WELCOME You, the Thinking Person for visiting my web site.                                   No One Better Than Me Could Help This Country: I Have a Plans.                                   

  But first: now started a new, very bad relationship, again, a new "Cold War" between USA and Russia: President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and President Putin, which could develop to bad relations and to the war using a weapons of mass destruction.

  Before to do it, the USA: Obama and Kerry must know the character of Russian People and history of Russia. I know: I'm from there. Russia and Ukraine are brothers and sisters: have good relationship and have own languges, and all problems could be solved peacefully. But the media created a problem, a chaos and many people died in Ukraine When                                     Obama and Kerry are dictating Putin what to do, Putin thinks about the IQ of these leaders. Russia could close a gas line, and suffer will be people in Ukraine, Germany, France, Italy. And more important: the loser will be the USA, We the People: started new "Cold War", that is not in interests and not for benefits of We the People of the USA. Obama and Kerry: solve own problems in own home, in North America / USA as high unemployment, huge debt, corruption, buying elections, judicial misconduct and tyranny (for 15 years I can't get justice: reinstatement and compensation by TRI-MET for my illegal termination), and etc.                                        To keep peace, my advise to "wise" President Obama and Secretary Kerry: back off from Europe (Ukraine and Russia). They are not a threat to our national security and do not send there our money, equipment and soldiers to die. Europe will solve this problem. Do NOT start WAR.

 As you see - the idiots leaders of Oregon Democratic Party talk and support US Senator Merkley as a Candidate for reelection, but no one word about me as a Candidate for US Senator. Why? Because corrupted by politicians, the Democratic Party sells this country: for own monetary benefits promotes money in elections. And elections bought, this country is for sale. So, I named the leaders of Oregon Democratic Party a cancer of our society, a public, We the People enemy.

    People of Oregon, I don't want to live in Washington, DC, even don't want be US Senator - I have no time for this because of my fitness business, which could earn me a Nobel Prize, so, why am I, former Immigrant (from Russia) with imperfect English (D, but honest, incorruptible, with faith, integrity and high moral principles) running for US Senate against disfunctional, useless Merkley, who gave an Oath, but violates our laws and may not hold any public office?  Because I do not see anyone better than me could help this country.

 How low this nation fell: approval of US Senate is very low, huge, more than $17 Trillion deficit and continue to borrow from China and Japan and pays huge interests, which could create many jobs in the USA, high unemployment, high crime, many have no health insurance, high income and property taxes, heavy traffic, poor education and etc.                                                          

 I do not say as Merkley says: "We must", "American people want", "We need", "Somehow" and etc., but I have a concrete plan to help this country in a few months to create a few millions jobs, balance budget and reduce income and property taxes, reduce heavy traffic on all US HWYs and in cities, prohibit locomotive to use horns from 11pm till 6am - wake up people and make them sick, defend this country from weapons of mass destruction, US Judges, Attorneys and Special Counsel must be independent from the President and US Senate and must be elected, and punish some judges for crimes, protect seniors and veterans, prevent closure mobile and motor homes parks, or full compensation, stop high increase spaces rent, or buy out properties, health care for all citizens and no penalty for not buying health insurance, reduce cost of drugs,  harder punishment for crimes, establish the real Legal Aid, prohibit to use chemicals in foods and use gormons to feed animals, that cause of cancers, allow to buy cars and trucks direct from manufacturers, child care on workplaces, prohibit Fannie Mae to rob students: student loans must be no more than 3% interest. Auto insurance: it is a "street robbery", if no accidents - 50% money back, and seniors and others, who drive no more than 100 miles a month - 75% premium off, prohibit FaceBook, Twitter and others to ask people private information as date of birth and etc     But, if I will see someone better than me could help this nation - welcome: for benefits of this country - I will not run.

Merkley contributed nothing in to create jobs and balance budget. But opposite: he contributed a lot of to create bigger debt. How right were group of young people during 2008 election, who ignored all advertisements by Merkley for US Senate and all endorcement by the media junta / mafia and special interests,  did own Mock Election, read the Voters Pamphlet, and elected me, but not Merkley for US Senate. Bravo to you Thinking People. How right they were.                                                   And more important: Merkley gave an Oath of Office, does not perfom his job and obligation, violates our laws and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees. It is a felony and he does not qualify to hold any public office.                           Some are asking: what is your experience? After university I was successful Business Manager and Social Worker, and in first year made a big profit for government and had an award for it. And now I'm an Author, Publisher, Producer and Instructor of my unique fitness program Get Energized! And: without plan to create millions jobs and balance budget - I would not run.                                                  

   Experience: President Obama, US Senators moRon Wyden and Merkley, with theirs perfect English, have no any experience how to run own business, but have a lot of experience to talk, to occupy public offices and spending money, in creating huge national debt, but they contributed nothing to help this country to make money, to create jobs. And are not convicted yet felons.

 Oregon Democrats and Republicans, if approval of US Senate is 7- 13%, why vote for same disfunctional Senators? Help yourself and this country: vote for me, Pavel Goberman, in the Primary, May 20, 2014 as US Senator against useless and dishonest Jeff Merkley. Let's stop selling this country. Let's stop bribery and corruption of politicians and the media mafia: take money out of elections. There is no need big money in elections: it is the obligation of the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) to inform and educate voters about candidates running for US Senator: broadcast Forum / Debates of Candidates, but the OPB, President / CEO Steven Bass, with salary about $300,000 , intentionally, with conspiracy of big media mafia intentionally refused to do it. S. Bass even refused me to talk to the Board of Directors of the OPB. It is a violation of my Freedom of Speech / the Constitution of the USA and City of Postland must suspend from OPB non-for-profit status, and all donations must not be tax deductible.                                         The media ask the public question: who to blame for huge debt, for so low approval of Congress and for possible shutdown of government - Republicans or Democrats? The answer is very simple: blame the media. These not smart politicians bought the media, and the media helped them be elected. The media does not care about this country, but money.

  Oregon Republicans, I represent all of us, We the People, write my name in your Voters Ballots.                                                                                                                     Theodore Roosevelt said (with my comment):  "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president (or Democratic or Republican Parties), or that we are to stand by the president (or Democratic or Republican Parties) right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."                                                                          Franklin D. Roosevelt said: " ..... Fascism - ownership of government by individual, by a group, or any controlling private power". How right was he. The media junta / mafia in the USA own and control the government. The media make politicians (who pay it) and destroys - as me, who refuse to pay.

 The name of my campaigns are: "I promise to create millions jobs and balance Budget" and "Stop bribery, corruption and selling our country by organize media junta / mafia and politicians". Proverb: "The Receiver is as bad as the thief" - therefore I do not accept any "donation".

                           REQUEST TO THE PEOPLE OF OREGON:                     

    Also: Merkley gave an Oath of Office, bound by oath to support the Constitution of the USA, but does not support, does not uphold and criminal contempts the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, covers up violation of our laws by the Chair of the EEOC J. Berrien, US Judges Ann Aiken, A. Haggerty and M. Simon, and the Oregon US Attorney Amanda Marshall. and on base of Article. VI and Amendment XIV, Section 3 Merkley may not hold any public office. And it is not surprise for me that many people are saying that Merkley is an idiot.

   Merkley does not say that he is honest and incorruptible. US Senator Merkley is a Political Prostitute: accepts money from many special intersts from many states and buys election: paid the corrupted media hunta and the media talks about him and says no one word about me.             US Senator Jeff Merkley contributed nothing to create jobs, and as a member of US Senate Committee on Budget, contributed a lot of to national debt. He wasted many millions taxpayers money giving out Grants for own benefits: be reelected. Merkley violates our law: USC T 5 Section 2302, does not represent the People of Oregon, does not qualify to be US Senator and to run for US Senate and must resign or be fired by We the People. And it is too bad that the "leaders" of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO), Chair Frank Dixon supports Merkley. It is violated of the Platform of Democratic Party. Chair Dixon must resign.

  No one better than me could help this country, and as elected Oregon US Senator I promise to help in a few months to create a few millions jobs, reduce deficit by a few trillions dollars, save nation many billions dollars on the health care, reduce heavy traffic on all US HWYs and in cities, that is a danger to our national security and etc.                                                                              So, am I, Pavel Goberman announced and filed with the Federal Election Commision, declared my Candidacy for US Senate as Democrat in the Primary, May 20, 2014 Election against useless, observer, but not problems solver Jeff Merkley, who contributed to $17 Trillion national debt, does not perfom his job and obligation.         Success of any business depends on the leadership. Therefore this country is in big debt because elected US Senators as Wyden, Merkley and many, many more are an idiots, morons with so low IQ and got elected because bought elections paying the media junta / mafia big money and the media prostitutes informs the public about candidates who paid it. But I do not accept any "donation" and refuse to pay the media, and for sure: the media junta using constant lie and fake polls, blocked my elections. So, the Oregonians must fight the media (press and TV) mafia under leadership of Associated Press (AP) back: intentionally boycott, do not buy advertisers products, goods and services and themselves must take election process in own hands: in all neighborhoods meetings, in schools, in seniors centers, in churches and in other public meetings organize a Mock Elections, and choose the best, the People's Candidate as me, who will work for your benefits and help you and country.

   Also, Team Needed: I will hire honest people. You may contact me.

   The FBI's Special Agent In Charge Fowler and the Oregon US Attorney A. Marshall intentionally are refusing to investigate violations of my (and I'm for sure many other people) civil and human rights by Mayor of Beaverton Doyle, Municipal Court Judge Mercer and TRI-MET.  Marshall must uphold, support, defend the Constitution of the USA, the Code of Ethics for Government Employees  and represent We the People, but her-self violates our laws - do protection, cover up who violate our laws and intentionally do a dirty tricks, a plot and conspiracy against many people, including me - that is a felony, federal crimes. President Obama is responsible for her crimes and she must be fired.                                                                     Now many health insurance companies are making huge profits by dropping health insurance coverage for employees and retirees and pushing people to buy ObamaCare health insurance. Boycott ObamaCare. Why so many people are spending time and money on health clubs to be healthy and now again must pay a penalty if not buy ObamaCare?

 General, November 2012 Election is over. President Obama won, got reelected. But the bigger winner is the media junta / mafia, Candidates paid it over $6 Billions. How many jobs could be created if the donors invested this $6 Billion to create jobs?                                              Former President Clinton supported President Obama not for national, but for own benefits. In 2016 his wife Hillary will run for President, and if now Romney will be elected, and in 2016 will run for reelection - Hillary will lose. Very simple.

  No one employer hire and pay to a lazy, dumb employee who does not help to make money. Or fired this employee right away.  So must be and nation. But ... how We the People - the  Employer of all government employees, during elections hired useless, not smart President Obama, who said "I'm open to ideas", but ignores my help, dumb US Senators moRon Wyden and Merkley, Congressmen Bonamici, Blumenauer, DeFazio, Kurt Schrader, Walden and etc in other states who can't fix, but are destroying our economy? And most of them are running again and again. Really? Oh, yes. What the real People could expect from these kind of people who have no any self-esteem? They are violating the Platform of Democratic Party, but the Chair of DNC (Democratic National Congress) Debbie Wasserman Schultz supports these morons.      

 And how they got elected? The answer is: very easy - pay, buy corrupted media and it will talk about you. The media junta in the USA has no any morality, no any the real patriotism to this country, but money, money and money. So and most politicians: name me one honest politician who know our laws and perform his / her job and obligations and to whom I could talk? But: all of them, including President Obama, Congressman Paul Ryan, gave Oath of Office, but do not perform theirs job and obligations and are violating the Code of Ethics for Government Employees. What a garbage is in government: not convicted yet criminals.                                   Candidate for President M Romney was a very poor business manager: ignored my help and lost.

     Obama also is a very poor business manager, failed and without my help he will not fix many national problems. Romney had no any concrete plan to help country, ignored my help and as I predicted he lost. And now Romney blames Obama for it. Idiot! Only my plans will fix our economy: in two months create a few millions jobs, solve the health care problem, balance budget and fix this rotten and corrupted election, political and judicial systems.  

Thank to the Washington County Public Affair Forum for serving this country well: for organizing a Forums of Candidates running for the public office and inviting me.                                 Thank to all you, smart, thinking People who trusted and voted for me. Be healthy!                  

  In the Primary, May 15, 2012 voted only 28%. What is the mental attitude of the citizens (voters) of Beaverton City who voted for Mayor D. Doyle, but not for me, and who didn't vote at all, not thinking and lazy "cats", a very good TV Sets Operators, a Couch Potatos, watching 750 channels TV soap opera movies and games, eating junk foods and drinking sodas? For me it is not surprise now that some doctors are saying that so many Americans really suffering from an epidemic of mental illness.                                                                                                    What is the mental attitude of Americans who pay attention to the corrupted media and voted for Obama, Wyden, Merkley and etc who created $17 Trillion deficit?

   Mayor Doyle wasted many millions taxpayers money and is going to waste many millions more. And taxpayers will pay for it more. And he promised nothing, but I promised to create in Beaverton a few thousands jobs, improve traffic, reduce property taxes and etc. It is not my problem now: you get what you voted or didn't vote for. "Enjoy" it: high unemployment, high property taxes and will pay more, high price of fuel, heavy traffic, WES' horns at night and etc.

  The Constitution of the USA is a core, a root of this country and I'm a National Treasure, Defender and Prosecuter: no one better than me is fighting against money in elections, against selling this country by corrupted politicins and the media mafia. No one better than me is fighting for to protect and defend the Constitution of the USA from violation, abuse and criminal contempt by politicians, judges and the media junta. And no one better than me could help this nation in a few months to create a few millions jobs, balance budget, reduce heavy traffic, reduce property taxes and premiums for auto insurance and etc (see bellow).                                                                    

  The USA officially is a Capitalist country. But it is not fully true. In the USA are three systems created by the media mafia / junta: 1) Capitalism (about 60% of population: unemployed, homeless, poor and with salaries up to $40,000 a year), 2) Socialism (about 30% of population with salaries up to $100,000 a year. Most of them are all governments employees), and 3) Comminism (about 10% of population with salaries over $100,000 a year). It is a real the USA. For this huge amount of money they could buy everything what they want. It is a Communism. But the media does not talk about it. Do not say truth is a lie.

   The government of the USA looks like is the most corrupted government in the world. And does it open, with big support of the corrupted media junta on base of "funds raising". And "my" President Obama, US Senators MoRon Wyden and Merkley, US Repres. Bonamici are violating our laws, do not support the Constitution of the USA, do official misconduct, that is a felony  and are not convicted yet criminals, supported and endorsed by corrupted media junta / mafia, which for own huge monetary benefits (pay anchors and etc many millions dollars), promotes money in elections.                                                                                                         If a candidate for the public office runs against an incumbent because he or she violates our laws or useless, the media says that this candidate runs negative campaign. The media: shut up! Obey the Code of Ethics for the Media.                                                   

 In the USA the media, but not President or US Congress, unoficially is in charge of this country. And if the President or any politician will stand up against corrupted media mafia, the media junta will destroy, will start campaign against this person (as me). The media in the USA is the worst organize domestic terrorist organization, a criminal enterprise, an enemy of We the People. It is worse than Al Qaeda:  the media mafia does not care about this country, does not care about our soldiers are dying in war zones, but care only to make many millions dollars from candidates running for the public offices. The media junta creates political and the media prostitution, constant lie, misleads, brainwash masses, sells this country, destroys our democracy and creates a danger to our national security.          

  The media junta does not want the people be smart and think, and the best way to do it, the best way to manipulate and brainwash the masses, and make big money too, is to concentrate, to direct the people from thinking to promote  entertainment, to watch TV, videos, movies, to watch sports and play games, to sing, dance, and etc. But not on education. And it work for the media, but not for country: only 28% think and vote. Result: huge profit for the media mafia. Nation lost. And now "Talking Machine" President Obama, created: more illegal immigration, huge deficit, more unemployment, more debt for students, accepted many millions dollars, runs for office again and talks, talks and talks about how good he is. Where is selfesteem of this Cuckoo? Move Forward? To where? To more unemployment and bigger debt? No!                                                                            The people with brains are ignoring him.                                                But, in 2008 I tried to help Mitt Romney be elected, but he ignored me, and as I predicted he will not be lected. And as we see: I was right. Same will be in this General 2012 Election: if Romney will ignore my help - he will not defeat Obama. And I was right. 

