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Pavel Goberman GET ENERGIZED!
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Beaverton, OR 97075 USA
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or call (503) 6 GET FIT (643-8348)

This fitness program (including the use of Dyna / Thera Bands) is very good for:

  1. Men and women, age 14 - 90 (or more) - prevents wrinkles, aging and illnesses; prevents illnesses and improves mobility for people in their nineties. Plan ahead! This workout may greatly help prevent Prostate and Breast Cancers. Every women must use my method of fitness: there is no other better alternative in possible prevention of breast cancer. Self- examination and mammogramms are not preventions, but detections, and are not accurate.
  2. Truck Drivers (see number 1) - Drowse, oh, I know what it is. It is a disaster. It cost too much (lives, goods, equipment). This program will help you stay in shape, fit, healthy and safe on the road. Hightened awareness and comfort will keet you alert, prevent asleep and accident, save equipment and life. My resistance bands I called "Pocket Gym", take it with you on the road and use it in Rest Areas and in Hotels.
  3. For all drivers on the road (short or long distance), occasional application of this program during driving will greatly increase awareness and keep you awake and prevent from asleep on the wheel.
  4. Computer Operators (see number 1) - using my 1 minute workout every hour will help you feel great and prevent ergonomic disease.
  5. All Senior Citizens (see number 1) Walking is good but not enough, this workout will help you stay fit, working out in the privacy of your own home. These resistance exercises are as a play with toy and is the best doctor.
  6. Overweight people, to lose weight (see number 1) - use this workout. This unique fitness program will help you to build up updomen, back muscles, immune system, to burn up fat and lose weight.

Get Energized is designed for all ages. However the program is especially suited to all women and senior citizens, elderly, overweight and less active adults and children as people with disabilities in prevention of many illnesses, diseases, include cancers, even with breast cancer in the early stage could prevent mastectomy, Arthritis, Parkinson, Alzheimer's, Hypertension, Depression, Stroke, hels who have problems to fall asleep, slows down the aging process and etc. Using this fitness program in privacy of their own homes, even in bed, will help in to avoid to spend time and money to drive to the health / fitness clubs, centers and gyms, where is not fresh air, not good hygien and cost too much.

Explains Goberman, ": This unique method of physical and mental fitness helps eliminate soreness and stiffness in the morning. It warms up the body for the day and reduces the risk of injury. And for the house-bound with long term illnesses, this is a safe program to re-energize and strengthen the whole body."

This fitness program is for everyone, for all ages, and any condition. Everyone must use my method of fitness for to warm up the body before activities for to prevent injuries at home, workplaces, in all sports for all players: increase blood circulation, oxygen consumption and help the heart to pump blood.

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