals, but not for human.

 The Oregon Capitol Dental Care and the ODS Dental Oregon, with conspiracy of the ODHS, Director conman Goldberg, are making many millions dollars profits on denying, refusing to pay for dental services. 

Harry DeWolf, Director of SBA in Oregon, is useless, does not perform his job and obligations, consumes taxpayers money only, harms our economy, has no accountability. Again: what a garbage is working for US government. 

The Oregon Business Assiciation (OBA) refused to accept me as a Member because I speaking out that many members of OBA for own monetary benefits, are corrupting many members of Oregon Legislature as Political Prostitute Senator R. Deckert, who hired now by the OBA. The FBI must investigate his corruption by members of OBA. 

 "Veterans For Jeff Merkley", three people only in Oregon: Tony McPeak, "famous" James Rassmann, who "honesty mistaken" about John Kerry and Paul Evans. Jeff Merkley: what good he did for state beside talking? Gave Driver Licenses, Food Stamps and free medical assistance to illegal immigrants and they are coming to Oregon. Merkley is not convicted yet criminal, who should be in prison for violation the Constitution of the USA. Merkley does nothing to stop killing our soldiers in Iraq and bring them home. And who could support and vote for this idiot? 

 What is BlueOregon, Kari Chrisholm, President of Mandate Media and Randy Leonard? Progressive Oregonians? Progressive - possible, but in what field? In field of violation of the Code of Ethics for the Media,progressive in lie. In his web page are names of Candidates running for US Senator, but isn't my name. Why? He does it intentionally with conspiracy of Merkley, Novick (who paid it), Democratic Party of Oregon and the media. 
-- BlueOregon shows SurveyUSA. What a fake, baloney report, of this so named "surveyUSA" and others surveys, polls and etc. Where is an evidence of this statistic? NONE! This percent numbers took, made up from the air. So many people called me and are ready to vote for me.                                                                                            BlueOregon.com is not honest, corrupted organization, retaliated me, refused to place my mail. Ignore, boycott it. 
--Well, as Bible says: "For the wages of sin, liar and Evil is punishment, suffering, illnesses and death". It will come: soon or later. 

 Nick Fish (now Commissioner of City of Portland), was a host of Outlook Portland, he has a nice smile, but he is not convicted yet criminal: he violated the Rule of Federal Communication Commission "Equal Time" - he interviewed Candidates for US Senate Merkley and Novick, but didn't invite me. It is a crime. And this trash elected us Portland City Council?                                      And he used taxpayers money, grants, and for own political benefits created an Oregon Leaque of Minority Votes, hired Promise King as Executive Director and uses, manupulate him as a toy. Fish is a Member of Board. What Fish has common with minority?

 The People are donating to the Goodwill, nonprofit (?) organization, for to help poor people, but Goodwill charges high price for these free donations and CEO Michael Miller gets $832,000 a year in total pay and benefits. What a greedness! The People from the hearts are donating to poor, but Goodwill charges the poor too much money for used clothes, furniture and etc and pays own management huge salaries. It is a Communism! 

New state law to use biofuel mix: fuel with 10 percent ethanol, or E10 is a very bad law. This fuel reduces mileage not by 2 percent, but at least 10 percent, the water / steam all times is from exaust pipe. It means less engine power and the water in this blend fuel may destroy and rust engine, carburator, pipes and other parts. I think there will be many lawsuits against state for made this law. 

 For purpose of to reduce carbon dioxide, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, cut back on the dreenhouse, reduce global warming, save the people and businesses time and money we MUST reduce heavy traffic, must stop idleing many millions vehicles on highways. It will save our nation many billions dollars. I have a plan and promise to do it. 

Washington County Commission on Civil Rights must investigate violations of civil Rights, but it does NOT do it. Why? Because the Members of Board of Directors of this commission are Chair of the Board of Commissioners of Washingon County Tom Brian (former Commissioner), judges, from the Sheriff office, Mr Clark - Publisher of Community Newspapers and etc - who themselves are violating the People human rights. And who appointed them to this commission? They do themselves. It shows how this system is so rotten. 

Progressive Democtats and many other organizations have nothing with public and are violating our laws. 