   I was not elected as US Senator in 2010 and as US Congressman in 2011, and as I predicted that Merkley and Bonamici are useless and without my help this country will continue to have many problems. And as we see, I was right: more, $16 Trillion debt (nation pays $4 Billion a day or about $1 Trillion a year on Interest Expense), high unemployment, high cost of food, fuel and etc. And will be worse:  the government is going to cut  to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Armed Forces and possible do not extend unemployment. State / nation gets what it voted for. And the media junta is responsible for it. And again: do not blame only the media for it, blame yourself: you elected such idiots.                                  So and in the Special Primary November 8, 2011 Election: R. Cornilles got big money and more votes, but not me, even I, but not Cornilles promised to create a few millions job, because the people, brainwashed by the corrupted media junta, do not read the Voters's Pamphlets and vote for a name, which they saw and heard on TV, radio and newspapers. Also the leaders of the Oregon Republican Party (Allen Alley) and Tea Party, who hijacked this good movement and do conspiracy with the Republican Party using words: "To Win Our Future". What a scam, what a fraud and crooks. They got taxpayers money as Grants, donations and put nation in the bigger debt. And who is the worst loser? State of Oregon, this country and We the People. I lost only $3,000 my money, but this nation lost my help: a few trillions dollars. And now I do not blame the media only: I blame the voters too. They punished themselves.                                                                                                                                                        I quit corrupted and dishonest Republican Party, the public, We the People's enemy and now I represent We the People, the Constitution of the USA. I'm an  American,  honest, incorruptible, with faith, integrity and high moral principles. And this country does not need many parties. This nation has one party: We the People, the Constitution of the USA.                                                                        I do not say as other candidates say: "American People want", or "I will focus on to create jobs" or "We need new direction and could be better" and etc. But I  have a concrete 2 plans, each of them could create a few millions jobs, balance budget, improve traffic and etc.   

    I will be much beneficial for this country than Merkley. The government is so big: cities, counties, THPRD, Metro, State and Federal. All governments employees must work for benefits of its Employer: the taxpayers, but not only for own benefits.                                                                                                      I will enforce noise law: do not allow TRI-MET's WES and railroad to wake up people at night, prohibit to use horns from 11pm till 6am, and etc. Students loans must be will no more than 3% interest. More grants. No one taxpayers dollar, or borrowed from China, will be wasted on Columbia River Crossing Bridge. I will improve traffic without big money and etc.

   The Secretary of State Kate Brown refused to print my name on the Voters' Pamphlets in the Special, January 31, 2012 Election. It is a violation and rape of the Constitution of the USA: Amendments I, V, IX and X. It is an official misconduct and abuse the power of office, that is a felony, a crime. On 12/29/11 I filed with the federal US District Court a lawsuit against Brown. but federal judges Haggerty and Aiken (against them in the past I filed a lawsuit for Judicial Misconduct) again dismissed my case without jury trial as I demanded. What abuse the power of office and an official misconduct, that is a felony, a crime. In former USSR, if hunger political prisoner went on hunger strike, the KGB said that this prisoner went on diet. When I filed a lawsuit against Brown for rape the Constitution of the USA, US Judge Haggerty said that I harass Brown.

 Bonamici and Cornilles are accepted big money, paid and bought the media prostitutes and the media dirty liars as the Oregonian, KGW TV Ch 8, KATU TV Ch 2 and KPTV Ch 12 promoted  them. For what? Bonamici violates our laws and not qualify to run for the public office, and as State Senator did not create jobs in Oregon and has no any plan to create jobs for nation, but rely on money which nation has no. Cornilles is a good man, but he also has no any plan to create jobs. So, they will be useless as Merkley, Wyden, Blumenaurer, Walden and etc.   It is me, Pavel Goberman.                            Both, Bonamici and Cornilles with help of Democratic and Republican Parties are buying the media junta and election. They are selling this nation. And what a shame, what a scam: the leaders / crooks of the Oregon Tea Party (which demanded from me money, "donation" $300) and so named "Independed Party of Oregon", is a fraud, scam and corrupted. Independent from honesty and run by a few dishonest lawyers, hijacked these good movements, and as so named non-profit, got taxpayers money as Grants, and extort money from candidates, and endorsed who pay them, and are helping these political and the media mafia prostitutes.

 High price of fuel. Oil companies as BP, Exxon and etc "donated" politicians big money and now are making many billions dollars profits, and ..... still are on taxpayers subsidies. And President Obama and US Senate do nothing and subsidies, corporate - welfare continue. 

  So, do not blame only politicians for bad economy, high price of fuel and etc - blame yourself too: you elected these corrupted, narrow minded people, who have no any own initiative, no any plan to help state and nation, and all time use words: "We need, We must, My goal is, American people want". All of them elected to help nation. And, if they have no any plan to help this country - why they are running?  And why you voted for them? Experience? MoRon Wyden has 30 years experience to destroy our economy and created this rotten election system.                                                                     All Candidates are buying elections: are paying the media mafia many millions dollars, but no one of them without my help could promise to create a few millions jobs and balance budget.

   Obama's Jobs Bill will need $447 billion, for which country has no money and taxes increase, but I have a plan to create a few millions jobs without raising taxes.                                                             

  Big debt of this nation. How low this country felt: borrow money from China, Russia, Japan and etc. What a shame! 

  I don't see any one better than me could help this state and nation to solve many problems, and will be much beneficial than army of "experienced" US Senators, Congressmen, President and other candidates.      

   Most people do not know about me because I do not pay organize corrupted media mafia as the Oregonian, Pamplin Media Group newspapers, as Beaverton Valley Times, The Portland Tribune, Jewish Review, Forest Grove News-Times and etc. as Willamette Week, TV stations Ch 2, 6, 8 and TV Ch 12. The media junta retaliates aginst me because I named it a public enemy, a cancer of our society. I do not pay it and it says nothing about me and does a bias  and says that I'm not active. The media creates a hate against our country abroad, that is a danger to our troopers in war zones, Americans travel abroad and national security. So, boycott, ignore this media mafia / junta, ignore candidates why are paying the media, ignore, do not buy products and services of businesses who advertise in this media as cars and furniture dealers, and will save.

Read this my web side and take a look what I could do for you, state and nation, and compare who is the best candidate:

  As elected US Senator I promised to help:                                                                        1) In a few months to create a few thousands jobs in Oregon and a few millions jobs in the USA without raising taxes, 2) Debt is a terror against our country: Amendment XIV, Section 4. In a very short time to balance national budget, that saved nation $1 Trillion a year paid on deficit interest, and even create a surplus, 3) Save nation a few billions dollars on the health care, 4) Improve heavy traffic on all national highways and in cities. I will save $4billion on Interstate Columbia River Bridge Crossing (CRC). Country has no money on new bridge, and there is no need a new bridge: I have a plan to improve traffic, 5) Elect US Judges and Attorneys, but not appoint them, as it is now, that is not respect, violation and rape of our Constitution. Remove a few judges from We the People's Offices for rape of this Constitution, 6) With this so rotten judicial system many innocent people are in prisons. I will investigate Complaints, 7) Put some federal and state politicians, US and state judges and DA Schrunk (a mobster) in prison for violation of the Constitution and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, 8) Stop politicians and the media junta to sell this country: take money off elections: Article II, Section 4, 9) Improve the quality of education and discipline in schools. Teach children to respect parents, teachers and seniors. Teach children about danger of premature sex, borth of children with disabilities, many singles mothers and taxpayers are paying for it big money. To prevent obesity I will give to every child a jump rope, and will do competition with them. Unions, who Members are the governments employees, may not endorse or support any candidate: they must obey the Code of Ethics for Government Employees: must be loyal to our country, but not to a person,                                                                               10) Harder punishment for crimes. Prisoners must work and pay back to society for damage,   11) Car / truck insurance. It is a "street robbery", extortion of money. If a person has no an accident, 50 % money back, 12) Stop send big money to countries where the people are saying: "Death America". Help own people first, 13) Reduce income and property taxes, 15) Reduce the cost of drugs and gasoline, 14) Lock up borders to terrorists and criminals, 16) More students grants and loans must be with no more than 3% interest, 17) Give a tax break to owners / landlords of Manufactured Mobile / Dwelling Homes and RV Parks for to keep them open, 18) Ban on all Lobbyists. They must have same rights as every voter, 19) Legalize Marijuana and other drugs beneficials for patients, 20) Fat cats in the White House, US Congress and NASA are so fat and for own entertainment now are spending many billions taxpayers dollars on to fly in space, to the "Red Planet" Mars, as "Curiosity" rover, to Moon and etc, but so many people in the USA are homeless and unemployed. NASA must concentrate on what the people need here right now, on our Earth: to fight natural disasters - fires and droughts - to make clouds and rain, prevent floods and hurricanes. 21) Stop the government of the USA and states from to make unconstitutional laws violating the fredom of the citizens and businesses, 22) Estabish more child care on workplaces, 23) Everyone, not only judges has a right for own protection to keep physical address confidential, 24) English must be official language, 25)Stop credit companies to make people crimnals without court, and stop collecting agencies to harass many innocent people without court trial by jury and extort money, 26) Stop the government of the USA to violate our Constitution Amendment XIV, Section 1: steal citizens from other countries, that is an international crime, 27) Work with the United Nations develop one international language, 28) To make a peace on the Middle East. The approach to peace there is wrong, 29) National security: defend nation from weapons of mass destruction, or soon the weapons could drop on our country from any ship close to our border, 30) Stop our dependency on foreign oil or it could cripple this country, 31) The churches and others religion organizations may not elect or endorse politicians, but by our laws, as non-profit, must have an obligation to inform and educate the public about candidates running for US Representative 1st Congressional District, Oregon, 32) Develop stable fishing industry: build more fish / salmon farms, 33) Many our troopers are dying now in war zones because the tactic of war there is wrong. I will save lives of our soldiers, 34) The Oregon Public Broadcast must pay back to society for financial suppot: must inform and educate the public about candidates running for US Representative 1st Congressional District, but it intentionally does not do it for media benefits.                                                                                                        

 Tea Party does not talk about me because it asked me for money, but I refused to "donate", and the leaders did a conspiracy with Republican Party to block my election.

Stop promoting money in election. Take money out of election. Stop selling this country!             So many our soldiers died and are dying now not for money, but the media makes money.                                                                                         

  The movements of "Occupy Wall Street" and "Occupy Portland" - an organized protests against Wall Street, against banks, corporate greed and welfare, for accountability of the government of the USA, for better economy and more jobs, against money in election and etc. It is good, they are really patriots of this country. It is a reflection of this rotten political system. But,.... the organizers of this movement do not think and don't see deeply: the root, the source of this corrupted government and corporate greed is the media junta. The media mafia made these corrupted politicians. These movements, protests, instead of to "Occupy the Corrupted Media Mafia / Junta", which I started 12 years ago and help me be elected for US Congress, are "barking on wrong tree", on Wall Street and on local and federal banks, useless governments and are fighting with police. It is same as to blame diseased baby born to diseased mother. These Wall Street and governments are a result of this rotten and corrupted election system, created and promoted by the media junta. The media mafia sold our democracy and is responsible for promoting money in elections, for creating and making corrupted politicians and for all our problems. These movements promoting bt the media will reach nothing, nothing will change, but waste of time and money for benefits of the media. All of you gave a very good message and I recommend to end this protests and vote for me. But US Representative Eric Cantor named these patriots a mobs. Cantor is an idiot: these "mobs" elected this moron, and now must recall this dummy.                                                                                                                                           So, if the patriots of "Occupy Portland" will help me to fight the media junta, will help me to be elected, then I (we) (Occupy Portland and Occupy Wall Street) will reach our goal: will stop selling our country by the media and politicians, stop corporate welfare, take money out election  and etc, and make this country great again.                                                                                 But for now: boycott the Pacific University in Forest Grove: 2043 College Way, (503)352-6151 for refusing to invite me on Forum of Candidates running for US Representative 1st Congressional District and the media junta Pamplin Media Group newspaper Forest Grove News-Times and Pacific's Tom McAll Center for Policy Innovation, leaded by crook, con man, a thief and not convicted yet criminal named himself Director, Jim Moore. What a garbage, and Pacific University gave this trash to teach. 

  Boycott the Congregation Beth Israel 503-222-1069, at 1972 NW Flanders at 7pm, sponsored by Jewish Federation of Portland: they are violating our law: refused to invite me on this Forum.

   Call the OPB 503-293-4000 or 503-244-9900 with demand to stop conspiracy with the media junta and pay back to society: to inform the public about candidates and theirs agendas.         State Senator S. Bonamici. She didn't not perfom her job and obligations, violate the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, did not support and not defend the Constitution of the USA, does official misconduct, that is a felony.          She  may not hold any public office. 

 What is going on with this corrupted, useless, big and incompetent government, the government of the "wrecking crew": pays many billions taxpayers money on subsidy of agriculture, airlines, oil, wind, energy industries and etc? It is a Socialist system.        

  High cost of oil and fuel. The people and businesses are losing money. It means that oil companies are losing money too? Oh, NO! They are making now billions dollars profits. It could be intentional manipulation the price of gas by Obama administration for political purpose: reduce price of fuel before election and get a credit for it.                                         

  All Members of US Congress (Senate and House), Democrats and Republicans, who are more than two years occupying our, We the People offices and President Obama must resign or recalled. I tried to help Obama, but he talks too much and don't listen to me.   

 High unemployment, dependency on foreign oil, which create a danger to our national security and increase prices on food, fuel (created by corrupted, bought by oil companies politicians of both parties), transportation, health care and etc. Do not blame these narrow minded, mentally impotent politicians as Wyden, Merkley, and etc, who have no any own initiative to help in create jobs and bought election. Blame also who voted for them (and who didn't vote). Again: for national interests - they must resign or be fired.

  In Oregon not only election system so corrupted, but also the judicial system so broken. Many judges (see bellow), violating our Constitution, hurt so many people and no justice. And the Oregon State Bar (OSBar) protects, covers up felonies, crimes of judges. The OSBar, is an organize mafia of lawyers which hijacked our judicial system. On 03/22/11 I talked before Tigard City Council meeting with demand to suspend business license from the Oregon State Bar for extortion of money from lawyers, for covering up, protecting  crimes of it's members: judges and lawyers.

  On 11/06/10 I first announced with Federal Election Commission my Candidacy for US Representative 1st Congressional District in General January 31, 2012 Election. The name of my campaign was: "I promise to create millions jobs and balance budget".

  As you see, I wrote "honest, incorruptible", because I wrote to the new Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party Allen Alley: to gain We the People trust, the Republican Party must take money out from elections, but he refused to do it. Bad start Chairman Alley and Treasurer Rob Kremer. This is just what corrupted media wants: money in election. But I do NOT and will NOT accept any "donation, contribution" from no one. No One Will Buy Me, but We the People during election.

  My feeling is that Chairman of the OR Republican Party Allen  Alley is a toy in hands of "the money people" in the Republican Party and manipulated by them as Rob Kremer, a Treasurer of this party, that is not good for our state and nation. And the Chairwoman of the Washington County Republicans Rachel Lucas has no any election political experience: she even does not know that Wash. Co. is a part of US Congressional District 1 (CD#1). She also manipulated by from the top too. Who elected her, how many people voted for her? They are not good "leaders".

  My point is that Chairman of the OR Rep. Party Alley himself manipulated by Rob Kremer and does not support, but violates the Platform of the OR Rep. Party and must resign. And how Mr Allen Alley got elected as Chairman? How many Members voted for him? Why the so named "leaders" of the Oregon Republican Party keep it in secret? All Members of the Oregon Republican Party were not informed about meeting and election.        Republicans must demand new meeting of Members and new election and fire Alley and Kremer.                      

   The Oregon's career, corrupted politicians Ron Wyden, Blumenauer, DeFazio, Walden and etc, created huge unemployment, $15 Trillion national deficit (that is a terrow against We the People by these politicians), high cost the health care, fuel and etc and, ..... instead of to change dirty diapers, kick them out from the public office, many narrow minded Democrats voted for these morons again. What is the mentally attitude of some Democrats? They punished themselves, our state and nation. And it is not a surprise for me: so many Democrats and many others do not think themselves, controled and brainwashed by the media mafia and vote for who the organize media junta says to vote.

  And, ...... so many good people lost trust in government, ignore elections and do not vote. It also is self-punishment, and special interests are taking advantage from it and elected own puppets. And then these kind of people are asking: "Why we are paying too much income and property taxes? Why health care and gas cost too much?" And etc.

     How long We the People will allow the corrupted media junta to sell elections and politicial prostitutes to buy elections? There is no need money in elections, that is a bribery.        

  I'm not sure, but it looks like the God (if there is one), or Nature and Life sent me to help and resque this country.                                   

 New 112th US Congress started from reading the Constitution of the USA. Too late: all politicians must read the Constitution of the USA before to run of office, and pay attention to Article II, Section 4, which states that for bribery must be impeachment. All of them gave an Oath of Office and must support and defend the Constitution of the USA.                                         All elected politicians, especially from Oregon Wyden, Merkley, Walden (R), DeFazio, Blumenauer, and Schrider must perform their job and obligations, also read, support and defend the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, for violation of which politicians may not hold any public office. 

 National debt is a terror against our country by inside domestic elected terrorists: Republicans and Democrats. How low this nation fell. President Obama, Democrat, talks about to cut deficit by $4 trillion over 12 years. Republican Paul Ryan talks about to cut deficit by $6.2 trillion over the next decade. Nation loses about $1 trillion a year on to pay on interest for debt. So, it a common sense: this country must cut deficit asap, in this year, but both these talking machines from both parties are talking about next 12 years. What? Both these parties are buying time. The name of this game is: dirty tricks of corrupted politicians in politics for benefits of theirs donors, as Obama named them - "... power voices, lobbies and interests in Washington ... ". Whom Obama wants to fool? But not thinking people.

