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Problem: What is more important than being healthy? It costs too much to be old or sick. Our nation is the most overweight nation in the world. Health care costs are very high. Many people in their 60's and 70's have many premature illnesses, diseases.
Solution: The Get Energized fitness program may solve these problems. Portland, OR - A revolutionary technique that promises physical and mental fitness, better health, greater energy and longevity with a simple three mimutes Wake Up Warm Up. The routine starts in the comfort of your own bed and in the mornings is now being offered to television stations nationwide by Portland Fitness Guru, Pavel Goberman.
The five minute Wake Up Warm Up begins in bed with special movements of stretching (I do not want to show this secret on the Internet, but it shown up in my book and video), warm up body by properly increasing the blood circulation, relaxation and a few exercises. Then you continues the work out while standing and later on after work could use resistant bands (Pocket Exercisers available with the program) to add resistance, fun and variety. "It's short because people have little time in the morning for lengthy exercises. But it is enough to wake up, feel good and get ready to go for the day," asserts Goberman, who is often called "Iron Man" because of his fit physique.
A very important component of the Get Energized program is the one-minuteEnergy Break for office personnel who sit for long periods. These breaks include increase proper blood circulation by doing a special quick workout for increased energy. The routines are recommended throughout the day to relieve stress and muscle tension. We recommend this fitness program be offered on television stations at 10am, 12noon, and 2pm.
Benefits of this unique method of fitness: Most people, including medical doctors, do not know how to produce microelectricity in the body.

"This unique workout is a simple, cost effective way to stay fit. It has a beautiful healing power," says Goberman, who believes that this unique fitness program is the keys to good health. The secret how to do it is in book / video.

"I do revolution in fitness and health care," he states. "Everyone must use my workout. People need me!"

"The benefits are increased circulation and oxygenation, a balanced nervous system, stronger muscles, and increased flexibility to prevent injuries," declares the fitness guru. At 71+ he is a living example of his Get Energized Program which he began developing while he was in the Russian Army. He has applied his 26 years of education in anatomy, biology, physiology, electronics and self education to create a unique and enjoyable system to achieve maximum health.

"I believe perfect health depends upon perfect blood circulation," asserts Goberman. " Doing it properly is very important before any fitness or sports activities for prevention of injuries. It is also effective in many other ways that we don't really understand. Every woman must use my method of fitness. It may greatly help prevent wrinkles and breast cancer, prevent tumor by producing microcurrents in body which may kill the cancer cells, prevent illnesses. (It may also prolong the onset of prostate problems for men). It helps increase flexibility of the body." Goberman is currently researching this process. "Prevention, not cure, is the key! Movement, activities are life! Rest your body and you will rust it! Use my fitness program first and doctors second!" added the fitness instructor. "Think ahead, just do it now, or it will be too late! High technology is nothing without good health. I'm more beneficial to the people than many billionaires as Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Warren Buffett, Jerry Yang, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Dell, Sumner Redstone, Philip Knight, Jeffrey Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Charles R. Schwab, Donald Trump, Marsha Ingram, Ted Turner, Steven Jobs, J.K. Rowling and many more. I'm, not they are making people healthy and I worth a few trillions dollars."

Comments on
Get Energized!:
; "Not too many young guys can push up 55 times and pull up 9 times, or swim using a butterfly strokes as I do"

" Exercise guru marketing video - an upbeat, fireplug of a man"
newspaper article

"Immigrant fitness impresario doesn't take 'nyet' for an answer" Pavel Goberman could become a TV exercise star"
newspaper article

"Fitness should be fun, says Russian Innovator"
newspaper article

"You are an excellent Private Trainer"

"Immigrant has answer to our health problems"
newspaper article

Your fitness program is a novel and useful approach to fitness"
a letter from Oregon Health Sciences University

"Part of your workout reminded me of my childhood - I fell good again!"

"Your unusual wellness-based program is a pleasure; easy, enjoyable and fun"

A man, 45, who suffers from liver disease claims he could not exercise until he began use my exercise program. "I was astonished to find that if I did this workout five to six mornings a week, my energy level increased, and for the first time since the onset of my illness of 20 years, I was able to attain an increased level of muscle tone without my liver getting worse."

A 50 year old female school teacher who admits to being "quite overweight" says: "Since I started this program a year ago, my aches and pains have disappeared, my weight has gone down and my entire body is more flexible and toned. I especially enjoy the exercises in bed before my day starts. Sometimes I do the one-minute energy breaks during the day or while driving to get me through if I'm tired, nervous or feeling stress. This program is so simple and painless - I'm convinced it works and is the easiest and best program around."

Get Energized book and on videotape ( including health tips) available for mass distribution in stores and for sale on the internet.

On DVD soon will be avaiable, on request, a "1" minute workout (Energy Break), for use in the workplace to prevent Ergonomic Disease and this workout for use in the home.

The 1 minute workout, Energy Break, to prevent Ergonomic Disease, is offered for sale to screem manufacturing companies and to businesses and individuals as a screen saver / one-min workout. Your employees and clients will appreciate your thoughtfullness.

Get Energized also offers training to companies and/or organizations. Train your own instructors to help your employees run 3-minute and 1-minute workouts in their workplaces.

A 20-minute exercise program is offered to women with breast cancer in the early stage and who is in high risk. Possible some healing may result, prevent mastectomy.

Attention Television Stations: We offer a 3-minute fitness program, which starts from bed. Insert this in your programming as a benefit to your viewers in the mornings and your 30-sec commercial time will jump many times.

Attention Television Talk Show Hosts: Do you want an interesting, exciting story to talk about? Do you want to show people something new and unique in fitness and health care that is not in the mass market yet? It is available by inviting Pavel Goberman as a guest on your show. " I will "shake up, energize" all your audience and all nation. I made a discovery - I'm introducing the world the benefits of producing microelectricity in the body for good health and how to do it. I'm for sure that my fitness program may prevent many premature illnesses, diseases, slow down the aging process, and I'm the best example. I deserve a Nobel Prize and going to earn it!" says Pavel.

--Comment on one article in San Diego' magazine about me: "Dear Mr Goberman, shame on you. What you are doing is very Un-American. If all Americans got totally healthy, look what you would do to the health industry. Almost one hundred thousand nurses and doctors would be out of work. Thousands and thousands of hospitals would have to close. All the hospital support industries would be out of business. Pharmaceutical companies would to shut up shop. Medical equipment manufacturers would be out of business. Drug salesmen would have to find other wares to sell. The Journal of American Medical Association would lose millions of dollars of revenue from advertising. If all Americans were completely healthy, health insurance companies would go broke. The United States economy would save billions of dollars that are now spent on health care. If you really want to help America, you want to sell cheeseburgers, fries and shakes". Reader.


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