Kari Chisholm, T.A. Barnhart and R. Leonard, the owner of BlueOregon are doing censorship: promote not convicted yet criminal Merkley and deleting articles against him. 

Fred and Pat Schwoch, former President and Exec. Director of the Manufactured Home Owners of Oregon (MHOO OSTA) are collecting membership fees, but mobile home parks are closing. I offered my help, but rejection only. And the membership money continue to flow into theirs pockets. 

Jon Guyette, President of Executive Web Development and Island Tanning & Nails, Inc. 7552 SW Nyberg Rd. Tualatin, OR 97062 (503) 888-1914. www.executivewebdevelopment.com He is not honest, a con-man. 

 The evidence of this rotten political system is "election" of President of the USA. Why Super Delegates in Oregon: Meredith Wood Smith, Governor Kulongoski, Senators Wyden and Smith, Darlene Hooley, David Wu, Earl Blumenauer, Jenny Greenleaf, Bill Bradbury and Peter DeFazio must vote for me and for all Oregonians? And I have an evidence that all of these Super Deleagates are violating, ignoring our laws and not supporting our Constitution. 

 Smart Park Garages of City of Portland are robbing customers, huge overcharge for a few minutes after one hour parking. It is a Street Robbery with permit of former Mayor Potter. 

  Pat Robertson, from 700 Club of TBN not honest. He has a few web pages, but intentionally has no email address to contact him. He promotes John McCain, who ignores our laws, does not perform his job and obligation and do not support the Constitution of the USA and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 he can't hold any office. 

Pat Robertson and Dr. Valerie Saxion, N.D. (Doctorate in Naturopacy ?) the Host of "Alternative Health With with Valerie Saxion" are promoting vitamins as "C" and etc, saying that we need vitamins. Yes, it is for sure: the body needs vitamins, and we get them from fruits, vegetables and other foods, but they do not say about it. Do not say the truth is a lie.          It looks like they get a big money from vitamins manufacturing companies and do not care about the People's money and health. There is an evidence that to use a lot of vitamins is a danger.                                                                              

The drug and vitamins manufactiring business are so rich and bought even good TV show www.thedoctorsTV.com , which also started promote vitamins (chemicals). The best vitamins are fruits, veget..

Popular Suse Orman, known and named as "Financial Expert", "Money Guru" and etc does notadvise to pay off the credit cards debt as soon as possible. And now the media gets big money from credit cards companies for promotion of their businesses, and started promoting them not itself, but using known Suse Orman as a tool, paid her big money and she sold the people, started to give an opposite advise: pay off credit cards by minimum monthly fee, and extra money save for the future. This so stupid advise makes credit cards companies so richer and borrowers poorer.                                                          About customers? They do NOT care! Shame on them!                 

         So, my advise: ignore Suse Orman and pay off debt as soon as possible and you will save big.                                                           

-IRS: if you want to ask some question, call and the IRS will answer that the line is busy and to wait. And you will wait for more than one hour, but ....., the IRS will give you an opportunity to enjoy classical music on phone, free of charge. Great! But ..., the taxpayers, but not IRS, are paying for it. I wish the IRS employees would get pay-checks by phone.

Bill Guthy and Greg Renker, con men of GuthyRenker.com direct respond marketing company, based in Palm Desert, which sells infomercials for about $1.5 Billion sales per year by whole lie, by misleading customers and viewers about products, using artists, "celebrities" and other actors who use a fake claim that they acheaved some progress by using these products. It is a dirty lie, and TV stations, which allow these crimes must responsible for it. 

 Credit companies as TransUnion, Experian, Equifax and many others are asking question: "What is your credit score?", but it is a dirty, not honest trick. People gave them all private information and are paying for this, that is useless and waste of money. Do not do it. These credit organizations themselves have a very low credits, ignore them.                                                                                           They could not give a credit to person without court.

Many debt collection agencies and organizations are harassing people, demanding money from some people who do not owe any money. I will stop it. They could ask for money if the court will give an order. But for now: person is innocent till prove guilty. If some from these organizations will demand money, ask for judgement against you.        