    The People of Oregon: all parties and not affiliated, for yours and national interests help me to stand up for the Constitution of the USA and against who ignore, violate and not support it as corrupted politicians, judges, attorneys and the media junta, which for own huge monetary benefits encourages them to violate our laws. So many people died not for it. Many politicians and judges must get a prison term.                                                           The organise media mafia under leadershipt of Associated Press (AP) blocked my election in the Primary 2010 (against useless and corrupted moRon Wyden), and in 2008 because I do not pay media and blame the media for bribery, corruption and political prostitutions in governments. I do not pay the media and the media says that I'm "not active".                                                                                                                            And now the media in Portland: the Oregonian, KATU TV Ch 2, KOIN TV Ch 6, KGW TV Ch 8, KPTV TV Ch 12, FOX TV Ch 12 and etc are doing federal crimes: retaliation, conspiracy against me for  named them a cancer of our society, a public enemy: named Cormellis as a candidate and no one about me. You see how low the media mafia is.      The media in the USA is the worst public enemy, which promotes political corruption and destroys our democracy.

  And this media (Super PACs) owned by large corporations as General Electic owns NBC, Walt Disney owns ABC, Westinghouse (British) owns CBS, and Murdoch - News Corporation (again British) owns Fox Network. As we see the USA still is a British colony.

 To see pictures of me, in Google.com search:    Pavel Goberman pictures images   (5 pictures)

   Right away I want to say You, our State, Nation and all World: I'm a Voice, a Guardian and Represent and Defend the Constitution of the USA: We the People, the future government By and For We the People.    

  I "sick and tired" from corrupted politicians, who pay the media for promotions, and depend on it. I depend on "We the People".     

   If I will not be elected - our state and nation will continue to have same problems.

 On 09/20/10 I filed a Lawsuit against Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown for not printing my name on the Voters' Ballots and Pamphlets in General 2010 Elections.

  I'm so sorry for this nation, which allowed to be manipulated, misleaded and brainwashed by corrupted media junta and politicians. Most People do not think. Same was in former USSR.

  The leaders of Democratic and Republican Parties created huge unemployment, $15 Trillion deficit, illegal immigration, high cost of the health care and etc. Many drug dealers and criminals entered this country illegally. State and nation need immigrants, but legal. State and nation must know who live here. How many potential terrorists are living in the USA and are ready to kill Americans? These parties  created bribery and corruption in government.

  And now some minor parties in Oregon, instead of to nominate own candidates, use a Fusion Voting Election: nominating, endorsing some candidates / elected official from Democratic and Republican Parties (who destroyed our economy) to run for office again, or intentionally do not moninate no one, even from own party, as did so named Working Family Party, owned by organize unions junta. What a stupidity! No, it is not only stupidity, it is a scam, the organize conspiracy with Republican and Democratic Parties with purpose of to keep same political garbage as David Wu in office. They know that I could get more votes than Wu, so, Working Family Party blocked my nomination. How much money this party got for it? I do not know. What a dirty leaders of this party.

   As we see and as I predicted (see below): I was not elected as US Senator in the Primary 2010 because Close Primary in Oregon is a violation of the Constitution of the USA and this election is illegal because only Democrats and Republicans may vote for candidates, that violates Freedom of Speech of others. I informed about it many members of the Oregon Legislature and the Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown and Attorney General Kroger, but they ignored it. They do not support the Constitution and must resign.

  In the Primary 2010 Wyden spent $1,187,200 to buy and to get an endorsements of the corrupted media and ...... only less than 17% voted for this man.  I spent on election $1,150 only.

 And corrupted media mafia, even now, after moron Wyden desroyed our economy, created huge deficit, bailed out banks,  promotes corrupted Senator Wyden and he was reelected in the Primary 2010. Seniors voted for Wyden and some not thinking Democrats. I asked a few seniors why they voted for Wyden? And got answer: "He stands for seniors". Really? How about Wyden created huge deficit, voted for to bail out banks, insurance and drug companies? This crook represents them, but not seniors and vote for him again?  What a mentality of these kind of people? And seniors are paying now more for health care.

Some seniors replied: "Wyden is co-founder of Oregon Gray Panthers". But in Oregon is no such organization. On my question what benefits seniors get from Wyden? What good Wyden did for seniors? I got answer: "I don't know". On my question: You health insurance premium and the cost of drug reduced? I got an answer? "No, I pay now more".  "So, why you voted for Wyden?" "I don't know, I like Wyden".    These kind of seniors and some narrow minded Democrats closed theirs brains and voted for a name, but not for who really stands for them as me.                                                                 

 You see how the media junta, bought by Wyden brainwashed, misleaded  seniors and others and recomended them to vote for Wyden and Wu. I'm so sorry for these narrow minded seniors.                                                 Wyden created many national problems, and vote for him again? It is a real stupidity. And do not blame only the media junta, blame We the People who allowed the media to manipulate them and voting for crooks.

 One smart woman said that who voted for Obama, Wyden, and other Democrats are stupid and she does not want to do any business with this kind of people.

  I was not elected and lost not only me, but seniors lost more, lost state and nation. Seniors punished themselves, State of Oregon  and all nation. Bail our banks and insurance companies will continue. The health care cost will increase. The national deficit will continue to rise.  The cost of auto insurance will continue be high. High unemployment will continue. Many teachers will be fired. And do not blame the seniors for voting for corrupted Wyden and Wu. Blame some an idiots in Demoratic Party too for voting for them.  Some members of the Democratic Party and the media mafia created this: " I like Wyden". The media creates a curse on this  nation.  Vote again for same useless person as Wyden, Wu and etc- it is a real stupidity. Only people with close brains could do it.                                                                                                               

   Many narrow minded Democrats voted for Wyden and Merkley, who created a huge deficit and bailed out banks. Do not blame them, blame who didn't vote in the Primary 2010. And I predicted it: the evil reelected and state and nation lost.              

  The People of Oregon didn't elected me, so it is NOT my problem now: state and nation will continue to have high unemployment, huge deficit, high cost of the health care, heavy traffic, high income and property taxes, high pay for auto insurance and etc. And very important: many our soldiers will continue to die in Iraq and Afghanistan because the tactic of wars is so wrong: an idiot politicians are dictating generals how to run these wars and they put our troopers in high risk be killed.

  So, why the media as the Oregonian and Willamette Week  newspapers and TV stations continue to endorse and promote useless and corrupted politicians? The money. It is a pay back beside advertising money. It looks like Senator Wyden, as a Member of US Committees on Budget and Finance, in secrecy from us, the public / taxpayers, helped the Oregonian newspaper prevent bankrupcy and get it federal / taxpayers money as Grants and etc, bailed out the Oregonian. It must be investigated.        

  The OPB intentionally refused to broadcast Forum of Candidates for US Senator organized by Wash. Co. Pub. Affair Fiorum.         How about the Faith and Integrity of the media / OPB? How about a danger of Senator Wyden to our economy and national security? Who cares. The media needs money. But, where they are the People of Oregon? Why they stay silent, do not fight the media?                    

  So, if the media supports, endorses corrupted Wyden, it means that the media as the Oregonian and Willamette Week newspapers support bail-out banks and insurance companies, supports the media, corporate and political corruption, that is not for the benefit of We the People, so, it is a common sense: ignore, do not pay attention, boycott the media.

   The media in the USA is the worst public enemy of We the People inside and outside of the USA. For own huge monetary benefits the media promotes money, but not brains in elections, and talks and endorsed who pays it. So, morons as Obama, Wyden, Merkley, Blumenauer, DeFazio and many, many others get elected and reelected and continue to destroy our economy, creates high unemployment, huge deficit and many our soldiers are dying abroad because they are dictating generals how to run wars.                            

    Bad economy, high unemployment, $15 trillion deficit, high cost of the health care and other state and national problems will continue till We the People, but not the media junta will be in charge of elections, till We the People will stop candidates buying elections and elect candidates with brains, but not candidates with dirty money.

  I was not elected yet, but I didn't quit to fight for justice and our Constitution. "Winer Never Quit, and Quiter Never Win.", said Napoleon Hill. And run again.

    And my Statement again is: if I will be elected in 2012 as US Representative - I promise to save $4 billion planing to spend on Columbia River Ceossing / Interstate I-5 Bridge. Prisons must be profitable. Loans for students and veterans must be not more than 3% interest, and etc.                                       If you will not vote - the media junta will take advantage from it,                                  Edmund Burke said: "The triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". You are in charge of this country and have the power to elect the government which would work for you, your family, our state and nation. Just vote for me.   If honest people will not vote: nothing will change.                     In Iraq and in Afghanistan the people are risking own lives be killed for participation in election, but in the USA most people don't want to vote in the Primaries and dishonest people as Wyden reelected.

  Just vote for Honesty, Faith, Integrity and High Moral principles in government: vote for me.

   Many people in Oregon are quitting the Democratic and Republican Parties as me and joined the Independent Party of Oregon do not know that this party is independent from it's Members. A few lawyers as Linda Williams (Chairwoman),  Dan Meek and Sal Peralta are ruling this party and are making plans without any membership knowledge and participation. It is a Dictatorship!.

   The People of Oregon: I have no any respect who violates our laws, as Senators Wyden and Merkley, Commissioner of BOLI Avakian, State Senator Bonamici, and use not polite words. Be in charge of election, help yourself, state and nation - change dirty diapers.

   My goal also is to clean up judicial system and put in prison for violation of the Constitution of the USA a few federal and state judges as O. Panner, Hogan, D. Ashmanskas, Ann Aiken, Haggerty, Jones, Karin J. Immergut, Paul DeMuniz, Presiding Judge Thomas Kohl, Thompson, Maurer, Gayle A. Nachtigal, John Mercer and many more for violation of our Constitution. And suspend the Business License from the Oregon State Bar.

--Great American Writer Mark Twain said: "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest". And I (we, the People) did it. In my General, 2008 Election Campaign for Commissioner of BOLI (Oregon Bureau of Labor), I didn't accept money from no one (as I did before), didn't pay the media mafia, and .... had a huge victory: 
-185,000 people voted for me, unknown. Less than 50% Oregonians only voted. 

                                                                                                               Thank, BIG THANK to all Oregonians who trusted and voted for me.                               In Primary 2008 Election some did a Mock Election, they red a Voter's Pamphlet, and elected me, but not Merkley, for US Senator. Bravo to thinking People. It would be good if on all workplaces, schools, senior centers and many other public places make Mock Election. We the People, but not the media will elect politicians.

--It is an evidence and prove that we, the People of Oregon and the USA could take our state and country back from the media junta. Ignore the media mafia endorsements. Think yourself and vote oposite.
 Vote against money paid to the media by candidates. Wyden paid big money to the media junta and it endorses him for US Senate again. "Popular" Senator Wyden popular for destroying our economy and bailout banks, insurance companies and creating a huge deficit.

  In US Senator's Wyden web site www.standtallforamerica.com he states that he is "an independent voice" and stands up to Wall Street against power interests. What a dirty lie!  Wyden get big money from these "power interests" and bailed out Wall Street, banks, insurance and drug companies and etc.                                                                                                                                             Economy: he helped to create some temporary construction jobs by using Obama's stimulus money, borowing from China and Japan, creating bigger deficit. "Debt is the worst poverty", Proverb.                                                                                                                                      Health Care: Wyden get big money in his election campaign from insurance companies and paid back to them by taxpayers money: he provided subsides to insurance companies. Wyden misleads and lies to senior citizens about high price of drugs: he accepted big money from drug makers and pays back to them now by senior citizens money: they are paying too much for drugs. He says that government must negotiate the price of drugs. 

    Wyden stands for money in elections and accept big money from special interests and from many states, pays big money to the media and corrupted media talks about him, but not me.

 And there is no need money in election, opposite, ignore money.  Some people are blaming government for bad economy, for many have no health insurance, for high cost of drugs, fuel and etc. Do NOT blame the government, blame yourself for electing this government. Why it happened? Because of money in elections. Corrupted by special interests politicians and theirs supporters are spending huge amount of money on advertisements. Money in elections is a bribery, ignore advertisements and fake polls, Think yourself and do not vote for who advertise. And ignore the media.                                                                                                                              Wyden is not smart: he failed to pass the bar exam three times.

  Nation must change the election process / system and do it by real democratic method without any money, without parties and corrupted media by doing Mock Elections on neighborhood meetings, then cities and counties.

Ignore all advertisements: as politicals and also in buying goods and services and you will save big. It is cost money to advertise, and who  pay for it? The customers. I sometimes buy goods 3 times cheaper. Shop around, use phone books. In politic: don't be foolish by advertisements.

 I belong to "We the People" party (our Constitution).                                                        I lost my respect and trust not only to elected politicians of the Democratic Party for violation and not supporting the Constitution of the USA, and I'm also lost my respect and trust to the Members of Democratic and Republican Parties for supporting criminal actions of politicians.  "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country", John Kennedy                                                                   And I'm doing for it: for State of Oregon and nation.

     The "Close Primary" election law in State of Oregon, ORS 254.365 , which allows the registered voters of the Democratic and Republican Parties only to vote for Candidates for US Senate position is a violation of the Constitution of the USA: First Amendment, violation of Freedom of Speech not only candidates, but also and registered voters of other parties, nonaffiliated and independents. 

This Oregon law ORS 254.365 is a brutal rape the Constitution of the USA and on 02/05/10 I sent an official letter to Chief Justice Paul De Muniz of the Oregon Supreme Court and on 02/08/10 to the Oregon Legislature with demand to abolish this unconstitutional law immediately. But Wyden says nothing about it.         

          I also informed the Oregon Attorney General Kroger, Secretary of State Brown about it, but no any action. As we see that the government of Oregon  is a government of not convicted yet criminals. Change all of them.             On 03/08/10 I sent a letter to them with demand for resignation.

  This country must run by the Constitution of the USA rules and laws, but not by Democratic and Republican Parties. We are living in the USA, USA, USA but not in Iran, where the "Revolutionary Guard" rules and dictates this country.

    Foundation on base of which I'm rinning for US House is:  Franklin D. Roosevelt said: " ...... Fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power".   How right he was. As we see that the government of the USA owned by the media, banks, drug makers, insurance and oil companies.                     

 The evidence that President Obama with help of the media misleads us, We the People: On March 01, 2010 national unemployment was 9.7%. On April 01, 2010 President Obama and the media informed nation about "big progress" on the job market: created 162,000 new jobs, and same time said the unemployment is same, 9.7%. It means that 162,000 people get unemployment, but Obama and the media do not say this. Do not say the true is same as a lie. It is the real face of Obama and the media.          And, from 162,000 these jobs, 48,000 jobs for Census 2010, temporary government jobs on taxpayers expenses, produce no any money flow into our budget, but created bigger deficit. It is Obama and the media.   

  And now the media reported that 290,000 jobs added in April and "Job Growth Beats Expectation". Really? Bought by President Obama media "forgot" to say that about half of these jobs are temporary Census 2010 jobs and some others government jobs. And these jobs do not generate income for nation, but consume taxpayers money. And the unemployment in April rose to 9.9%, it means that nation lost about 300,000 jobs.

  The economic, health care and international policies of President Obama and Senator Wyden are so wrong. They are useless. Fire them!

 I blame the media for political and the media prostitutions and the media retaliated to me for this. In 2008 TV Ch 8, the Oregonian and the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) (Think Out Loud) invited Merkley and Novick on Debate / Forum, but intentionally didn't invite me. The OPB violated our law: USC T 47, Section 315, Equal Time / Rule Law. And the OPB is on the federal / taxpayers funding. What a shame is on the OPB. And now, in 2010 Election, the OPB refused broadcast on my Request to Broadcast Debate / Forum of Candidates Running for US Senator.

  The Revenue of the OPB: money flow from federal and state funding as grants, contributions, donations, sales and etc is about $29 millions, plus membership. Total assets is $45 million. Salary of the CEO/G.M. Steve Bass is $293,000. For what? And it is a "public" station? Non-profit?

  The media as KGW TV Ch 8, the Oregonian newspapers, Willamette Week and etc talk and promote who paid it: Senator Wyden, unknown Candidate for US Senate Jim Huffman and etc, and said that I'm not active. Not active in what? Do not pay the media.      How low this media is. It is a plot, conspiracy and retaliation against me for my blame the media for bribery in government and for I do not pay the media. All these crimes are federal crimes. Boycott this media.

 In the Primary 2010 the media, KATU TV Ch 2 (ABC) broadcasted Forum of Candidates Running for Governor of Oregon, sponsored by League of Women Voters (LWV) of Oregon and AARP. These so named non-profit organizations gets many millions dollars from federal government, from taxpayers and wasted on this TV station. The OPB must do it for free.

 And the media in Oregon refused to broadcast Forum of Candidates Running for US Senator. Why? And they do it intentionally for to keep the Wyden's name known, but others, beside Huffman - not. I did discovery: I do not see Wyden's advertisements, but about one million dollars disappeared from his account with FEC. Where this money spent on? It looks like Wyden paid the media for do not broadcast Forum of Candidates Running for US Senator position. Dirty tricks.

