- Age 70, Weight 165 lbs,
Lift on Neck 100 Lbs

What is on the Video:

1 Introduction 3.5 min.
2 Exercise - Start from bed 10 min fitness program
3 Work with Thera/Dyna-Bands (Pocket Gym) 5 min workout
4 Health Tips: a) Proper Posture b) For Desk Workers c) When Driving long Distance d) Nutrition e) Prevents Wrinkles f) Fall Asleep Fast 6.5 min
- Total Running Time: 26 min.
- There is no music on the video - during a workout you must concentrate on what you are doing. -

  • " Dear Mr. Goberman, the following comment is regarding an article about you in ComputorEdge's Business edge magazine: Shame on you. What you are doing is very Un-American. If all Americans got totally healthy, look what you would do to the health industry: Almost one hundred thousand nurses and doctors would be out of work. Thousands and thousands of hospitals would have to close. All the hospital support industries would be out of business. Pharmaceutical companies would have to shut up shops. Medical equipment manufacturers would be out of business. Drug salesmen would have to find other wares to sell. The Journal of American Medical Association would lose millions of dollars of revenue from advertising. If Americans were completely healthy, health insurance companies would go broke. The United States economy would save billions of dollars that are now spent on health care. If you really want to help America, you want to sell cheeseburgers, fries and shakes and guns and maybe violent video games. Reader
  • "It is hard to believe that you are 70 years old. You are in better shape than me. I'm 30, but cann't pull up once.
    I have 15 fitness videos but your video is the best!"
  • "A really unique approach to fitness - no one else is talking about producing microelectricity in body."
  • "Using your fitness program helped me feel much better, I feel my body now."

--Doctor George Rubin from CBN (Christian Broadcast Network) and sharlatan Kevin Trudeau from ITV are promoting supplements and vitamins. For what? I do not use them, do not spend money on them and have no medical problems. Eat fruit and vegetables: they are real vitamins.

--How many times could pull up Dr. Phil, Dr. Andrew Weil, fitness "gurus" Richard Simmons, Bob Greene and etc? Once? I don't think so.

--Many years ago I bought an athletic shoes for $7.00 only (not from NIKE company). Very good shoes: flexible.  I'm in control of my feet and spending. I do NOT waste my money, so do and you.

Pavel Goberman is 71. How many people in this age could lift on neck 100 lbs, do 55 push-ups in 1-min, pull-up 9 times, use a butterfly strokes during swimming and etc? He started to develop his program in Russia's Red Army (former USSR) and finished it in the U.S.A. He has 26 years of education in the fields of anatomy, biology, physiology, electronics, massage, etc. with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Moscow University and post graduate studies at many institutions in the United States. In addition to his goal of presenting this 5-min program to the worlds television viewers, he is an Author of book "Get Energized!", book on health, fitness, self-help. He is also a Candidate for US Senator in 2008 against corrupted Gordon Smith.
"What is more important than being healthy? It costs too much to be sick and old. Dreaming about good health will not help you. Self-discipline, participation, activity and movement is the life. Walking is good but not good enough. When people are young, or in middle age, they often don't think about the future. They have busy lives, lack motivation or watch TV and play video games. It is the way to a nursing home. Think ahead! DO IT NOW or it will be too late. Prevention, not cure is the key! Use my fitness program first (it is the best medicine) and a doctor second. We need exercise just as we need food and air. If I don't do my workout, I feel and think of myself as a 'walking piece of meat'. Take care: I will help you."
-Pavel Goberman


Article about me: "Man, 71, wants to incline a fitness revolution" and "How to be fit at 71".                                   

By Dan Lawton, Adam Hurlburt and Katie Kalk:

To see an article about me and video of a part my workout visit: web sites TV stations www.katu.com or www.kval.com or www.komonews.com and in the Search section box type my name Goberman, open page, there is an article about me and click on Video.                                                                                                     


                     I'm not only the BEST in approach to fitness and benefits to the People, but I'm also more experienced and qualify to be US Senator than Merkley.  Very smart teacher in Woodburn High School, Oregon, gave students an opportunity to think themselves, ignoring the media. They did a Mock Election, and on base of Voter's Pamphlet, they elected me for US Senate, but not Merkley or Novick. Bravo to young thinking generation. I wish the People of Oregon and the USA organize and participate in Mock Elections, then honest, incorruptible politicians will be elected. It will stop political and the media prostitutions. It will stop selling our democracy.


Also, my BIG THANK and RESPECT is to the real Patriot, a Hero of our state and nation Mr. Gary Olson for trusting me, for his contribution for benefits of all of us, the People: he wrote an article about me.             Open his web site: www.bearded1.com and in Blog Categories click on Favorite Politicians - about me.                                                        Here is his article:

I am a big fan of Pavel Goberman.

Pavel is a 71 year old gentleman who owns his own fitness company and is remarkably fit and energetic.    He is also amazingly passionate about his politics.

He frequently runs for office.    His campaigns are very outspoken, very emotional, and packed with action.    So far he has never won, though he does get a lot of press.

Pavel sees evil and corruption in places most others don't notice it.    He is extremely outspoken in his efforts to expose corrupt politicians, crooked businesses, and evil doers of all stripes.

He has probably annoyed about every major political figure in Oregon.    A laudable accomplishment in itself.

In his last run to become the United States Senator from Oregon he spoke before the Washington County Public Affairs Forum.

I created a Youtube video of his talk which so far has been views 1,518 times.    This is by far the most popular Youtube political video I have posted, and I've posted a bunch of them.

That video is shown on this page.

If you would like to get up-to-date information on Pavel's current political views you can seen them here.

If you'd like to learn more about this unique political phenomenon, just Google Pavel Goberman.

There's a lot of information out their for your reading and viewing enjoyment.                                                                                            


                                    Other article:                              

This guy's got gumption. Pavel Goberman is a 71 year old Russian immigrant who came to the US in 1980 and has become a fitness consultant in Oregon. He's running for US Senate against Democratic incumbent Ron Wyden. ............. his enthusiasm will no doubt make the race more interesting. He's running on a platform of getting the nation in shape and etc..  (G.S., Author)
P.S. About my private life: I'm widower and looking for not for a woman who as a dog has sex with many men, but for a special, one-man's lady. Many women in the middle age do not think about future: wanted "younger and tall man". Time passed by. "Younger and tall men" left. Woman became older, sick and alone. No one want her. So, think for many years ahead.

     Pavel Goberman GET ENERGIZED!

 And: "Stop Political and the Media Prostitutions!"
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Beaverton, OR 97075 USA
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