Shame on American Red Cross for greediness and lie to the blood donors.
  In former USSR, when I was young and stupid (22, after military) I once donated blood. Collective agency gave as money and a very, very good dinner.
  My friend gave blood many times and in his 50ty he became very sick, became yellow and died.
  Bravo to who donate blood, but most of them do NOT know what it could lead to, have no any education and hurt themselves, and the American Red Cross' moral responsible is to educate and inform donors about it, but it does not do it
   A few years ago I spoke to American Red Cross representative about it, and recommended to educate and give donors some money and a good dinner, not cookies, but nothing changed. What a shame! And I'm so sorry and pity patriots donors. They do NOT deserve ignorance by American Red Cross.

 "Basic Rights" of Oregon. This organization talks too much about violations of civil and human rights of gays and lesbians, talks too much about fair workplace, but itself violated my right as official Candidate for Commissioner of BOLI for fair endorsement and discriminated against me. Jeana Franzzini, Executive Director and Thomas Wheatley, Political Director of PAC, themselves, without approval of all members, endorsed Brad Avakian for Commissioner of BOLI. Avakian, who has nothing common with labor, not convicted yet criminal. What a shame on the Oregon's "Basic Rights". 

  Mr Bruce Crest, Administrator of MACC (the Metropolitan Area Communication Commission) in Oregon. He does federal crimes: plot and conspiracy with TVCTV, violates the People's Freedom of Speech. He must resign or fired. He does this crime with permit of the Chair of MACC Mr. Chris Barhyte. 

 Statesman Journal (StatesmanJournal.com) - this media prostitute newspaper from Salem, Oregon,, bought by Brad Avakian and talks that Avakian "... prepared to serve as commissioner of labor and industries". What a lie! Avakian has nothing to do with labor. Take a look at his hands. These hands could hanle a pen and spoon only. He is a lawyer. And now, as Commissioner of BOLI he does not perform his job and obligations: does not investigate Complaints, that is a violation of our Constitution because he gave an Oath of Office. It is a crime, and this Statesman Journal supports Avakian, this not convicted yet criminal. What a shame on the media! 

Elders In Action in Oregon (www.eldersinaction.org). What is the action of this, taxpayers funded organization? Many mobile home parks in Oregon closed. Elderly, seniors, veterans and poor kicked out without full compensation. Why? Why the Elders In Action did nothing for to prevent this? Because this organization is not honest and exists for to support special interests, to enforce their agendas. The leaders of the Elders In Action are lying, misleading the elderly voters about Measures in election, dictating elders to vote for Measures of special interests. It is a crime. 

 Some government employees as Oregon State Fire Fighters Council, Oregon Educational Assiciation and others endorsed Brad Avakian for Commissioner of BOLI. Endorsed Avakian, who has nothing common with labor. These govenment employees also violated the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, do not loyal to the highest moral principles, do not loyal to this country and must get at least 2 years prison term. 

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, the Love / Avon "Army of Women" (www.armyofwomen.org): gets federal grants, collects donations, contributions, tax deductible, promised to do some research, but talk only. And no any action, but sucks this country. 

MainstreetHost.com is not honest business: charge money but does not provide services.

Newspaper Statesman Journal of Salem (www.statesmanJournal.com , Oregon says that Avakian is the best candidate for Commissioner of BOLI (Labor Commissioner). Really? Avakian has no any common with labor, beside to operate a pen and spoon. He is a lawyer. What a shame on this newspaper.

Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) gave salary to Peggy Flowers $600,000 and she is going to retire with $11 million"pie". Where money is comming? The OPUC increased price for electricity 5.9%. And who gave permission to the OPUC increase rate? The People must do it.

President Obama elected because people do not know that he didn't perform his job and obligations as US Senator, Member of US Senate Commission on Labor and Governmental Affairs. He ignored, violated and did not support the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Govenment Employees, and can't hold any office and must resign or fired by the People: Impeached.                                                                 

And now, passed more than one year of Obama presidency, nation has huge unemployment, huge national debt, the media, bought by Obama, continue to support this bad leader, saying that the polls show that 56% support Obama. What a dirty lie!