   Special interests donated to politicians big money and for sure he voted for Obama's Health Care Reform, which benefits drug makers.       In 2008 drug makers contributed to politicians $100 million and made $40 Billion profit. And who paid for it? The people and government. Therefore drug companies sent a lot of flyers and ran many advertisements on TV and press and recommended people to call Senators Wyden and Merkley and say them thank. What a scam!            

  So many our soldiers are dying now in Irag and Afghanistan because of the media.               Also the foundation on base of which I'm running for US Congress is American families. In other countries as in Russia and etc, the governments (federal and locals) are paying parents for to have children, helped families. But here in the USA the federal and local governmets are robbing parents: they are paying too much income and property taxes, and many parents and children have no health insurance. And where this money is going to? To pay many CEO many millions dollars.                                                                                                                                                    My agenda is: it is very important for a new-born baby mother's milk. I will stand for to make a law to relieve mother of new-born baby from work up to 6 months on some federal government support / funding.                                      

     Senior citizens and veterans created and defended this country, but now many of them are abused, ignored and robbed. Many seniors and veterans bought mobile homes and ready to live there for all life, but many mobile home parks closed, and seniors, veterans and poor kicked out without any compensation for losses. Oregon Legislature made a law allowed seniors and veterans to have $5,000 tax break on lost home. What a scam, what a garbage is in the Oregon Legislature: seniors and vetereans do not work, for what they need this "tax break"? No any respect to seniors and veterans. I promise to stop it! Nation owes seniors and veterans.            

   Do NOT vote for and do NOT reelect any current members of the Oregon and US Legislature: Wyden, Blumenauer, Merkley, DeFazio, Schader, and others. Vote for new, honest candidates as me.

       This country needs my help and I have many plans to do it. Senators Wyden, Merkley, President Obama and many US Congressmen are violating, ignoring, not supporting and criminal contempting the Constitution of the USA: accepting money, that is a bribery and must resign or impeached: Article. II. Section. 4. “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”.

 Now new "an opinion" of US Supreme Court, Justices Anthony Kennedy, Roberts and etc, allowing unions and businesses unlimited spending advertising dollars for to run campaign ads for politicians, it encouragement bribery politicans and donors. First, it is an "opinion" only for now, but it is good that is non a rule or law. Money is a money, but money is not a "speech". Unions, businesses and etc may talk, speak up, but to give money or advertise for politicians - it is open corruption. I didn't realize how narrow minded some Justices are. They even do not know our law: Article II, Section 4. The Justices, who voted for this "opinion" must resign or fired by President and US Congress.                                                                       

  And Federal Election Commission (FEC) has no any right to endorse this "opinion".

  And politicans, who accepting money or other "donations, contributions" and advertisements - must be impeached for bribery; and "donors" must prosecuted for bribery and corruption of politicians: all of them are violating our Constitution, Article II, Section 4, and the Code of Ethics for Gov., destroying our democracy. It is NOT for the public, We the People interests.

  President Obama and most US Congressmen violating own Oath of Office, do not balance budget, appointing US Judges and Attorneys, that is a violation of the Constitution of the USA, supporting crimes of the Chair of the EEOC Berrien.  They do not support the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3, they shall not hold any office under the United States.                  

  As we see, the government of the USA also is a government of not convicted yet criminals, investigated and prosecuted by me and must resign or impeached by We the People. But with our rotten political, judicial and election systems it is impossible to impeach them. What left? Do not vote for them.

   Result of Primary 2008 Election: Merkley and Novick got about $8 million  "contributions, donations" from many states, sold the People of Oregon. I spent about $1,300.00 only mine money. Result: some did a Mock Election, ignored all the media advertisements, read the Voter's Pamphlets and elected me, but NOT Merkley for US Senator.

  It is a huge responsibility be US Representative. Beside of education the candidate must be honest, with Faith and Integrity, have a life experience in many fields, must be wise. Candidates must have many plans for to help the people to solve many problems, but not to occupy spaces only as "experienced"  politicians, "public" servants and puppets of insurance companies, drug makers and banks: US Senators Wyden, Merkley, US Repres: Blumenauer, DeFazio, Schrader, Walden, President Obama and etc, who are destroying our economy, put nation in bigger debt and creating a danger to our national security. On elected US Senators depends lives of many millions people.

  Beside honesty, US Congressmen must be not only smart, wise, must have a lot of life experience, must be a Leader and also must be fit and healthy. Politician must be an example for all nation especially when so many people are overweight, need help and health care cost too much.          How many US Congressmen could push up 55 times in 1-min, pull up 9 times, during swiming use butterfly strokes, lift on neck 100 lbs and etc? I will be one only.

 I really do not want to be US Representative and live in Washington, DC, and my English is not perfect. I will be very successful in my fitness business: help people in prevention of many medical problems (my run for office delays this process and I do NOT invest my money in corrupted media in Oregon). But ..... with Wu's perfect English our nation unlimited waste of taxpayers money, has a huge $14 Trillion deficit, high unemployment, heavy traffic, many have no health insurance, but many billions dollars flow to countries where people are saying: "Death to America", we are paying too much for car / truck insurance, high property taxes and etc. And Wyden promised to help economy. Wyden corrupted, bought by drug companies, banks and special interests, and has no any accountability.

  So, why I'm running? Because of violation, ignorance, criminal contempt and not support the Constitution of the USA by Congressman Wu and many others. And I do NOT see anyone who is better than me, former Immigrant with imperfect English, could help our state and nation.   US Representative Wu is useless, corrupted, violates and does not support the Constitution of the USA and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 they can't hold any office and must be fired.

  I'm running for US Representative becuase I have many plans to help nation (see bellow), and one of them: National Security.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Passed allmost three years since President Obama took office, but he acomplished nothing. NOTHING! Why? Because he does NOT do what I recommend him to do.             

     Obama's Health Care "Reform" is unlawful, abuse of power of office, he did a "Deals" behind close doors, that is a violated the Code of Ethics for Government Employees.     

     President Obama did felony. On base of Criminal Code Title 9 GCA Chapter 49.40(a)(b) Unlawful Influence, he pushed some US Senators to vote for his political agenda in exchange for some benefits for senators' states. It is a crime. President Obama must be impeached.

    ObamaCare violates freedom of young healthy adults, athletes and others healthy people who participate in fitness activities, but must pay $200.00 a month for health insurance or pay a fine. It is dictatorship, abuse of power for benefits of insurance companies and drug makers.              This plan is good for poor people: the government will pay for it. Very good! But, where the government will take money for to pay for it to doctors? Fed government is bankrupt.   

  Obama's health care reform reduced benefits for senions and on Medicare / Medicaid, will bankrupt them. Insurance companies will increase premiums (this they are doing now) and drug makers will increase the prize of drugs.

  And not only 32 million uninsured citizens, but all 47 million Anericans must have health insurance. And do it not in 2012, but right now. And I promise to do it. I know where from to  get money for it.

  But President Obama did a good job. His plans: students loans and drilling for oil and gas.

   President Obama creates a danger to our National Security - by doing no any economic sanction against Iran, Obama created a huge danger to our and other nations: soon the weapons of mass destruction could drop on our and other countries not from Iran only, but from any ship close to our borders.

   And: it is an obligation of US Congress (Senate and House) to balance budget. Creating a huge deficit is a terror against our country inside the USA, by own people who we trusted and elected: President and US Congress. So, it is a common sense, if they violated our laws and can not perfom theirs jobs - change them, ignore theirs ads, ignore fabricated by the corrupted media so named "surveys, polls" and do not vote for these "popular" morons, vote for brains, but not for money. Put a new, fresh, "honest blood" in US Senate, vote for me and other wise people. President Obama and all members of US Congress must have responsibily, accountability and resign or fired by the People. It is our law: Amendment XIV, Section 3.  

  "US recession is fanally over. But ..... ", said corrupted and bought by Obama media junta, which still supports this Talking Machine, Community Organizor, a cuckoo and named him Popular. Yes, popular in bail out banks and insurance companies and creating huge deficit. But, this "but" has not one, but many "buts": huge unemployment, very bad economy, $14 Trillion deficit, 47 million Americans have no health insurance, and 20,000 died each year because of it, many our soldiers are dying abroad and etc. Who cares? All of this is not enough for do not vote for these narrow minded "experienced" morons?                 

  Again, passed by US Senate Health Care Bill, "Reform", named The Obama Plan, and new passed by US House Health Care Reform, and on 03/23/10 signed by President Obama is very wrong. Yes, nation needs health care reform. Why 47 million American citizens have no or lack of health insurance? It is a discrimination against own people. But why put everyone on same, socialist level? Why dictate and push people to buy health insurance? It is a dictatorship, abuse of power and is a "Street Robbery" by Obama and US Congress for benefits of insurance and drug companies. This Bill says nothing about the source of high cost on health insurance: high charge by insurance companies and drug makers. This Bill cuts services by Medicare, will hurt many businesses, will create many layoffs, will take from Medicare many billions dollars, will pay more taxes, be higher unemployment and damage to our economy.

  Lack of health insurance kills about 25,000 Americans a year. It is a crime and discrimination by US government against own People. All citizen must have health insurance right now, and I have a plan to do it by demanding from insurance and drug companies to reduce prices..

 This health care Bill, the Obama Plan supported and was wrttten for benefits of drug companies, as PhRMA and many more, who "contributed" to law makers $110 million, and made $40 billion profit in 2008. And where from this huge money came from, who paid to them? The government, Medicare, the public, we, taxpayers.

  The approach to, making this so named health care "reform", by President Obama and US Senators, including Wyden, Merkley, is very bad. It will highly benefit insurance and drug makers industries. The law makers, the Democratic Party shows up to all nation how corrupted politicians are: they are paying back to donors on taxpayers expenses.          President Obama promised unite this nation, but he does opposite.

  Americans, Obama as Candidate for President misleaded this nation and as President now works for benefits of banks, insurance and drug maker companies. Nation gets what it voted for: devided.         We the People, do not be foolish again by President Obama: do not allow to accept his Health Care Reform now till insurance companies will reduce premiums and drug makers will cut the cost of drugs. Do not vote for US Senators and US Representatives who voted for Obama's plan.

  Insurance companies are making huge profits denying many people to pay for health care, and President Obama blames insurance companies for increasing premiums. It is correct, but the solution on this problem is very simple: do not pay taxpayers money to insurance companies, speculants, pay direct to doctors, but Obama's brain YES, HE CAN"T get this very simple solution.

 My health care reform is very simple and very beneficials to the People, nation, businesses, doctors and etc: demand from insurance companies to reduce premiums or abolish health insurance companies and pay direct to doctors. Why nation need a speculants, who consume 33% of spending on the health care? And we will pay for health insurance much less.                           Also demand from drug makers to cut the cost of drugs or buy drugs from abroad. Every citizen will have health insurance and nation will balance budget.

My plan is: right now nation must start to participate in fitness activities. Give to all children in all schools jump ropes, and they will do competition with me in using a jump rope, in push ups, pull ups and etc.  Nation must build more health clubs, and there will be no too much need for new hospitals, doctors, nurses and drugs. Cut huge salaries of overpay, very poor business managers,  CEO of Banks and Regency BlueCross BlueShild Dr. John B. McMullan from $765,000 and many, many others high pay government employees who have salaries of many hundred thousand dollars to no more than $90K. It will generate a huge amount of money for uninsured. If they don't like it - they could open own business, or go on the public assistance. Also: not "negotiate" as corrupted by drug companies, Wyden says, but cut the price of drugs.                  

   Also, I promise to balance budget, that is a priority, in a few, 2-3 months, without raising taxes, without cutting any services, and $900 Billion a year of interest payments to the holders of National Debt as China, and we will use this money to pay for uninsured and etc., and even create a surplus. After it nation could reduce income and property taxes.

  And very important: this so named Health Care Reform Bill, The Obama Plan, was written by Mz. Meena Seeshamani, Author, who works for lobbyists of insurance companies and drug makers. And who voted for this Bill, also got big donations in elections from drug makers.

  And do not blame President Obama only for many our state and national problems, blame Senators Wyden and Merkley too. They promised to help state and nation, but are doing opposite - they are destroying our economy, bailed out banks and creating a huge deficit.

  I'm also running because I owe and respect this country and the People for giving me political refuge in May, 1980, and during naturalization in 1986 I gave an Oath to defend this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, and it I'm doing now: pay back to this country.                         

And as I said before: I do not see someone better than me who could help the People of Oregon and nation to solve so many problems. And there is no need to be a "great communicator": everyone understand words "bribery, corruption and the media and political prostitutions and a very bad economy". And for sure: I will be much beneficial to the People and Nation than Wyden.

  From articles about me:                                                                                                       "Unique Political Phenomenon", "Immigrant of the Day, Exercise Guru and politician", "This guy's got gumption",                 "Pavel Goberman expremely outspoken, expose corrupt politicians, crooked businesses and evil does of all stripes. Remarkably fit and energetic. Amazinly passionate about his politics. Annoyed about every major political figure in Oregon, a loudable accomplishment in itself. He wants to wrip Oregon and national politics into shape, increase public debate, removal campaign contributions from electroral politics". "My favorite politician".

 I blame the Democratic Party for supporting bribery, corruption of politicians and the Democratic Party retaliate me for it. The "leader", the Chair of Washington County Democrats Karen Parker is doing a plot, conspiracy, intentionally retaliation and discrimination against me: puts in it's web site name of Senator Wyden only as a Candidate for US Senator in the Primary 2010, and no one word about me. How low Democrats are. I informed about it the Chair of Oregon Democratic Party Meredith Wood Smith, but no any action. I new that many "leaders" of this party are an idiots, but I didn't realize that they are so stupid: they are doing federal crimes.       After I informed the Chairman of DNC Tim Kaine, and he fixed this problem.

 Politicians as Obama, Wyden, Merkley, and others elected not for to talk and occupy spaces only, but for to help states and nation. "Do NOT occupy space if you can't fill it", said Napoleon Bonaperte. Or they MUST be fired by  the People.                                                                

 I'm NOT a Follower, I'm a Leader. I'm a Fighter for our Constitution and We the People. I challenge this rotten political, judicial and election systems, and as US Senator I right away will benefits you and We the People and this nation. See my agenda bellow and in Voter's Pamphlet..                                                     

  Agenda of "experienced" politicians are "We need .... we must .... somehow, American people want and etc". And it is "working": huge, unlimited spending and wasting taxpayers money without any record, huge debt, unemployment and etc.

                                              There are proverbs:

  "President Obama and his administration is a network of giving away taxpayers money for free". Me, Pavel Goberman

    "Talk doesn't cook rice",- Chinise proverb.                                              "When deeds speak, words are nothing", -    Proverb.                                   

 "Empty talks without plans will not create jobs", - my, Pavel Goberman Proverb.      

 "Empty vessels make much noise",- African Proverb.                                              

  "Well done is better than well said", - Benjamin Franklin.                             

  "Don't find fault. Find a remedy", - Henry Ford.

 --This State and nation: the People need my help in the health care (prevent many medical problems and health insurance) and politics (improve economy, national security, reduce heavy traffic, reduce property taxes, reduce pay for auto insurance, stop the media and political prostitutions) and etc.  

-- Politicians are corrupted: they accepted money from many states, special interests, drug makers, insurance companies and sold the People of Oregon and the USA, paid the media, bought elections and for many years as parasite sucks taxpayers. Wu violates our laws, criminal contempt  and does not support our Constitution, and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 - he can't hold any office. He supports the crimes of the EEOC, unfit to hold the public office and this "experienced" idiot supported by the media he bought and Democratic Party.                                                                   
  . Corrupted Wyden got big money from pharma industry and lies, constant lie, misleads the People.                                          
   No one want to smell so dirty diapers and a simple solution is: change it!

--Stop Bribery, Corruption and the Media / Political Prostitutions! Stop buying elections because an idiots get elected that create a danger to our national security.                                         

  Again, again and again: national security is more important than economy. We could be very rich, very low unemployment, but if we will not protect this country from a weapons of mass destruction - many millions Americans could die. Dead people do not need work. We must prevent World War III, but Wyden, Merkley, President Obama and others do nothing for it.                     

   CIA did a very good job by not disclosure all secrets to all Members of US Senate and House because many politicians are corrupted, and for money could sell these secrets to our enemies. 

 President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder are rasists against the white people. Using now theirs high positions power of office, they want fight back the white people for discrimination against black people in the past. And do it by starting procecuting some CIA agents, which most of them are white. The name of this action is a retaliation, a federal crime. 

  Stop any so named investigations of former or current CIA Agents for possible tortures: they performed their job - an orders from the top. So, if there is a need for any investigations - investigate former President G. Bush or V. President Cheney.

 And opposite: I have an evidence that US Attorney General Eric Holder ignores, violates, criminal contempts and does not support the Constitution of the USA and the FBI must investigate his crimes.                                                                                                                                 

  And now our military force need help right now. Not enough troops in Afghanistan and because of it many our soldiers killed, but Obama denied to send more help there because of some problem with Afghan's government. And more our soldiers killed there because of it. President Obama does what Talibam militants want: do not sent more troops to Afghanistan. And because of it more people killed there.The blood of our troops in Afghanistan is on President Obama.