Why President Obama said no one word about fraud in election in Iran? Because here he himself  did fraud: bought election.               And now in Iran many people killed, brutally bitted and arested, theirs lives are in danger - I know what a brutal regime is, as was in former USSR by Stalin, who killed many thousands people. And now President Obama betrayed Iranian people, put them in great danger be executed, and their blood will be on Obama.                                                                                                                            

     The government of the USA must do not accept the result of election in Iran till there will be a new election with international monitoring.       

 For purpose of to help this nation in the health care, save big money, I offered many state governors and mayors of cities my fitness program and promised to save them up to 40% on medical spending, but ignorance only. Result: they are now in big debt. They are very bad managers and must resign:             Here is a list of state governors: Oregon - T. Kulongoski, Washington - C. Gregoire, Alaska - S. Palin, California - A. Schwarzenegger, New York - D. Paterson and etc.                                                           

Names of bad mayors of cities: Portland - S. Adams, Seattle - G. Nickels, New York - M. Bloomberg, Los Angeles - A. Villacaigosa, San Francisco - G. Newsom and etc.

 The federal government agencies: the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and  the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA) 1-888-DTV-2009 or 1-888-388-2009 do conspiracy with cable, satellite as Comcast, DIRECTTV, AT&T, Dish, COX Cable, Time Warner and etc and TV sets manufacturing companies in distribution and sale of the TV Converter Box Coupon Program, making coupons expired in short time. It push the People to buy cable, satellite and new TV sets.       Switching from Analog to Digital TV was not a priority, but TV makers, cable and other special interests corrupt politicians and they mad such law. And who paid for it? Taxpayers.

US Postage Service says that has losses, but paid the Postal General $800,000 , raised postage rate and invested many millions dollars on so stupid and useless advertisement.

 US Census Bureau of US Separtment of Commerse gets many millions taxpayers money and wasted them on so stupid and useless advertisements for benefits of the media.

Mary Patrice Brown, Office of Professional Responsibility, does not perform her job and obligations, does not investigate crimes of US government employees.                                                                            

  Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability is a fake organization, a scam of the OSBar: refused to investigate crime on John Mercer, a Munizipal Court Judge of Beaverton.

Best Buy stores. These stores are overcharging customers. But do NOT blame these stores. Shop around. In smaller stores parts are more cheaper. Do not trust the www.MugShots.com It published an information about people arrested by law enforcement agencies, but in many cases this information is not true and not correct.             Programs of the OPB / PBS Power Yoga and Sit And Be Fit at 6 am, weekdays: 30 min workouts. I did survey: asked so many people, include senior citizens, and no one said that they are participate in these workouts, they even do not know that these programs are running. So, why the OPB waste time and taxpayers money on these programs. 

Talk TV Shows www.thedoctorstv.com on TV Ch 12 and www.droz.com (Dr. Mehmet Oz) on TV Ch 2, looks like a good shows, but these stations and shows are commercial shows. Theirs programs are for purpose of to make money for stations, for drug manufacturers, product makers and for doctors and get paid for it. And they are doing it. They are promoting vitamins, supplements, oils, creams, lotions, liposuction, Botox for injections, Retinol, Thermage, flue shots, tooth brushes, junk food and even water filters for to lose weight and etc. These doctors are trying to convince you to buy: "it is good for your health". Think before spend money,

Public Broadcast Service (PBS) has so many good programs and I like this TV and radio, but when the PBS with conspiracy of big media refuses to inform and educate the People about candidates running for President and US Senate, and an idiots with money get elected and reelected - all good programs of the PBS are cost nothing. It is as a person who did a lot of good for community, but one time hurt this community, did crime, so, this person is a criminal.       

Rob Kremer of "Kremer & Abrams", of 750 KXL FM radio political talk. He also is a Treasurer of the Oregon Republican Party, Conservative Majority Project and the Oregon Transformation Project. He is dishonest and is where the money are, and must be checked by the FBI. 

Greg Dawson of www.DeportRonWyden.com does censorship, and concentrate only Wyden's support illegal immigration, but said nothing about other Wyden's crimes, says nothing about his and Democratic Party corruption.                                                               

So named pollsters, opinion research organizations as Moore Information, Bob Moore; Tim Hibbits are dishonest: they do Reports in favor of who hired them. Do not trust these prostitutes.                    Oregon State Representative Dennis Richardson does not perfom his job and obligation and he does not qualify to run for Governor of Oregon.

Former US Attorney General for Oregon Eric Holder dropped corruption charges against former Alaska's US Senator Stevens. It one time more shows up dependency of US Attorney on US President Obama and US Senate for theirs protection and cover up theirs crimes. Eric Holder is a toy in theirs hands, and forget about "check and balance, separation of power" in government. It is a game, it is a rape of the Constitution of the USA. It is a crime.                                              

PostMaster General John Potter said that US Postal Service (USPS)lost last year $2.8 billion. Really? Is it true? I checked on the Internet and get an information that the USPS has huge profit about $1 billion. And the salary of Mr Potter is about $850,000.00. Therefore Mr Potter raised postage again and wastes easy money on stupid, not needed advertisements on TV.                      Mr. Potter is a very poor manager and must resign or must be fired. 

"Do NOT occupy space you can't fill", said Napoleon Bonaparte.

Harry DeWolf - Director of Portland District of the US Small Business Administration (SBA). This federal agency is useless and waste taxpayers money. Instead of to help small businesses, this agency acts as an agent of the banks for to qualify businesses to get a loans, but paid for it not by banks, but taxpayers. Abolish this useless agency.                                                                                               

Mr. Steven M. Bass, President and CEO of the Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) www.opb.org  He is not honest. On 07/25/07 and on 07/26/07 I sent to him mails with request to give an opportunity to talk to the Board of Directors of the OPB meeting, open to the public, but he refused to give me an opportunity to speak up. But so many Oregonians are trusting and supporting the OPB. This so named "public" TV station, which is on federal and state (a few millions dollars) funding, is a voice and represent the government, big media and big companies, but not us, the People.                           77 WABC radio show hosts Aaron Klein, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. M. Savage, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin - Author of "The Liberty Amendments" are talking about what people want to hear, but misleading the public. This country does not need to make new Amendments: the Constitution is very good, but elected officials are raping it. But these hosts says no one word about it, that is a lie. 

 Do not trust and do not have business with www.local.com This company will take your money, rob you.                                             Do not pay money to www.ineedhits.com or you will lose.                 Do not do business with www.InventHelp.com , private company, named itself "Honest Invention Company", "The Invent Help People", 1-800-INVENTION gets taxpayers money.                            

 Manufactured Mobile Homes Sellers, do not business with Senior-Retirement-Living.com of Mobile Home Village (MHVillage.com) because this business blocks visitors / home buyers from listing of homes for sale by demanding visitors / buyers to Log In and Register. It is much better to sell your home through Mobile Home Bay (MHBay.com) - the honest business.

Do not pay attention, ignore Jillian Michaels, Certified Finess Trainer. She has nothing new in approach to fitness, but the media promotes her because the publisher paid the media to sell her books. And she uses her name for promote and make money by recommending people to switch from regular tooth brash to the Power Tooth Brash, which cost $22.00 What a baloney!

Edith Dinn, 64, San Francisco, CA (415) 678-7889 a Currency Trader. Do NOT trust this woman one word. She is not honest, a liar, a quacker, a con-woman. Do NOT give her money - she will NOT give back. She also is suicideable.

Judge John T. Mercer of the City of Beaverton Municipal court. This judge does not know our laws, ignores, criminal contempts and rapes the Constitution of the USA. He did judicial misconduct, dictatorship, abused power of office and did judicial tyranny. Judge Jonh Mercer is on payroll of City of Beaverton and gives an Orders in favor of this city, ignoring our Constitution, that is a violation of the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and punishment must be at least 2 years prison term.    Judge Mercer does not support our constitution and can't hold this position and must get a prison term. He is not convicted yet criminal.                                                         

I represent not myself, but the Constitution of the USA, I'm a voice of this Constitution, and spoke before Beaverton City Council and demanded to suspend contract with Judge Spencer, but the Mayor Doyle said that the Council does not agree with me. What an idiot. The Mayor Doyle and council do not agree not with me only, but with the Constitution of the USA and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 all of them must resign.