  I have a very high credit score from Bank of America (BoA), Verizon, America On Line (AOL), VISA and etc                                                                                                                                                        
  Elections: Brad Avakian, Commissioner of BOLI sold the People of Oregon in 2008 for $329K. He accepted "contributions, donations" from: Comcast of Portland - $62K; Fletcher Rowley Chao Riddle, Inc.(state TN) - $64K; National Cable Communication - $56K; from Michael Clarke (state OH) - $22K; Healthman Hotel - $15K; from Democratic Party - $10K; from union ATU-757 - $2.5K and many more. All of these businesses will not give money for free, and for sure they want some pay back. It is a bribery, corruption by Avakian. But many Oregonians voted for this prostitute. The FBI must investigate his action.

--About money: American Proverb, "The receiver is as bad as the thief" and "Do not put robber to work for bank". "Money in elections is a pollution of our democracy".

 "Popular" President Barak Obama (who bought the media, which made him "popular") had no good competitors in 2008 election, spent big money on the corrupted media, bought it. The People are so tired from this corrupted government, want to change and Obama, Talking Machine came. Media continue support this farmful to our economy, health care, national security and energy president, saying that his appoval is 47% now. What a baloney "survay", from air. 

  Obama's appoval is 47%? For what? How about 10%. The real life supports it.

  I knew  that Obama is a very poor manager, and I informed the Democratic Party and the People about it, but I was ignored, and there is a result of Obama's dictatorship: as we see, he started run nation by begging money from US Congress. The Stimulus Money will help for a short time and will not generate money flow into national pocket, but create bigger debt. And where money this nation would get from? Borrow from China? Print new money, but it is a felony. Soon we will hear a word "Change" again: "Change, Impeach Obama!".

  President Obama said that he "inheritaged" $1.2 Trillon. Inheritaged from whom? About whom this Talking Machine is talking about? He, Vice President Biden and most members of US Congress created this "Heritage".         And even now, after talking about huge deficit, Obama is wasting very big money on bailout banks, AIG - $182.5 billion, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - $96 billion, car makers as GM and Chrysler, on "his" many airplans, helicopters, cars, army of cooks and other servents in the White House. The People, who does not know what the Communism system is - it is: unlimited spending by President on his and his family spending. And taxpayers are paying for it.  

  Bailout banks, insurance companies as AIG and car makers as a General Motors, which owned by ABC Media, TV stations, which for many millions dollars promoted Obama during election and now, is a huge waste taxpayers money, it is a cooperation with them to get more money from government / taxpayers and pay many millions dollars to theirs executivies in salaries and bonuses. President Obama named it outrageous, financial rescue, but it is a pay back to the donors. It is very simple: they must file for bankruptcy. Stop bailouts, do NOT waste taxpayers money and sell out them. And many of these businesses didn't pay taxes.

  Obama said: "Enough is enough'", and ...... many billions dollars continue to flow into pocket of big donors. But, where they are Oregon corrupted Senators moRon Wyden and Merkley? They are useless, a part of this rotten political system. And they are Democrats? Really? They are a fake Democrats. And shame on Democratic Party for support them And the Oregonians and nation get what you are voted for.   

 President Obama acts as a Dictator, as a Ruler. But, where there is the US Congress (Senate and House)? How the members of US Congress allowed Obama to destroy our economy? Where the voice US Senators from Oregon an idiots moRon Wyden and Merkley? You elected this garbage, but not me.
 What next? Wait till next election and do not vote for Obama? It would be too late and danger to our  national security and economy. Change, impeach Obama now!
 President Obama wants to make a needed health care reform, but his approach to this is very wrong. Why young, very healthy people, participate in fitness activities must have an obligation to pay for healthy insurance? Because Obama  is a corporate chill: he sold, betrayed many  millions people who trusted and voted for him.
  During his election campaign, President Obama promised do not accept money from special interests and lobbyists. Because of it so many people voted for him, but he lied about about it.                                                                                    
   University of California employees gave to Obama's campaign $1.6 million. Goldman Sachs employees gave Obama $995K. Also big donors to Obama are: Harward University, Microsoft, Google, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Time Warner, Sidney Austin, Stanford University and many, many more. As we see, Obama paid the media big money and the media promoted him. Election bought.  And on base of Article II, Section 4, President Obama must be impeached.
   President Obama also is very wrong in approach to improve economy and create jobs, and does not listen to me. Obama is a quacker, cuckoo.                      Again: I have a plan in a few days improve economy and create many millions jobs, and there is no need taxpayers money for it.                             

Some blame Treasure Secretary Tim Geithner for bailouts. Oh, no, without Order of President he could not do it. And the prove of it is that Obama said that he will not accept resignation of Geithner.

  I so concern about rescue General Motors (GM) Corporation and Chrysler by President Obama, using a scare taktic that nation will lose many jobs. Oh, no! The GM and Chrysler must file for bankruptcy, do not pay them taxpayers money, do not pay employees $75 per hour, but $25 per hour and Americans will buy cheaper American cars. And now the government paid GM CEOs many millions dollars.                                                                           

  But President Obama gave GM and Chrysler many billions dollars because it is a pay back to donors. So, it is not honest way for President Obama to do business. He violated the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, which says to put loyalty to the highest moral principles, to country, above loyalty to a person, party, government department and etc.  And law says that for violation of this Code of Ethics the punishment must be at least two years prison term. So, President Obama is not convicted yet criminal.  Impeach Obama!                                                                        

  The President's Obama and Dr. Larry Summers plans in approach to improve economy, the health care, energy and national security are very wrong, it creates many laid offs, increase national deficit of $13 Trillion in end of 2010, maybe more. I have other plan.

  President Obama said that there will be no more taxes for families with income less than $250,000 . He compares, puts on same level of families who have big income of $250K with who have income $10K and less. Again, it is a pay back to donors. The name of this game is corruption.

  Many said that the health care system in the USA is the best in the world. Yes, it is, but it is for a few chosen: for politicians and government employees. It is a shame on this nation that so many have no health insurance.                                                                                                                                                             The agenda of President Obama about needed health care reform is good, but his approach to this is very wrong and he does not listen to me: it will create more unemployment.     

  And there is money for it without taxes: cut huge bonuses and salaries of overpaid top executives and others who are on taxpayers payroll, but have many hundred thousands dollars salaries and are living as Communists: they have everything what they want. Also stop waste money on countries where people are saying: "Death to America". Also demand from drug companies to reduce the price of drugs. These actions will create many jobs and for the health insurances.

 There is no need big money in election. The federal government / taxpayers are paying to the PBS, including the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) $500 million each year, plus about $4 million from state, plus membership and big profit from sale goods. So, the OPB must pay back to society: inform and educate the voters and the public about candidates running for US Senate and Congress, but it intentionally, with conspiracy of the big media mafia does not do it.

 This election process, political and judicial systems are so corrupted. The money, but not brains is a dominated factor in election and an idiots get elected and reelected. With the media mafia encouragement, the candidates and Republican and Democratic Parties are buying elections. And the Primary Elections, when only Republican and Democrats may vote only - is a rape, discrimination against own people and violation of our Constitution.

--During Primary 2008 Election Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick accepted $8 millions from many states, bought the media and the media talked about them only and intentionally, with conspiracy of Washington County Democrats (so named leaders former Chair Lupita Maurer, Field Organizer Ron Morgan, Glen Geller, members of DNC Jenny Greenleaf and Wayne Kinney, Karen and Stephen Packer, Kari Chisholm from Blue Oregon - a toys in hands of politicians) and Democratic Party of Oregon (Chair Meredith Wood Smith, Frank Dixon and others toys) didn't invite me on forums, that is a crime: USC T 47, Section 315. 
--It is a violations, ignorance and rape of the Principles, Rules, Platform and ByLaws of Democratic Party.
--The Members of Democratic Party Oregon (DPO) must clean up this party and fire this garbage.

--And I'm a Fighter! Never give up! Nation needs my help. 
 My Brain, Honesty, Faith, High Moral Principles, Knowledge and Health are symbols of my Strength.

--The media junta under leadership of the Associated Press (AP) hijacked this country, lies, manipulates and brainwashs the masses and for own huge monetary benefits promotes bribery, corruption and political prostitutions.                 And now, after many months of Obama presidency, when Obama created a huge deficit, many millions workers got laid offs, very high unemployment, many bankruptcy and foreclosures, the media continue support Obama for his big pay to the media in election process saying that he has 64% approval. What a balloney, a lie, fake rate.  I talked to people who voted for Obama, and now they said that did mistake.    

 The government and media informed that bailed out banks and others paid back to taxpayers. Really? If so, why the deficit now in 2009 is $1,4 million?

Passed many months since Obama took office, but accomplished nothing good for nation. And granted him a Nobel Price - people talk against Obama.

  Now unemployment is so high, bad economy, more and more homes for foreclosure, but the media and Obama said that the recession is over, and ..... Dow Jones / NYSE goes up.  President Obama can't help nation in reducing unemployment, create more jobs, but it is in his power to control the Wall Street. It looks like is an evidence that NYSE manipulated, orchestrated and ordered by government to go up for to show up that economy improves. But the reality: it is not. It is same as is saying: to sell very skinny cow, a Conman pumped air inside of cow to show how fat it is, and plugged hole.             

Again, again and again: do NOT listen, ignore the media fake reports. The media is in control of election and in control of the government, misleads and manipulates masses and promotes who pays more.            

 But We the People must fight the not honest media back, and to do it is very easy: ignore advertisements on TV and in newspapers, boycott, do NOT buy products or services of companies which are advertising, shop around in phone book and you will save big and bankropt the media mafia. And do it till the media will broadcast forum / debates of candidates running for US Senate.
 --I'm a National Hero: I'm doing what no one politican does - I started a war against the media mafia. I'm doing not what is good for me, but I'm doing what is good for the Oregonians, our nation and all of us, the People.

--The evidence, the facts: Wyden has experience be useless, corrupted, he accomplish nothing good: high unemployment, he promised to help economy, but jobs are moving abroad. Wyden has health insurance, but 48 million Americans have no health insurance. Why? It is a discrimination against own people.

--Politicians did conspiracy with oil companies in fuel price gouging, that is a felony, a crime. Borders are open. Many mobile home parks closed in Oregon. Seniors, veterans and poor kicked out without full compensation. Why Wyden and Merkley did nothing? Because they corrupted by owners of parks. Wyden and Merkey ( are fake Democrats, creates our dependency on foreign oil, that is a danger to our national security and is a terror against our country.

--And US Senator Wyden, US Senator Merkley and others elected officials want "stimulate" economy, create more infrastructure jobs. More job is good, but ... where they will get money from? Federal government has no money, but have a huge $14.5 trillion budget deficit and bailed out banks and auto industry: spent money which fed government has no. Again borrow money from China and Japan and pay back to the donors.
  Kulongoski raised taxes, fees and etc. Moron: there is no need too much brain, which he has no, to run state by raising taxes.

 Our nation is running not by US government, but by Wall Street, by NYSE. Investing money in the NYSE, in what we can't control, is a gambling. Children are palying with toys, and not smart adults are playing with stocks, bonds and etc.

--Bailout banks and car industry as GM, Chrysler, Ford, Chevy is a very bad idea, it is a pay back to donors, it is a reward to companies and theirs very high paid executives for very poor management. It is a Socialist system. And again: where President Bush and US Senator Wyden will get money from? Counterfeiting, print new money? But it is a felony and must be punished. 
--These companies must file bankruptcy. as did airlines companies. But some idiots are saying that no one will buy from bankrupt company. What a morons! Reduce price of cars and the people will buy American cars.

--Oregon and this country must make, produce goods and products here, in the USA, and sell them abroad, that will generate big money and we could invest this money in ifrastructure and other jobs. But these idiots do not know how to do it. They have no experience how to make money, but they have a lot experience to spend money and raise taxes, fees for cars and etc. There is no need too much brain to run state and nation by increasing taxes. The Oregonians get what they voted for.

 The jobs which will be created by US Census, are temporary jobs and will cost taxpayers about $400 million. Where Obama will take money for this? Borrow from China or print new money. This Census job is not in a hurry, will not create any product or goods which may generate some money from sale, but will put nation in bigger debt, and this task of count population nation may do by other, much cheaper way.

  I offered the State of Oregon my help, my Offer (unique fitness program) and promised to save state many millions dollars on the health care. One employees from Health Department was going to adopt my fitness program, but my Offer was rejected by politicians: they afraid my popularity. And who is loser, the People of Oregon, but politicians have no any accountability: they are wasting not own money.

--I'm a problems solver. What I could do as US Representative:

--Save lives of our soldiers in war zones: change the taktic of war in Iraq and Afgahnistan and bring them home. To finish war as soon as possible, nations must send more troops right now, it will greatly help our troops there and prevent death of our soldiers, or bring them home right now, but President Obama has no any action. Sure: there are not his children.
 Also create a new industry in Oregon: Develop and manufacture fire resistant wood products for construction industry, that will reduce fires and make Oregon famous. 
--With request of employers bring more labor force from other countries, and do it by legal way.
--Cut, but not negotiate, as corrupted by drug companies Wyden says, the cost of prescription drugs.                       

Health insurance, 47 million Americans have no health insurance, and 20,000 Americans are dying each year because of it. Who cares? Wyden? This political garbage lies to the People.
--Make health care affordable and cheaper for all citizens.  

 Obama's  Health Care Plan or Overhaul is not good because it will create many laid offs and will not cover 19 millions Americans. I have much better plan.                                   

-Cut salaries of lazy, overpaid state agencies directors and many others from $157,000 to $55,000 and pay more to low income and create more jobs. 
--We are paying too much income and property taxes. Reduce taxes for low income and large corporations, paying only $10-$25 income tax, must pay more taxes.
--Establish child care in workplaces. 
--Budget: reduce government waste. Many companies as Goodwill Industries do not pay taxes: non profit 501(c)(3). They are paying employees very little, but executives have $600,000 salary per year. Joe Robertson, President of OHSU has salary $1,109,160 , Peter Rapp - $689,358 , Mark Richardson - $688K , Brad King - $617.5K , Steve Stadum - 563K, or US Post Master General Potter has salary $800,000. For what?  And many. many more. For what? They live as Communists. Cut this easy money that will help in a few years balance budget, 

 Interstate I-5, Columbia River Crossing Bridge will cost about $4.5 - $5 billion. I promise to save this huge amount of money, which nation has no, by improving heavy traffic. I know what and how to do it and offered my help to Director of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Garrett, but this man has no own brain, no any initiative, and knows only how to waste taxpayers money.                                                                                                                                                  
--Parole Boards will have legal and monetary responsibilities for crimes of released by them criminals, 
--In Oregon the crime, wandal against properties, including cars is so high. People are working so hard and someone cut tires. Why it happen? Because there is no punishment. The government cares and protects criminals, but not victim. To stop property damage we must make law: allow people to use weapons and shoot below a belt line. It will stop vandal, 
--Senator Wyden did conspiracy with former President Bush and now President Obama in appointing by President and US Senate US Attorneys and Judges. It is NOT a separation of power, it not check and balance, it is a violation and rape of the Constitution of the USA. US Attorneys and Judges must be independed from President and Senators and must be elected. Then they could investigate crimes and briberies of US Senators, 

-Heavy traffic: highways are for to move vehicles, but last year Americans spent 4.2 billion hours sitting in traffic. I promise to improve traffic and pollution,

It makes people so angry - cars and trucks must move on highways, but not idle. In a few days after I will start work, I promise drastically improve heavy traffic not in Oregon only, but in all USA. That will save people's time, money and fuel, reduce pollution, will reduce our dependency on foreign oil. There will be no need to spend $5 billion on Interstate I-5 Bridge.  
     I can reduce heavy traffic right now, but I have no authority to do it. I offered my help to Director of Oregon Department of Transportation Mr. Garrett, but no answer, and I will give my advise for free, and I'm NOT cheap. So, have to wait till I will be elected,

 -Car Insurance: It is a "Street Robbery" by corrupted by insurance companies government, abuse of power and dictatorship. Most seniors drive a few miles only, but are paying too much for car insurance. If people have no accidents – 50% money must be returned. Insure a person, but not his or her cars. 
--There is no need smog inspection of new cars till they have warranty, 
--Phone solicities companies will stop disturb and bother people, or they will pay you $5 for each call. They could give message to the People by mail. 
--Credit companies as Transunion, Experian, Equifax and others will stop harass and make the people criminal without the courts. These companies themselves have a very low credit, and the people could file a lawsuits against these companies, 
--English must be official language. It is good for immigrants and nation, 
--Improve quality of education and discipline in schools, teach children to respect parents, teachers and elderly,    

  Do not fire teachers for a poor students performance in schools, because the approach of US government to education is very wrong, but blames teachers for it.                                                                                                                                 
--Student loans must be no more than 3% Interest and more Grants for needy, 
--Ban on all Lobbyists. Politicians elected by the People and must serve the People, 
--Share the wealth and health with veterans and seniors. They created and defended this country and this nation owes them. 
--Lock up borders from terrorists. 