Mayor of Beaverton City Denny Doyle, Councilors: Cathy Stanton, Bruce Dalrymple, Catherine Arnold, Betty Bode and Marc San Soucie are dishonest: they hired Judge John T. Mercer and support his crime: violation, ignorance, criminal contempt and rape  of our Constitution. They must be recalled.                          

Former US Attorney, District of Oregon, Holton who refused to investigate crimes of the FBI's Special Agent in Charge Balizan, who refused to investigate violation of my civil and human rights. He ignores, violates, rapes and criminal contempts the Constitution of the USA (USC T5 Section 2302) and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and punishment for it must be at least two yers prison term, and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 she can't hold any office and must resign. Yes, on my Complaints he fired, but now other useless A. Marshall: she ignore our laws.

Beaverton City Police Chief Geoff Spalding does not perform this job and obligations, ignores and does not support the Constitution of the USA, and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 he can't hold any office and must resign.                                                 

Julie Feely (503) 293-1935 from the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) prays on seniors citizens 65 and over: asks for a gift of $10,000 and / or "Will" or Planning Giving or "Investment Gift" to donate as "Think About Future" to the OPB. What a shame on the OPB: it is immoral, it is a rip off seniors.  

Owner of Canyon Auto Repair, Inc & Collusion Mr.(?) Hung (Lee) Nguyen, 11591 SW Canyon Rd. Beaverton, OR 97005. 503-646-2573 This man is dishonest, overcharges customers.

The media started promote Sarah Palin again, and for: President of the USA. The media needs more candidates, it means more money. Promote Palin for what? Because this dummy sees Russia from Alaska. If this Talking Machine can't handle own daughter - how she could handle nation? And she is a very poor business manager. I offered State of Alaska my fitness program and promised to save state up to 40 % on medical spending, but she ignored it.

Testimony of Mr. Wendell Potter on Bill Moyers Journal about connection of corrupted politicians by health and others insurance companies is not a surprise for me. I know about it, and for many years fighting this rotten political and judicial systems.

Oprah Gail Winfrey of NBC TV is a racist, dicriminates against white people: abusing her power as a Host of Oprah TV Show, she endorsed useless Barack Obama for President. And who lost? This country. Boycott Oprah Show, do not advertise.

Summit Research Network, www.SummitPortland.com  (503) 228 - CARE is on federal / taxpayers funding, Grants and spends a huge, unlimited amount of money on advertisements. Spending unlimited ammont of taxpayers money. It is a contibution to national debt. Where is Senator Wyden and other useless politicians?

Simon & Schuster Publishing Company, www.scholastic.com Owner is CBS Corporation, for promoting teenangers sex in movie and book Harry Potter.                                                   

What is difference between Kevin Trudeau and DEXKnows.com (DEX Know Media)? Nothing Same crooks, charlatans and ripping off the people and business owners.          

     We have local phone companies providers as Verizon and QWest. They supply us with very good phone books. But now this marked entered YellowBook.com . For what? If I need some information, I look in Verizon and QWest Books, but not Yellow Book. But, for purpose of adverisement I tried to place my business name in YellowBook.com . Signed for one year, but this company, without my authorization placed my business name in next year issue and started to charge money. And I even didn't know about it. And now DEXKnows says that I owe money. What a crook, charlatan. Business owners, do NOT place ads in DEXKnows. It is a waste of money: people do not use this book, it is a rip-off business owners.

Micro-Inventors Program of Oregon (MIPO), Kedma Ough, Program Director, (503) 998-9560  This organization get Grants from federal govenment / taxpayers and others fundings, but is so useless, rips off this country. Do not trust this organization and stop waste taxpayers money.  

Reser's Fine Food, Inc., make genetically modified food (GM / GMO, Monsanto co.), as salads and etc, from organisms. This foods could make you fat and sick: to get a gout and etc. These foods / salads are good for consumption by pigs and other animanls.              

 NorthWest (NW) Boomer & Senior News newspaper in Keizer, OR. This company charge advertisers big money for ads, but cheats businesses: does not distribute newspaper to all "drops".                                  About 150 millions taxpayers dollars on study of I-5 Interstate Columbia River Crossing Bridge (CRC). For what? To build this bridge, which will cost taxpayers more than $4 billion, is not an emergency, it is not a national security disaster. And US government has no money for it, bankrupt. And there is no need for replace current bridge and spend a huge ammount of money which nation has no. I have a plan for drastically reduce heavy traffic congestion, and offered my help to states of Oregon and Washington, but no any answer.           In Russia is saying: "The Stupid by Thought Became Rich".                            

 The People of Oregon trusted Prosecutor and Law Professor Kroger, elected him as Attorney General, thinking that he will fight criminals and support the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, but now he himself is raping and criminal contempting our Constitution.

 In his election campaign in 2008 John Kroger accepted about $919K in "contributions, donations" from special interests and from many states. Why and for what he accepted money? It is a common sense: the donors will not give away money for nothing, they expect return and he must somehow pay back to donors. And it is correct: Kroger got elected and now is covering crimes of state employees Commissioner of BOLI Avakian, Director of Oregon Department Health and Human Services Bruce Goldberg and others. It is violation of the Constitution of the USA: USC T 5 Section 2302, it is a federal crime.                                                                                                                                                            
Former Oregon Attorney General Kroger abused the power of office, does not know how to run business. Who gave Diploma this dummy?

  The OSBar acts not in the interest of We the People and must be closed.

 The Prosecutor Kroger became not convicted yet criminals and must resign or recalled. What a shame on this nation: corrupted prosecutor.

  The FBI and the US Attorney must investigate his crimes.     


The thief Bernard Madoff fooled a few thousands people and gets 150 years prison term. Good! Very good! The justice for him served.                                                             President Obama bought election, fooled many millions people, but gets no any punishment. Why?

 But how about others corrupted politicians who are buying elections, stealing our democracy, do not support the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees? When the justice will serve for them? Many of them as Wyden, Merkley, Wu and etc must get not 150, but at least 2 years prison term.

US Senator Franken from Minnesota has no any experience how to run a business. Minnesota had one wrestler star, who did nothing for state, and now Minnesota has other Comedian -Al Franken. What state and nation could expect from stars? Reduce unemployment? As we see - no!            Girl Scouts sell cookies and I was going to buy, but .... they are selling not selve-made, made by girls hands cookies, but bought cookies from others. It is not good, it is a speculation.

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah TV show). She promoted Community Organizer Obama, who can NOT lead this nation, and now Oprah got big money from Harper Book Publisher and promotes new Talking Machine, new national Cuckoo - Sarah Palin, and Author of "Going Roque - An American Life". Her child has a bith defect: Down Syndrom. It is very possible because Sarah or her husband had some sexual transmitted disease.

Boycott Oprah Show: she is acting not for the People  benefits, hurts nation.        

 Mark Hass appointed to be Oregon State Senator by Washington and Multnomah Counties Commissioners. And this appointment was made in secrecy, most people, including me, a former Candidate for State Senator.  For this position must appointed who officially ran for this position, but not useless Hass, a toy in hands of Commissioners.                                                                

Shame on Rick Van Beveren, he is a liar, dishonest, mentally ill.                                                                                                                                                            

  Many people in the USA do not know our laws and are abused by this judicial system and are victim of this judicial tyranny. Many judges are raping the Constitution of the USA and no any punishment. And who may investigate their crimes? Corrupted Attorney Kroger? To stop it the people must know the Seventh (VII) Amendment and demand a trial courts by jury:

Here is a copy from the Constitution of the USA, Seventh (VII) Amendment:


In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

So, if the lawsuit is over $20.00, and you may demand from judge a hearing by the jury trial.

League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR.org) refuses to organize a Mock Elections in the Primary, 2010, that is a support the media mafia.

Google's business "Adwords" is a scam: do not give it your credit card #.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are protecting the crimes of former Honduras President Delia, who did crime against the People of Honduras, and fired by the Honduras Court.                          

  Both of you violated our laws (USC T 5 Section 2302), and I have an evidence of it, and both of you are not convicted yet criminal in the USA, but ptotected by this judicial tyranny.       