--So many people died on the MiddleEast. UN Judge Goldstone acused Israel of invation in Gaza. But, if there would not be 10,000 rockets from Gasa on civilians in Israel - there would not be any invasion in Gaza. Why Wyden does not talk about it? Palestinians and Israeli people must stop to kill each other, and I have a plan to make a peace on the Middle East. The approach to peace there now is wrong.                                                                                                                                                                          United Nation(UN) must develop one international language, maybe Esperanto.

--The media (as the Oregonian, TV Ch 2, Ch 6, Ch 8, Ch 10 and Ch 12) and Dem. Party blocked my election against useless G. Smith, Jeff Merkley and Brad Avakian. The media and Democratic Party violated the Constitution of the USA: USC T 47 Section 315 -Equal Time / Rule Law. It is a crime. The media, Democratic and Republican Parties are afraid me because I blame them for bribery and corruption of politicians.

--The media for money sells our democracy, promotes corrupted, useless, unqualify and narrow minded politicians and they get reelected. The media created hate and curse against Americans, creates a danger to our national security and is a public enemy, a cancer of our society. The morons in the media can't understand that money will NOT shield our state and nation from a weapons of mass destruction, but will bring catastrophe. The blood of our soldiers in Iraq is on the media and on the "leaders" of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

  In muslim countries as Iran the media, government and religion organizations are promoting the family values. But in the USA the media, government are promoting not family values, but what makes them money - promote sex, promote who open more breasts. That creates more sex, abortions, many children are without fathers, there are so many sexual trasmitted diseases and the taxpayers are paying for it.                                              And religion organizations in the USA are saying nothing against it.

   I never insult anyone for nothing, and I have no right to do it, but I have no any respect to Wyden because he ignores, violates, does not support our Constitution, abuses the power of office and named him a paraziet of our society.

==My Agenda/Platform: Uphold the provisions of our Constitution, Code of Ethics For Government Employees and defend Oregon and nation from Political garbage and Political Prostitute US Senator Wyden. Wyden is corrupted and selling our democracy and country. He accepted money from the media, banks, unions, insurance companies, big companies, medical and drug companies. Wyden supports illegal immigration and burning US Flag, He is opposing women's rights and supporting loan companies to rob students and credit companies to make many people criminals without courts. Wyden is ignoring, violating, do not supporting and criminal contempting the Constitution of the USA and Code of Ethics for Government employees and MUST get a prison term. It is our law! And this, not convicted yet criminal represents "our" government.

 "The flood of money gushes into politics today is a polution of democracy" - Theodore H. White. 
 "Garbage is a garbage, and is in a house, in the White House, in the US House and Senate." - my Proverb. 

  And who creates it? The Media. The media and the People are talking about bribery in government, but do nothing, because more corruption - more money goes in the media pocket. And same garbage, an idiots reelected again. Many people vote for a candidate without life experience, without agenda and platform. It could put nation in national disaster.

This political, judicial and election systems are so rotten. Most people do not trust government and do not vote and many people as not affiliated have no right to vote in the Primary Election for partisan candidates and the special interests as some unions' mafia are voting and electing own puppets and vote for whom the media says to vote. Is it a democracy? NO! It is a rape of our Constitution by the Oregon Legislature, media and special interests. 

 So, there is no need for the Primary Election - it is a fake, illegal and unlawfull election, and for benefits of our democracy - the US Department of Justice, US Attorney General and Oregon Legislature must abolish, cancel Oregon Primary Election. But... if there would not be Primaries - the media would lose huge potential income, many millions. And politicans do not go against the corrupted media.
--This media, Washington County Democrats, Oregon Democratic Party and City Club of Portland are afraid me, supported and endorsed who paid it and blocked my election.

--Propaganda of Joseph Goebbels helped Hitler to kill many millions people, including my parents and grandparents. Today for the media the money is an idol. For money the media is selling our democracy, destroying progressive minds as mine, does everything to block my election. Boycott the media till is will work for an interests of our democracy, country and will observe, support the Code of Ethics For The Media.

--In the Constitution of the USA is written: "We the People.....", but NOT: We the Media or We the Republican and Democratic Parties.... 
-- The media has no faith, no morality and has no any patriotism to this nation, but money. The media, for own interests, is promoting not education, but what generate the money flow in it's pocket: the American Idol TV show, entertainment "stars" who is showing up naked breast, sports, sex and corrupted politicians who "raised" more money during election campaign, and will pay the media for it, encouraging candidates for the public offices to "raise" more money. Narrow minded idiots with ties in the media do not think that elected unqualify politicians can't defend our country from a weapons of mass destruction. The media is a cancer of our society and creats a danger to our democracy and national security. 

---National security and success of this nation depends on government. National security is more important than environment or other issue because if we will not defend ourselves, will not stop Iran from developing an atom and chemical bombs - we will suffer from it. Our nation must improve relationship with Russia right now and Russia will support us in fight against our enemies. So, the best, the genius should be elected as President of the USA and in US Senate (as me). The money and special interests are a dominated factor in elections now and many political prostitutes are elected. Idiot R. Wyden has a very small brain to think about it. The media creates hate against out troops in Iraq, creates a danger to our national security and must banned in war zones.

 Our borders are open and only now US Congress is blaming for it who came illigally and thinking how to punish illegal immigrants for entry this country. And now US Senate did amnesty to who violated our laws. What an idiots in US Senate and President Bush. They do not left open own homes, but welcome everyone to entry our country. Lock-up our borders dumbs, put National Guard right now till a fence will build-up and no one will come without permit. And Mexican PEOPLE must understand that this action of our country is not against Mexican People, but for protection of our country from free entry of potential terrorists. American People are respecting and like Mexican People for help in economic and defense. But we MUST prevent next 9/11, in which Mexican People also could die. Welcome legal immigrants. Our nations needs them. "Our" government - American PEOPLE get what they voted for.

--I do not work for government and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees does not apply to me, but I put loyalty to the highest moral principles and country above loyalty to any party or person because I owe this nation and the PEOPLE for giving me political refuge in 1980.

--US Constitution, Amendment XIV, Section 3 says: No person shall be a Senator or Representative or hold any office who does not support the Constitution of the USA and dishonors the strength or our nation's heritage. All elected officials, including R. Wyden gave an Oath of Office and Pledge of Allegiance, but violating, do not supporting the Constitution of the USA and Code of Ethics for Government Employees and according to USC Section 2302 and Oregon Constitution: ORS 161.155 and 161.170, punishment should be at least 2 years prison term. Here is a list of some political garbage, who do not support our Constitution and must resign or get a prison term: President Bush, US Senators Wyden and Smith, Congressman Wu, US Attorney General Gonzales, US Attorney K. Immergut, FBI special Agent in Charge R. Jordan, US Secretary of Labor E. Chao, Commissioner of the EEOC C. Dominguez, Comissioner of Oregon BOLI D. Gardner, Governor Kulongoski, Oregon Attorney General Myers, T. Brian, R. Gordon (Sheriff) and many others (see my page: Hall of Shame). And the media as the Oregonian newspater endorsed Wu, Smith, Wyden and etc because they bought the media. How low the media (the Oregonian, KATU Ch 2, OPB, Beaverton Valley Times, OPB ) is: no faith,, no moral obligation before the PEOPLE, but money! For money the media is supporting, encouraging, promoting bribery and corruption by politicians because money goes to the media. Boycott media.

--Federal law: "No Child Left Behind" is so stupid as it's creators. Ban on this law ASAP - President Bush is dictating schools what to do. Many students after high school are poor in academic performance. How they get Diploma? Blame the School Boards for this: they are hiring Superintendents by degree and paying huge salaries as to Vicki Phillips ($226,000). For what? Where is the result? No one Machinist is getting paid for degree, but for production. And she also hired a Consultant for huge salary. For what? For what the state is paying her a lot of money? It is taxpayers money from children. She is greedy! Cut her salary: no one may get salary higher than salary of Governor. She illegally fired Goldschmidt. For it taxpayers paid him $620,000. Why she had no punishment for it? The media named public education as a "Broken Public School System". Who the media is blaming for? But not itself. The media is promoting what is making money for it: the sex, entertainment and sports. But NOT education.

--And PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), including the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) is receiving $500 millions per year from federal government / taxpayers and must be a voice of the PEOPLE, but not a voice of big media sharks who controls politicians and are making presidents and politicians as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNBC and etc. Where is the public? Where on the PBS are The People who are building our country: Builders, Machinists, Welders, Truck Drivers, Agriculture and Construction Workers and etc. The PBS must listen to them too, must pay back to who create this country and pay them salary.

--Shame on this nation: it invites engineers from other countries. Government must help students in grants and very low interest loans. Stop Sallie Mae Corporation and it's Chair Albert Lord from making many billions dollars by robbing students. We must teach children about benefits of education for them and for families. We must teach children to respect parents, teachers and do not violate our laws. We must teach students about danger of illegal drugs and premature sex. We need establish a new subject: Behavior, it will improve discipline and the quality of education. It is NOT the government business to dictate parents how to raise children and how to punish them if they disobey parents. And Wyden is many years occupys public office and responsible for failure our educational system and supporting Bush.

   What good politicians did for state and nation? Nothing! Jobs are moving outside of the USA. About 48 million Americans have no health insurance. Why? Because very bad management. Seniors are buying drugs from Canada and Mexico. Women not allowed to buy drug on Plan B without prescription. Terrorists used Oregon for training. Borders are open. I have a plan to improve traffic without spending a huge amount on taxpayers money because nation has a huge deficit. Instead of to take much more money for transportation projects from some companies and special interests who do not pay taxes or pay very little, Wu puts our nation in bigger debt. What an idiot.  How about his brain? Toys are dressed good too. The reader judges a book not by cover, but how helpful it is.

--Iraq War. The Iraq Study Group Report is a piece of baloney, useless. Baker, Hamilton and etc are talking machines. It is very simple: the policy, tactic and strategy of war in Iraq are so wrong and must be changed right now - President Bush created mess there, does not listen to me (long time ago I wrote to president and predicted it) and demanding someone else to stop violence there. President has no other option but to talk to me: it will lead to victory in a few months. So many people are dying and disabled because of Bush. Elected politicians: G. Smith, Blumenauer, R. Wyden, D. Wu and many others elected idiots have no military experience, do not know the history of WWII and do nothing to help our troops because they do not know what to do. When I will be elected - I will help, will save many lives, and in a few months the war will be ended and our soldiers will come home. I'm a problems solver.

--This nation: the media, politicians and President Bush are talking too much about Freedom, Democracy, Liberty, Tyranny, Justice and violations of civil and human rights in other countries, blaming Russian's President Putin, but we have here, in the USA violations and rape of our Constitution, corporate (as TRI-MET) and judicial tyranny against me and many thousand of citizens and no accountability, no punishment for it. And all of them gave fake Oath of Office and Pledge of Allegiance which is saying justice for all. Where is justice? The media is covering up these crimes and responsible for it. But some day the Justice will come.

--The role of the media in political elections is not to inform and educate the public, the voters about candidates running for public offices, but money. To get money from candidates as more as possible. Most voters do not read Voters' Pamphlets and vote for whom they see in advertisements. It may lead to elect not qualify President of the USA and Congress who could lead nation to huge deficit and disaster: war.

--The media: the Oregonian, OPB, Beaverton Valley Times and KATU TV Ch 2 (Fisher Communications) are violating the Code of the Ethics for the Media, not honest, misleading the public about me. How low this media is. They do NOT care about nation but own pocket.

  The People of Oregon trusted politicians and elected them. They recieved a lot of money from special interests from all over USA. It is a political prostitution, it is a bribery and corruption, it is selling our democracy, state and nation. So many people have died and are dying now not for this. Politicians say that they are for the PEOPLE of Oregon. Where is the faith, integrity and moral values of this political prostitutes? I have an evidence this political garbage is ignoring, violating, raping and criminal contempting our Constitution, and should be in prison for it for 2 years: they gave an Oath Of Office and the Pledge of Allegiance and must uphold the provisions of Constitution and the Code of Ethics. I informed many politicians that EEOC does not investigate my Complaints of Discrimination by TRI-MET, but they did nothing because they received money from those who broke the laws. It is a crime T. 5 USC Section 2302. Oregon Democratic Party (DPO) are responsible for his crimes: it endorsed and nominated this moron before the PEOPLE. The Chair of First Congressinal District of Wash. County Democrats Cathy Stanton and ODP (Oregon Democratic Party) did everything to block my debate . It is a violations of the Platform and ByLaws of Dem. Party. This woman is a bitch, devil, hurts party, our democracy and put our national security in big danger. Both these parties are not honest and violating own Platform and ByLaws.

--Stop political prostitution, stop bribery, corruption and selling our democracy, vote for me: I promise to uphold the provisions of our Constitution and work for benefits of the People, and will be your real Representative.

  September 11, 2001. 9/11 Commission: Do NOT blame the FBI and CIA for 9/11, the Secretary of the US Department of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta, President Bush and US Congress are responsible for it! They didn't get a lesson from 1991. And now again, the President Bush and US Congress are helping, supporting, making Russia, China and India be strong and rich. But these countries are selling weapons of mass destruction to terrorists and to who is not our friends, that creates a danger to our national security. Next attack on the USA will be more deadly from weapons of mass destruction. And the media says nothing about it and does not allow me to talk about it. It is self-punishment.

--Why must I, a former immigrant with imperfect English, fight for our Constitution alone? Because I gave an Oath to defend our country from criminals. I'm a problems solver and will be a real voice of the PEOPLE.

--I'm all times talking that the USA has no good leader, mess in government, no discipline, no faith, no morality, no accountability and Hurricane Katrina showed that I'm right. And President Bush is responsible for it: thousands people are dying on the Gulf Coast, but President continued his vocation in his ranch till Friday. He also is responsible for crimes of the EEOC.

--For me it is a surprise: why most polititicians as R. Wyden, G. Smith, E. Blumenauer, Vicky Walker, S. Castillo, Avakain, and many other garbage (see my Hall of Shame), braindead, are running for public offices and promised a lot, but have no ability, have no experience to run a business, do nothing to help president and our economy but raising taxes. But there is no need too much brain to run state by increasing taxes. "Do Not Occupy Space If You Can't Fill It" said Napoleon Bonaparte. And they get elected because they are endorsed by not honest media, they are unions' puppets, spending big money of special interests on advertisement how "good" they are. And because most people do not read the Voters' Pamphlet, pay attention to misleading ads. So we see the result: bribery, corruption in government, selling the PEOPLE's trust. Vote for me and I promise to put back in your pocket a few hundred dollars from car insurance companies.

--In 2006 I was a Candidate for US Representative. In 2004 I was a Candidate for US Senate, in 2002 I was a Candidate for Commissioner of BOLI. In the Primary 2008 I was an official Candidate against US Senator Smith. I'm running now (nest election is in May, 2010) for US Senator against Wyden because our political and judicial systems are rotten: US Senators Wyden and G. Smith, Congressmen Wu and Blumenauer, US Judges Hogan, Panner, Jones, Aiken, Haggerty, Ashmanskas, Stewart, Commissioner of BOLI Avakian, Governor Kulongoski, former State Senator Deckert, Repres. Barker and others garbage are abusing power, ignoring, violating, raping, not upholding the provisions, criminal contempting the Constitution of the USA, Code of Ethics for Government Employees, violating own Oath of Office and the Pledge of Allegiance. They are against us, THE PEOPLE. They are supporting judicial tyranny and terrorists against our freedom and democracy. It is a crime: T 5 USC Section 2302. They are felons and should be in prison for it!

--TRI-MET did federal crimes: Amendmend V, Section 1 (terminated me without of a Grant Jury) and did discrimination, retaliation, fraud, harassment, conspiracy to obstruct justice and witnesses tampering, abused power, lied to the court, but still is on federal funding with support Wu, Wyden (this idiot looks like has mental problem), Smith, Blumenauer and US Attorney Karin Immergut. It is a crime: bribery, corruption, cover-ups, conspiracy and protection criminals. It is a felony.

--TRI-MET did crime and there is no term limit for crimes. The justice will serve, soon or later. More time - the more money from taxpayers pocket.

-- Former US Attorney Mosman defended crimes of US Judges, but got a promotion from Wyden, Smith, Blumenauer and Wu to US Judge position. It is a crime too. And the media is responsible for it - TV stations: KATU, KOIN, KGW, KPTV, the Oregonian, Beaverton Valley Times are saying no one word about it because politicians bought media. And this media is violating the Code of Ethics for the Media. Shame!

--Shame on Wu, he must uphold our law, but does crimes as other prostitutes who are many years in Legislatures, Blumenauer is 24 years and Wyden is 26. Career politicians sucks taxpayers' blood. What is the result? High unemployment, high taxes for poor and very low or no tax for some corporations, high crime, high cost of fuel and oil companies have huge profits by gouging the gasolene price, high cost of the health care and drugs, 47 million Americans have no health insurance. Isn't a discrimination against poor, who is defending this "democracy"?