US Senator Rand Paul, (R- KY). He is a Member of US Senate Committees on .... Labor, and ....Governmental Affairs. I wrote him a letter, Complaint against the Chairwoman of the EEOC Berrien, but Senator Rand Paul didn't answer me. It is a violation of our law: USC T 5 section 2302 and violation of the Code of Ethics for Government Emploayees, and punishment must be at least two years prizon term.   Also not convicted yet criminals: Speaker of the House Boehler, US Representatives: Michele Bachmann R-MN, Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA), Debbie Wasserman (FL), D. Issa (R-CA), Schakowsky, S. King (IA), Eric Cantor (R-VA); US Senators: Lee (R-UT), L. Murkowski (R-AK),  Al Franken (MN), Barrasso (R-WY).

 Mayor of Portland City, Oregon - Sam Adams, Councilors: Randy Leonard, Dan Saltzman, Nick Fish, Amanda Fritz who are protecting and cover up crimes, brutality, abuse of power and the public trust by Portland Police.                                                                        Multnomah County Oregon District Attorney Schrunk did a plot and consiracy with TRI-MET, that is a federal crimes. He is a felon, a Mobster in the Prosecutor's job, but must be in prison.                                                                                                               Presiding Judge of Circuit Court J. Maurer, Referee S. Evans who must get a prison term for violation of laws, not supporting the Constitution of the USA, for official misconduct, that is a felony, and for violation of the Code of Ethics for Government Employees.                                                                                            

Gretchen Vala, of the Oregon CURE: she is dishonest woman.          

Reser's Fine Foods Inc salads are good for pigs.                

Jim Moore, so named Professor of Pacific University in Forest Grove. Who gave Diploma this so stupid man?                                                                                                            Valerie Saxion, N.D., teach health and healing. I don't know how much money she gets from drug makers, but she promotes vitamins and other supplements, that could be harmful for body.

Jordan (Jay) Sekulow, PhD, Chief Counsel of so named American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which claims that stands for to practice Consitutional Law, defenses Constitutional Liberties, stands for Christian Faith, Value and etc. But all this is a dirty lie, a fraud, scam. He does not do it. Sekulow is a thief, a con man, who accepted some Grants, tax deductible donations, robs country and nation loses revenue. And shame on Regent and Mercer Universities for didn't educate this man be honest.                                                             Same and Peter Ferrara, General Counsel the American Civil Rights Union ACRU www.theacru.org , which states that Protect Civil Rights of all Americans. What a dirty lie. This Con Man gets tax deductible donations and refused to help people. And nation loses revenue. What a felon.

   Pat Robertson, the founder of ACLJ and 700 Club responsible for Sekulow's immoral actions.                                                                   Jay Sekulow changed Jewish religion on Christian, now this dumb man must change his nose and pinas on Christian.

Rasmussen Reports, Polls / RasmussenReports.com and CampaignMoney.com are not accurate, not reliable, misleading, a fake report from air, even intentional fraud reports.

ProPublica - as named itself an independent nonprofit investigative news organization, a journalism in the public interests www.propublica.org with Chairman Herbert Sandler, Editor-in-Chief Paul Steiger, is a scam, dirty lie.

Judicial Watch, www.judicialwatch.org , President Thomas Fitton and Director of Research and "Investigation" Mr. Chris Farrell, which states that is an independent nonprofit organization and acts in the public interests in investigating misconduct, ethics, morality of government officials and etc. It possible investigate a few cases, but looks like most cases denied to investigate. When I gave an evidence to investigate crimes of some government officials, Mr. Farrell said that will not do: no money and no staff. This organization has no any responsibility and no accountability, and acts in not in the public interests, and The IRS must suspend non-profit status of this organization and all donations, contributions and membership must be taxable.

The Oregon so named Federal Public Defender Steven Wax does not perfom his job and obligation, does not defend the public, does not support the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and must be fired.

 My deep feeling is that the assassination of John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy, JFK, in 1963 was a plot against him by his Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson for purpose of to be a president.                           


 "For the wages of sin: Liar, Thief, Crook, Evil and Satan is punishment and suffering - illnesses, diseases (including cancers), cripple and death" (my Prophesy).                                                          

   Candidates for President of the USA in 2012 Election Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and  M. Bachmann are not good business managers: ignored my help and for sure: lost.

 The Honorable Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Senator;  
--Campaign: "I promise to create millions jobs and balance budget!", 
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--Beaverton, OR 97075 USA 
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