--Cost of fuel was high because of US government wants it: US Senator Schumer (D), the Secretary of Energy Bodman and AAA are said that fuel will cost up to $4 per gallon, and the oil companies as BP Amoco ARCO, ExxonMobil, Conoco, Halliburton, Phillip Petr., Shell, Texaco are going for it with a green light of the media bought by them: Tim Russert (bought by oil companies) from Meet The Press of the NBC, is defending oil companies saying that the public must understand how oil companies are spending money. What an idiot, a puppet of oil companies! And US Senator Wyden and oilman President Bush are supporting huge ppofits of oil companies and we are paying high price for it.

--Here is a secret how this rotten political system works: New York Senator C. Schumer, a Chair of DNC with advise of Democratic Party of Oregon, selected and promoted Jeff Merkley, not convicted yet criminal, who made the State of Oregon $1 Billion deficit, created high unemployment - for US Senate, and they did everything to block my election. The City Club of Portland, all state universities, which are on federal funding, Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Center or Portland (a Jewish Fascists), intentionally refused to invite me on forum of Candidates Running for US Senator. It is a crime: USC T 47 Section 315.

--Thank YOU, THE PEOPLE of Oregon for trusting and voting for me as Commissioner of BOLI. Some PEOPLE in the Central Oregon themselves, without my knowledge, made signs of my name on the roads. BIG THANK to all of you. I so proud of it! If there were a public debate on Public TV/Radio, I would be elected as Commissioner of BOLI. But Oregon Public TV/Radio, Mr M. Orme willfully, intentionally refused to organize debates, forums. It is not in good faith. Stop donation to the OPB and federal funding till OPB will broadcast debates. Dan Gardner was "elected" in the Primary because most people didn't vote. So, his "election" was a fake election, but the media is saying nothing about it.

--It does not matter what party we belong to, everyone must have loyalty to the highest moral principals and to our Constitution and Country above loyalty to Government person, party, or department. It is a big responsibility to be yours, the US Senator, and it is a big honor to be elected and I will not abuse your trust. Public office is a public trust. No one should be above the law. Government employees should not be immune for their's actions. for violations of laws. They must be accountable, must have a moral, monetary and criminal responsibilites for crimes.

--Columbus, Presidents' (Washington's Birthday) Days are for federal employees only. 
--I'm honest, incorruptible, with faith, integrity and a high moral principles, do not accept any "contributions, donations", will not lose my independence and will not be a puppet in the hands of donors. The taste of the honest Noodles soup for 10 cents is much better than the taste of dishonest dinner for $100.00. And no worry and better sleep. And for sure the media does not support me because the media is geting from me a few thousands dollars only. I'm doing the fair Election Campaign Reform, I'm making a difference. But David Wu, Jeff Barker, former State Senator Ryan Deckert, Congressmen Blumenauer, Senators Wyden are accepting money from the drug manufacturing companies (drugs cost too much), from oil companies (fuel price jump), from companies as Intel, Nike and etc (jobs moving outside of the USA and do not pay taxes), from unions, from medical organizations and insurance companies (health care cost too much, car insurance - is a "street robbery" by government), from banks, lawyers and etc

--Stop not only corporate, but also political crimes: bribery, corruption, prostitution, abuse of power, fraud, rape, violation of our Constitution, Code of Ethics and Oath by many elected and non elected officials. They forget that they are our, THE PEOPLE's employees, and MUST work for us, but not us for them.
--Political and Media Mafia! The media is creating political pornography. I informed the media (including the Oregonian newspaper and TV stations) about federal crimes by BOLI (Dan Gardner), the EEOC, TRI-MET, FBI and by many public employees as Governor Kulongoski, Senators Wyden and Smith, but no action. The media (as Oregonian newspaper and TV stations) are covering up, protecting crimes of politicians because they bought the media. The media controls this country and politicians. The media is promoting, making presidents (who pays more money to the media) as Barack Obama and politicians and the media destroying politicians by talking and/or not talking about others and by endorsing and "predictions". It is immoral. It is not in good faith. It is not good for our nation. To not say the truth is the same as to lie. Obama, what good he did for nation? Helped President Bush with troubles in Iraq? No! More candidates for president - more profit for the media.

--The media is withholding the truth that elected political garbage as US Congressman Wu, US Senators Wyden, Merkley, US Congressmen Blumenauer, Oregon Senators Courtney, Repres. J. Barker, Wayne Scott, Derrick Kitts and others are ignoring, violating, raping our Constitution, own Oath of Office, Pledge of Allegiance, Code of Ethics and should be in prison for crimes, for not upholding the provisions of our laws.

To say, to inform the public about these crimes is not a "negative campaign", but is a patriotism to this nation. Special interests do not want me to be be elected: they are afraid of me. On 10/12/04 the City of Beaverton organized "Fall 2004 Voters' Forum" of candidates running for state positions, but former Mayor Drake intentionally didn't invite me, and Moderator Eric Schmidt with Mayor Drake and CCI censorshiped and withheld my question before the public. It is a rape of our Constitution and Freedom of Speech. I'm an official Write-In Candidate for State Representative, 28th District, against idiot Jeff Barker in General, 2006 Election. --Politics -Corruptions- Endorsements- Crimes- Cover Ups- Protections- Media.

--Experience? I have no corruption, bribery experience, but I have a lot of life and successful business experience. US Congressmen Wu and Blumenauer, Senators Wyden and Smith have many years of bribery experience in Oregon and US legislature and in destroying our economy. Our nation has now a huge deficit. They have no any own initiative in to help our economy. They occupy space only. What I could do for our state and nation? Work for the interests of the PEOPLE, uphold the provisions of our Constituion and have a plans for to encrease employment and cut on the health care.  Blumenauer, Wyden and others Democrats and Republicans are working for the interests of the donors, contributors as drugs, insurances and etc organizations.
---Constitution: This nation belongs to THE PEOPLE, but not to who are buying, corrupting politicians.

--Election Campaign Reform - it is very simple: abolish Primary Election because many people may not vote, it is violations of theirs right to vote, it is violation of US Constitution by the Oregon Legislature and very low participation and the Public Broadcast Service (PBS), including the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB), which received federal money, must pay back to society - must inform and educate it's members and the public about Candidates running for US Senate and must broadcast debates, forums of Candidates for US Senate. But the media and special interests as unions need Primary because it is an extra huge income for the media from political advertisers and special interests have an opportunity to elect own puppets. But for our Constitution for national interests and for our national security the Prinary Election must be abolished.

  Corruptions: what is the difference between "contributions, donations" and bribery, corruptions? Nothing! Same! It is a political prostitution, selling our democracy and country. And the media says nothing against it because money goes to the media. In China is a death penalty for bribery, in the USA is election and promotion for bribery, using words "donation and contribution". The donors are appointed to high government positions and hiring relatives. What a shame on this nation!

--Ban on all Lobbyists: why they have a special privilege? They corrupt politicians.

--General Elections must be as Holidays with 1-hour pay-off for Voters.

--Taxes: We are paying too much income and property taxes. Where the money go? To pay huge salaries to government employees: President of the OHSU Peter Kohler has $675K, President of the PSU Bernstine has $150-175K, Commissioner of Washington Country T. Brian has $159,000 salary, County Administrator has $152,000, Mayor of Beaverton Drake has salary $150,000 a year, General Manager of THPRD has $127K and etc. Who serve who? No one government employee may get salary higher than governor of state, Cut taxes. Household in the $15,000 range income should not pay tax. CEO of Portland General Electric (PGE) Peggy Fowler has salary $610,000 by overcharging customers. Review corporate tax cut: all must pay fair taxes.

--Car Insurance is a very good idea, but do not make a law: do not dictate people what to do. This law, made by corrupted by insurance companies politicians, is against our Constitution. Auto insurance companies are making billions dollars. "Smog" inspection of a new cars: it is a "Street Robbery" by government. Some people, including senior citizens, are driving a few miles only, but are paying too much for car insurance. If a person has no accidents- 50 % money should be returned. Insure a person, but not a few cars he or she owns.

--Crime: Defense Never Win. It is a simple, protect the victims, harder punishment for crimes and prisoners must work to pay back. Prisons must be profitable. Allow police and citizens to use weapons for protection of lives and properties (include vehicles): shoot below a belt-line. It will stop vandals and stealing. Legalize majuirana. No stature of time limitation for crimes.

--Help the American Legion and the Citizens Frag Alliance (CFA) to make an amendment to the Constitution to prohibit the physical desecration of the Flag of the USA. Destroying American Flag is NOT free speech, but terror against our nation, so many people died not for it. Viotion of a free speech is when the media is lying, covering up, protecting crimes of politicians.

--Health Care / Drugs: $1.7 trillion taxpayers money goes to health care and President Bush signs $15 Billion Emergency AIDS Bill to Africa, saying that "the US has a moral obligation to help". Where is moral obligation of the President Bush when 46 million Americans are without health insurance and 18,000 are dying every year because of it (49 per day)? Who cares? It is a discrimination. Wu, Blumenauer, Wyden, Smith are talking about it only, but do nothing for it!. Uninsured individuals are overcharged. We must take care of our own people first: help each other. For this amount of money, reducing paper work, every citizen must have afordable health insurance without spending extra taxpayers money. I have a plan, a solution and promise to reduce the cost of the health care and drugs.

-- Private employment agencies as ManPower must pay part for health insurance. Reduce the healh care cost through control of the cost of drugs and health insurances and mass participation in fitness activities as my fitness program: it will prevent many medical problems, including cancers, cut the cost of the health care and drugs. Fitness is a solution, the answer to our soaring health care cost. Individuals and organizations, enrolling in fitness programs must pay less for health insurance. But politicians as D.Wu, Blumenauer, R. Wyden, G. Smith and others are not interested to concentrate on prevention of medical problems because drug companies and the health care organizations bought these political prostitutes. And who are paying for it? Taxpayers. The new Medicare Drug Prescription Policy is written by drug companies and is a rip-off seniors with approval of US legislature. I and many other seniors do not use drugs. So, why Medicare, Medicare.gov / 1-800-MEDICARE is pushing me to pay for drugs to buy a drug plans? Legalize Marijuana.

--I will promote and help the child care on workplaces and after school. It would be good for safety of children and increase productivity.

--Seniors and Veterans: We owe them and protect seniors from abuses with severe punishment. Seniors are paying too much for car insurances and for prescription drugs. We must help them. We must respect and share the wealth and health with veterans and seniors who created and defended this nation. Save Social Security: No! to privatization.
--Many mobile home parks, manufacturing home parks are closed and are going to close. Who cares that seniors and poor people are pushing on street and taxpayers assistance. I will stop it.

--Our nation is going to spend $720 Billions over 10 years on prescription-drugs benefits, starts in 2006. And why wait till 2006? Seniors and others need help now. And why is US government talking about negotiating the price of drugs, but not to demand to cut the cost of drugs? Because our Democrat and Republican elected officials are paying them back for "donations". Why must seniors drive to Canada, Mexico to buy cheaper drugs? Because politicians of both parties are not honest, they aren't interested in cutting the cost of drugs: they are corrupted, they are puppets of the drug manufacturing companies: they received money from them (as Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Merck).

--Employment: unemployment in Oregon is much higher than state reported because many people do not registered with the Oregon Employment Department. Unemployed people want to see on the roads flowers and signs of: "Help Wanted", but not the signs of names of the candidates, the puppets of big money. I have a solution to reduce unemployment, I have 2 plans to create boom state and a national economy without spending taxpayers money. I know what and how to do it, but I have no authority to do it now. I will help companies from moving outside of the USA or they will lose big money. Boycott the goods of the USA companies who moved jobs outside of the USA to Canada, China, India, Mexico and etc. or they must pay a big tax which will create jobs here. I'm against NAFTA.

--Education: improve discipline and quality of education. The Schools Boards are responsible for poor education in schools because they hired poor management: not proper Superintendents. We must teach students to respect parents and teachers, to obey laws. Protect children and teachers from abuse and violence. If I could be a Superintendent, in one year Oregon schools would be on the top fifty in the USA. Taxpayers will give a gift to every student: a jump rope, for purpose of fitness and fan, they will do compete with me (72) (also in push-ups and pull-ups). It is better to have one educational system: it will cost much less. We could give a very good education in 11 years. I'm against discrimination in education and employment. Government (taxpayers) is giving students loans for education, but Sallie Mae Corp. is charging too much, robbing students. I will stop it. Federal law "No Child Left Behind" is so stupid as it's creator - President Bush. Ban this law ASAP: do not dictate teachers how to teach.

--Help parents, protect children from predators, drugs and gangs - state and nation need establish more a child care on workplaces and in schools (before and after school). Parents will not be worry about children and productivity will increase. Doing it we will save on prisons later.

--Courts: This nation is running by the media and lawyers. Equal Justice is NOT under law. We have judicial tyranny. Appointments of US Judges by US Senators and the President is violation of the Constitution of the USA because it is NOT separation of power and branches of government. We must elect US Supreme Court Justices and US Federal Judges, but do not appoint them as it is now (it is the same as was in Communist Russia). US Supreme Court so greedy: they had a huge salaries, about $202,000.00 and wanted more. And US Congress gave them $3,434.00 more. For what? What a parazites, they do NOT care about this country but themselves. Judges do conspiracy with government, pushing the victims to take the laws into their own hands. Federal and State Courts are charging fees for filing Complaints and the judges are dismissing almost all cases (if a victim has no lawyer) without any jury trials as the law required. It is a violation, rape of our Constitution. It is a crime, it is a "street" robbery without any punishment. It must be stopped! Courts must be affordable to anyone without using Attorney and must work for THE PEOPLE. My case against TRI-MET was misconducted by US Judge Panner and I demand rehearing my case by the Jury trail. TRI-MET owes me at least $700.000.00 in lost wages plus for damages.

-- Former US Attorney General A. Gonzales and US Comptroller General D. Walker, K. Marcus - Director of US Commission on Civil Rights do not investigate federal crimes of federal employees because they are appointed by these employees and are puppets of President.

  The EEOC does crime: investigate about 6% of Complaints. EEOC Chair Earp is very bad manager, very poor "leader", does not perform her jod and obligation, she is useless, violates, does not support the Constitution of the USA and Code of Ethics for Government employees and President Bush is responsible for her crimes. She must be fired immediately.

--FBI does not perform its duty: does not investigate federal crimes (by TRI-MET, US Attorney Immergut, US Judges and Congressmen Wu, Wyden, Smith and etc), that may lead put many lives in danger

--Helmets and car seats belt laws: they are good recommendations, but not to make such laws, it isn't government business to dictate to people what they must do.

--Term Limit, Measure 37: THE PEOPLE voted for it, so, it must be a law!

--Abortions: I'm for pro choice and pro life. I'm pro educate women and pro having no sex before marriage. No to public funding for abortion.

--Budget: in 2005 national deficit was $804.9 billion. The Congress is responsible for national debt which is $11 trillion now in 2009 and we are giving aid of many billions dollars to other countries who do not support us. Country is spending money which has no. The NIH (National Institutte of Health) and other agencies as National Cancer Institute (NCI) are wasting many billions taxpayers money giving Grants to OHSU and others "research" institutions, gave away $88 million on "search" of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene, which both of them do not prevent breast cancer, but create medical problems. Gave $90 million to AARP and etc. What a waste of money.

-- Medicare and Medicaid are cheated, overcharged and who cares? President Bush? What a waste of taxpayers money. OHSU wasted $88 million and possible much more. NIH wasted many billions dollars. Drug companies are using taxpayers money for own profits. Why our children would pay for it? Idiots in US Congress as US Senator R. Wyden and others are spending many billions taxpayes money on projects that do not need now. And no any accountability, no responsibility. Why? The US Congress and President Bush are responsible for it. The Budget must be balanced in one or two years: and I will do it! Control spendings, eliminate governments' waste as on TRI-MET's Inspectors, who have salaries $50K+ plus benefits. Volunteers and senior citizens may do this job for free. Some Fortune 500 companies, who have access of many billions dollars as Pfizer, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Archer Daniels Midland and etc are receiving subsidy payments. What? Why? Because they bought politicians. Many non-profit organizations are abusing this system: do not pay taxes, but are paying themselves huge salaries.

--Marriage Licenses must be free of charge: it isn't the governments' business.

--Do not allow the United States Postal Service (USPS) to increase rate on postage.

--English language must be official language- it is good for immigrants and nation.

--Gun Issue: do not blame the gun manufacturing companies and gun dealers for someone's crime.

--Traffic is horrendous, and I promise to improve traffic congestion in all Oregon and USA without spending many millions taxpayers money as on HWY 217 ($500 million). It will save us a lot of time, fuel, money and reduce air pollution.

--Unions: I'm pro labor. The working people under management are creating this great nation. I started work in 1952 at age of 14 as a Machinist. Was member of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union. Most members of unions are honest, hard working people, but some bosses are selling our country. TRI-MET's union ATU 757 sold me, betrayed me to the management of TRI-MET and terminated me. No one likes traitors and give them a death penalty.

Unions are investing many $ millions buying and corrupting politicians. It is not loyalty to our country. It is destroying our democracy. So many people died and our young guys are dying now NOT for it. Shame! Unions are supporting, buying Lawmakers: Wu, Blumenauer, Wyden, Smith, Merkley and many others. What? Why? Where is the pride of the labor? What common this garbage has with labor? Could they handle a hammer? These career politicial prostitutes all life are sucking taxpayers "blood", lying to taxpayers. Because of this political prostitutes, the drag of our society, I have not seen my daughter, twin sister and older sick brother for 28 years. Where is the patriotism of union bosses to our nation? Unions (and everyone) must be loyal to our country first: this nation gave unions an opportunity to work and is defending them. Employers must share wealth and health with employees.

--Environment: protect it. Heavy traffic is a big contributor to air pollution and increase our dependency on foreign oil. Promise to reduce traffic and air pollution. Who is polluting our air and water; who ever is cutting our forest (it is the PEOPLE'S treasure, but not the Fed Government) close to cities must pay high fines. To save forest and prevent fires, we must develop a construction material resistant to fire. Heavy traffic is a major contributor to the air polution. I promise to help all nation in traffic congestion. Our and other nations are investing many millions dolars in space science. But nations here, on the Earth have a lot of natural disasters as hurricanes, droughts, flooding, fires, earthquakes, tsunami, tornados, diseases and etc, that do a lot of damage to properties and have killed many people. So, first we must invest in the science to fight and prevent these disasters, as to make an artificial rain and etc.

--Credit companies: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and others are harassing many people, giving wrong reports, making making many people quilty without courts. It is illegal. Credit report companies bought politicians and they made a law allow companies do not hire people with these "bad credits". It is a crime and I will stop it. A person is innocent till prove quilty. The courts only could make such order.

--Telemarketing, phonephone companies will stop bother residents or will pay big fine.

--Update the US Pasports of citizens for all life, and new US Pasports issue not for 10 years, as it is now, but for all life.

--Duel Law: I'm asking the PEOPLE to make a Duel Law. It will stop assaults on each other and reduce crime. People will be respectful. The problems could be solved not by bullets, but by using word "sorry". What is your opinion about it?

--Foreign Policy: The United Nation is not performing it's duties, obligations and responsibilities: so many wars in the world, starvations, diseases, etc. Why American people are fighting and dying for democracy, for prevention of wars? And as we see on the Middle-East and in Iraq there is no peace because the appoach to peace there is wrong. The strategy of war in Iraq is wrong. Without my help President Bush will have no luck there. I have a plan, a solution to stop violence and riots against our troops in Iraq, and in a few months to help to make peace in the MiddleEast.

--Also we must stop our dependency on foreign oil by developing electrically powered vehicles (10% fuel / 90% electrical) and electrical cars.

"Lock-up" our borders. Our country is helping Russia and China to build theirs economy. But Russia and China are selling missiles and other weapons of mass destruction to Iran and others possible terrorists, who could use these weapons in attack against the USA. Even these weapons as a Machine Gun AK-47 and explosives are using against our troops. It is a selfdestruction. Our national security is in danger and the media is creating this danger. And who cares about it? President Bush?

--US ports securities are managed by foreign countries. What? Why? How long our country will be a colony of England? Selling our country. About 6 % containers from abroad are inspected only. It is an open door, a perfect opportunity for easy deliver of weapons of mass destruction in our country without missiles. What a stupidity of narrow minded politicians, idiots in the White House and US Congress, including President Bush, US Representative Wu, US Senators Wyden and G. Smith. We must prevent next September 11 th.
--Because of big money in elections, our country has no smart president and very stupid senators and comgressmen. And someday we will be sorry and pay for it.

--US federal agencies as US Office of Special Counsel, US Commission on Civil Rights, National Labor Relation Board and a few others are on taxpayers fundings, but are working for an interests of federal employees only, but not for us, the PEOPLE, and is a rip off citizens. What is going on in US government? The government must work for the PEOPLE. It is our Constitution.

--Oregon Public TV/Radio (OPB), PBS is on federal funding, but lies, misleads, does not say the to the PEOPLE the truth about it, and refuses to inform, to educate the Oregonians about candidates. OPB is on the public support and must educate public, must pay back to society: organize debates, forums of Candidates running for US Senate. It is the Election Campaign Reform, it will reduce bribery, corruption. But former President and General Manager of the OPB Maynard Orme himself corrupted the members of the Board of Directors of the OPB: gave them gifts. And they are taking them. How cheap they are! Mr Jonathan Pond, Wayne Dyer and others are using the Oregon Public Broadcast (and PBS) for own profits. Please call new General Manager of the OPB Mr Steve Bass (503)293-4000 or (503)244-9900 with request to broadcast debate of Candidates running for US Senate.

--I have 27 years of education. Have BA+ Degree (Moskow, Russia Univ.). Worked as Machinist (was member of IAMAW), Mechanic, Truck Driver, Tank Army, Firefighter, Supervisor, Social Worker, Counselor, Inventor, Manager, Beekeeper, Loger. I'm a Motivational Speaker, Health and Fitness Consultant / Provider, Fitness Guru, Trainer/Coach: a Wise Man!

--I'm a Producer of my fitness video and CD-ROM, Author and Publisher of book "Get Energized!", a book on health, fitness, self-help. I hope to help people prevent many illnesses, diseases (include cancers), save many lives, slow down the aging process, lose weight, prevent toothache and hair loss. I'm the Best in approach to fitness and benefits to the people.

--I deserve a Nobel Prize for it and I'm going to earn it! 

--I'm widower, my daughter with her family lives in Europe. I'm in search of a special lady to marry.

--PEOPLE of Oregon: Democrats, Republicans and those not affiliated, American are good people, but why we are divided by parties? We must put loyalty to the highest moral principles and country above loyalty to a person or party. Ignore endorsements, predictions, projections and recommendations by the media (as the Oregonian and TV stations) and special interests to vote for someone (why are they thinking for you ?). Ignore advertisements and vote for honest candidates like me.

--Premature birth (1 in 8 babies), birth with defects, infants deaths and etc cost nation $16 Billion a year and the March of Dimes does not know why. It is a national disaster because of the failure of current political system and I will help.

 Call new President of Oregon Public TV / Radio Mr Bass 503/293-4000 or 503/244-9900 with request to inform, to educate the Oregonians about all Candidates running for US Senate through debates, forums. Do not donate money to the OPB and stop federal funding till this "public" agency will broadcast debates of Candidates for US Senate.

-- Voting for me as US Representative is investing in yourselves, in our democracy, in honest government.

--I will be your employee and will work for your benefits. Let's give political power back to you. It will be a history: I will be elected as a first Russia-born honest US Representative. Lets put "Talking Machine"  out of OUR office. If you want to help yourself and nation: vote for me. If you will not vote - garbage will be elected again. Lets put a fresh, honest blood in the US House. We MUST change very dirty diapers. Lets stop corporate and political prostitution, selling our state and nation.

--Former President of the USA George W. Bush was a Dictator, ignoring, raping, is not supporting our Constitution, own Oath, the Pledge of Allegiance and Code of Ethics: I many times informed him about violations of laws, criminal contempt of our Constitution by the EEOC, TRI-MET, US Judges, but he does nothing about it. He does not uphold the provisions of our Constitution. It is a crime: T-5 USC Section 2302 and Amendment XIV, Section 3 and can't hold any office. The Democratic and Republican Parties must have moral and legal responsibilities for crimes of theirs nominated and elected officials.

--Former US Secretary of Defense Ronald Rumsfeld was a very bad leader, a Talking Machine: many thousands people died because of him. If after 3 years of war in Iraq we have no victory and too many people died there, so, it is a common sense: change the old dirty diapers - Rumsfeld must be fired ASAP and it is for the Best of our country. And he said that a few US Generals only disagree with his policy. The Generals were right: firing him would save many lives. President Bush appointed for high federal jobs positions not who benefits this nation, but by the people "Who You Know", own puppets as Rumsfeld, A. Gonzales for US Attorney General; Mark McClellan, PhD (brother of Bush's Press Secretary) for Administrator of Medicare and Medicaid. And US Congress adopted president's dictatorship. President Bush does not fire Rumsfeld because it will be a proof of his failure in Iraq. How about many thousands people who died there? Again: the Republican and Democratic Parties are responsible for his actions, which hurt our country.

--President Obama needs my brain, needs my help as a Political Advisor (I could help in Iraq and make peace in the Middle East), Economic, Health Care / Fitness Advisor (I can save nation a few billions dollars) and to do business with Russia and Ukraine. I have a lot of knowledge, energy and I'm going to help our state, nation and all world. And as we see: without my help he has no success.

--P.S. Volunteers to fight corruption needed. Be a Patriot of this country, help me to fight for honest government.

     Capitalism, Socialism and Communism: we know about Capitalism, where for many people the money is everything, some selling our country, many cheating for money, lying, many have health insurance, but many don't. But what are Socialism and Communism? Most American PEOPLE have a very wrong knowledge about Socialism. They think that Socialism everyone is equal. NO! It is NOT true! In Socialism also are poor and rich people. Socialism is same as Capitalism: media was also not honest, everyone is working and getting for his/her labor what he/she earned. Here also is a Socialism: public transportation as TRI-MET, welfare, Social Security services, health insurance for government employees. But in Socialism (in former USSR) friendship was more important than money, was no welfare (beside handicap) and everyone had to work and had health insurance. Here many politicians are more corrupt than was in USSR. And there was punishment for crimes, even members of Communist Party.

-- In China for bribery is a death penalty. But here in the USA there is no punishment for bribery, corruption and political prostitution but promotions. Prisons in Socialist system were not for amusement, not for entertainment, not for welfare, but for punishment. In prisons criminals didn't play games, didn't use free weights for build-up muscles and get PH Degrees on taxpayers expenses, but worked very hard to pay back. Food was very bad. There was death for death, no excuse that a person was "mentally ill" if he killed someone. Child molesters and rapists after serving a prison terms weren't allowed to live close to cities in distance of 101 kilometers. People were afraid to get a prison term. Here in the USA many prisoners didn't do crimes. I will investigate it. The base of Communism is to be honest: to give to the society as much as you could and receive from society everything what you want.

--Terrorists: Our nation has two kind of terrorists who are destroying our freedom and democracy: 1) Suiciders, terrorists who do us physical damage by killing many our people and destroying our properties inside and outside the USA, and 2) Inside terrorists, our worst enemies: they are destroying, killing our freedom, morality and democracy through buying politicians, politicians / candidates who are accepting "contributions, donations"- selling our state and nation; the Christian Coalition, National Pro-Life Alliance and Oregon Family Council: act in not good faith, immoral, lie, create hate between people, violating Ten Commandments, do brain washing, dictate what people do, as a cancer of our society, the evil nest. Same as the media as the Oregonian newspaper and OPB (Oregon Public Broadcast) who don't uphold the provisions of the Code Of Ethics For The Media.

- These organizations organized movement against me. Why? Because I'm open minded and stand for what people want. They are terrorists against our democracy and freedom. They do self-destruction, which may lead to the death of many millions our people. If we will not stop them from selling our states, country, something very bad will happen with the USA as it happened with USSR: our system somehow will be changed. And to talk about it is a patriotism to this nation. It is a warning. It is a GUIDE for the future. Do not say about it is a silent support of terrorism against our country. So many people died and are dying now NOT for it. I curse who are hurting me and my family, including judges and politicians. It is a sin against me and the judgement will come: the Nature, the Life will punish them!

--The US Judges and President Bush killed innocent woman Terri Schiavo. She was alive and breathed. The animals do not put a pray on suffering. It was a violation of her civil and human rights to live. There is a faith of former President Bush?

--2005 White House Conference on Aging, December 11, 2005: the politicians are appointing Delegates. Why politicians? Because politicians need these Delegates us own Puppets. The senior citizens, including AARP must elect Delegates who will represent the interests of older Americans, but Mr J. Cohen, AARP Oregon State Director, does nothing for it. What a useless "leader" for AARP, has no skills to organize it.

--The Oregonians voted for Death With Dignity Act - it must be a Law.

--I support AARP, NRA and making a history: going to be elected as first, honest, incorruptible Russia-born Oregon US Senator. I'm available for speaking opportunities, debates and forums.

-- Governor Kitzhaber ignored my help to save ship New Carissa (after military I had an experience to do it) and destried it. The curse of New Carissa is on this dummy and on Oregon.

--It is a copy of my e-mail I sent to: D. Gardner, R. Wyden, G. Smith, D. Wu, Kulongoski, P.Courley, K. Brown, K. Minnis, Deckert, Barker and many more State Senators and Representatives and Multnomah. and Washington Co. Commissioners: 
-- Idiot, it is for you: 
--Any person in Government service should: 
1. Put loyalty to the highest moral principals and to country above loyalty to Government persons, party, or department. 
2. Uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion. 
3. Give a full day's labor for a full day's pay; giving to the performance of his duties his earnest effort and best thought. 
4. Seek to find and employ more efficient and economical ways of getting tasks accomplished. 
5. Never discriminate unfairly by the dispensing of special favors or privileges to anyone, whether for remuneration or not; and never accept for himself or his family, favors or benefits under circumstances which might be construed by reasonable persons as influencing the performance of his governmental duties. 
6. Make no private promises of any kind binding upon the duties of office, since a Government employee has no private word which can be binding on public duty. 
7. Engage in no business with the Government, either directly or indirectly which is inconsistent with the conscientious performance of his governmental duties. 
8. Never use any information coming to him confidentially in the performance of governmental duties as a means for making private profit. 
9. Expose corruption wherever discovered. 
10. Uphold these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust. 
--(Passed July 11, 1958.) 
--You also did federal crime: T 5 USC Section 2302, and punishment should be a fine or at least two years prison term or both. 
--What a garbage is in "our" governments. 
-- Senator Wyden and Governor Kulongoski (OR) are ignoring, violating and criminal contempting the Constitution of the USA and Chair of Dem. Party Dean praised this garbage, not convicted yet criminal. Dean! You are an idiot, a BIG IDIOT! 
--Oregon Democratic Party did everything to block my election. It is a violation of the Principles, Platform and ByLaws of the Dem. Party.

--People of Oregon: Constitutional, Democrats, Republican, Independents, others parties and not affiliated, wake up, take this country back. Government is your employee and must work for you and obey you. I walked door-to-door and talked to many thousands of people. People do not trust government, saying about bribery and corruption and many do not vote. Many said to me that nation needs more people as me in government. And I'm giving to you this opportunity: ignore advertisements, change the dirty diapers: help me to fight bribery and corruption in government and media. Help yourself: vote for whom on who you may rely if the disaster will struck. Vote for me and I will defend our Constitution and work for your benefits.

  People of Oregon, think before elect someone. Organize in schools, on workplaces, churches, neighborhood and others public meeting a Mock Election and do not vote for an "experienced" candidates.     As you see, I blame the media and the leaders of Democratic and Republican Parties for political prostitutions. They do not like it and  do everything to block my election. But the loser is this country.                        

 Change dirty diapers now: help yourself and nation - vote for me.                        

Pavel Goberman,   Campaign: "I Promise To Create Millions Jobs And Balance Budget!" 
 P.O. Box 990, 
 Beaverton, OR 97075 USA 
[email protected]   or  [email protected]   
or call 503/ 6 GET FIT (643-8348)

 P.S. If you wish to help me to work for you - help me be elected, which will benefits to you, your family, our state and nation: you will save many hundreds dollars on car or truck insurance, pay less on property and income taxes, have health insurance, create many millions jobs and  etc.                                                                                                                                                                               You may print this Flyer / Sign / Sticker, or print your own one 8.5" X 17" or smaller and put on your inside car's windows, or bigger and place in your home's drive-way and on the roads:

Vote   For HONEST




 This nation is a big animal, as an elephant or donkey, who fall down, broke his leg and bleeds.

 President Obama, his administration and all Senators, including Wyden, Merkley instead of first to stop bleeding of this animal and fix his leg,  are trying to lift up this animal. And as we see: it is NOT working.
 NYSE / Dow Jones is going up and down. It is an orchestrated game. The Wall Street runs this country.                                                          Invest in something that I and you can't control - is a gambling.
 I have a plan to stop bleeding of this elephant and / or donkey, to fix his leg and then this, almost healed animal will help me to lift him up himself.    P.G.
                Let's Stop Bribery and Corruption of Politicians!   Stop Selling this Country!
    US Senator J. Merkley accepts big money: so named "donations, contributions" and etc from so many states and from so many special interests and individuals. He sells the People of Oregon and is a toy, a puppet in hands of donors and work for them. Let's stop bribery and corruption of politicians. Let's stop selling this country. Let's take money out of elections, and the OPB, as so named "non-profit" organization, but is very rich, must must broadcast Forum of Candidates running for US Senator position.
  The People of Oregon, let's help this state and nation. For own, state and national benefits contact the President / CEO of the Oregon Public Broadcast (OPB) Mr. Steven Bass, 503-293-4000 with request to pay back to society for the public support: to inform and educate the Oregon residents about candidates running for US Senator position in 2014. The OPB must inform and educate the Oregon residents about candidates running for US Senator position in 2014: to broadcast Forums / Debates of Candidates, but the OPB with conspiracy and for big monetary interest of big media - refused to do it. Call, if ignorance - stop any donation.
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